Will You Marry Me?: Seven Centuries of Love

Helene Scheu-Riesz
Simon and Schuster, 8 janv. 2008 - 128 pages
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"Madam, it is in your power to take me off this rack...." -- JOHN RUSSELL TO LADY FRANCES RICH, COUNTESS OF WARWICK

This lavishly illustrated tribute includes marriage proposals spanning seven hundred years, all delivered in the form of love letters. Each of these enchanting missives illustrates the unique sensibilities of the time period in which it was written, from the commanding negotiations of the Gothic age to the beautifully written declarations promising eternal devotion of the Renaissance and beyond.

Unabashedly nostalgic -- not to mention irresistibly romantic -- Will You Marry Me? transports modern-day lovers to a time gone by, when ordinary people and historical figures alike poured their hearts onto the page for their soul mates. Jonathan Swift, Sir Walter Scott, Victor Hugo, Friedrich Nietzsche, and King Henry VIII (to Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour) are represented in this diverse and enormously entertaining collection.

Will You Marry Me? is for members of any generation, from those who are hopeless romantics at heart to amateur history buffs who long for a glimpse of the past. Whether there is a proposal in your future or just the wistful dream of a secret admirer, this timeless collection combining history and romance is one to cherish.


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to Anne Boleyn undated before 1533
Queen Christina of Sweden to Prince Karl Gustafi644
John Russell to Lady Frances Rich Countess of Warwick
Richard Steele to Mary Scurlock 1707
Hodge the Plowman to his Sweetheart Joan 1741
Friedrich Schiller to Charlotte von Lengefeld 1789
Field Marshal von Bliicher to Frau von S 179S
Prince William of Prussia to Princess Augusta
Samuel Sewall to the widow Gibbs 1722
William Hazlitt to Sarah Stoddart 1808
Prince Otto von Bismarck to Herr von Puttkamer
Thomas Carlyle to Jane Welsh 1823
Count Leo Tolstoy to Sofia Behrs 1862
Adolf Stoecker to Anna Krueger 1864
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