Dream Logic

Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre, 5 mars 2020 - 122 pages

I found that the challenge of precisely recording my dreams over the past fifteen years prompted the need to find a poetic language adequate to the actual encounters in the dream. (This is very different from making a smooth narrative or inter -pretation that ends up obscuring the dream). The challenge is to feel the image and then let the words arise from a deep enough place to respond. I found that certain nights or early mornings as I slipped out of dream-mind to record a dream, I felt an impulse to write a poem instead. And that is how Yonder (my first book in this series of works of mine) and now Dream Logic was born. I was still engaged with images moving in me, but now they were entering the space of the page, or more precisely, the space of the iPhone “notes.” Although awake, I was also still writing in the perfume of the dream, and carried along by that feeling, the language arose often full of imagery and eliding any secular logic.

Rodger Kamenetz


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