Athens, the city in your pocket

Vinie Daily, 6 août 2020 - 35 pages

This book is about Athens, in Greece.

When you’re traveling in a new city, sometimes you will feel lost and my book is for helping you to be more familiar. I tried to had more photos, so as you can read it quickly and visualize the city of Athens to have some starting points in your visit.

With my book, Athens is in your pocket !

Let’s begin the journey…


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À propos de l'auteur (2020)

I travelled in 26 countries most of them in Europe and Eastern asia.

French citizen, I used to have a city break away from my parisian life to enjoy the multiculturalism of Europe.

Be an european citizen is an amazing opportunity to travel fast and often in Europe, and that’s what I do !

My books are for sharing my travel experiences and for people who needs to plan and be quickly familiar with a new environment. I’m sharing basics and essentials about cities I’ve visited.

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