The Lion Led the Way: Fourth Edition

Dwight Hutchison and the Association Signes Célestes, 7 juil. 2021 - 402 pages
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Was there a meaningful stellar sign over Bethlehem? 

What did it look like to someone looking up at the night sky? 

Did wise men really come from the East seeking Israel’s Messiah sometime after the birth of Jesus?

The biblical account of the wise men and the star that announced the coming of the Messiah of Israel has inspired and puzzled people for two millennia. Important aspects of Babylonian astronomy seem to be involved in understanding the star’s appearing. But in addition, The Lion Led the Way also explores the men and events from a profoundly Jewish perspective. The traditional Jewish names of stars and planets, Jewish symbols, as well as Jewish dates, all seem to be keys to unlocking the mystery of the famous star. 

The star of Bethlehem was not the brightest of the heavenly lights, nor was it the most spectacular starry manifestation of all time. However, it was part of the most meaningful set of celestial events in human history. The God of Israel is surprising. His ways are not our ways; his thoughts are not our thoughts. The star gives us a concrete example of God’s intervention in the universe.

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À propos de l'auteur (2021)

Dwight Hutchison has worked with Youth With A Mission since 1986. For over 20 years, he was involved in organizing and directing a worldwide Christian intercessory prayer effort. Dwight is an amateur biking enthusiast, and he can often be found star-gazing on hilltops in southern France. Dwight and his family live in the Rhone Valley, north of Avignon. He has studied at Eastern Kentucky University and Asbury Seminary.

Having been interested in astronomy and the Star of Bethlehem since his youth, over the past decade Dwight quietly did research about the famous star. Early in 2012, doors opened for him to study the subject in much greater detail. This book is the fruit of three years and nine months of nearly full-time research and writing concerning the famous star and the men who understood its meaning. 

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