Warrior Chiefs of Southern Africa: Shaka of the Zulu, Moshoeshoe of the BaSotho, Mzilikazi of the Matabele, Maqoma of the Xhosa

Firebird Books, 1994 - 192 pages
By looking at the lives and military campaigns of four great warriors, this book paints a picture of Southern Africa before the Europeans arrived. It features: Shaka of the Zulu, Africa's legendary hero, and the instigator of Zulu greatness and nationhood; Maqomo of the Xhosa - a master of guerilla warfare and the most daring and talented military leader of his age; Mzilikazi of the Matabele - he fought the Zulus, the Sotho and the Boers, and finally settled in Zimbabwe; Moeshoeshoe of the BaSotho - in the 1830s, the most powerful leader west of the Drakensberg Mountains.

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Shaka of the Zulu 7 European impact on the peoples of Southern Africa
The Crushing 26 Shakas Kingdom 26 Coming of Zululand coast It is now
By Grace of the People 53 The Sotho World 55 The Young
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