Silage production and utilisation: Proceedings of the XIVth International Silage Conference, a Satellite Workshop of the XXth International Grassland Congress, July 2005, Belfast, Northern Ireland

R.S. Park, C.S. Mayne, T.W.J. Keady
Wageningen Academic Publishers, 17 juin 2005 - 288 pages
This book is essential reading for all those involved in forage conservation and provides a fascinating insight into current practices and the science underpinning forage conservation. Key subject areas include opportunities to enhance the fermentation process through crop manipulation prior to ensiling and the use of bacterial additives applied during ensiling. Latest developments in techniques for chemical and biological characterisation of silages are reviewed, including grass silage, alternative forages (whole crop wheat and maize silage) and tropical forages. The book also focuses on current developments in feeding of beef and dairy cattle with conserved forage with particular emphasis on factors influencing intake, digestion and animal performance. Overall this is an important reference book, which provides an excellent overview of current developments in forage conservation and utilization of conserved forage in animal production systems.

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Table des matières

S Mayne andP OKiely
Recent developments in feeding beef cattle on grass silagebased diets
effects on animal performance
Update on technologies for producing and feeding silage
Forristal andP OKiely
R S Park R E Agnew andM G Porter
The effect of grass silage chop length on dairy cow performance
An evaluation of grain processing and storage method and feed level on the performance and meat
Parameters of ensiled maize with biological and chemical additives
The effect of silage harvester type on harvesting efficiency
Ľ Rajčáková R Mlynár and M Gallo
Effects of stage of growth and inoculation on fermentation quality of field pea silage
Klocke K Mundt C Idler P OKiely S Barth
manipulating fermentation and aerobic
A Potkański A Cieślak K RaczkowskaWerwińska M SzumacherStrabel andA Gubała
Effect of ensiling temperature delayed sealing and simulated rainfall on the fermentation and aerobic

The feeding value of conserved wholecrop wheat and forage maize relative to grass silage

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