Advances in Cowpea Research

B. B. Singh
IITA, 1997 - 375 pages
Taxonomy, genetics, and breeding. Origin, taxonomy, and morphology of vigna unguiculata (L.) walp. Cowpea genetics: a review of the recent literature. Recent advances in cowpea breeding. Wide crossing in African vigna species. Isozyme markers and taxonomic relationships among vigana species. Flavonoid HPLC fingerprints of wild vigna species. Physiology and agronomy. Photoperiod, temperature, and the growth and development of cowpea. Water-use efficiency and drought adaptation of cowpea. Cowpea in traditional cropping systems. Recent developments in cowpea cropping systems research. Agro-physiological constraints in intercropped cowpea: an analysis. Evaluation methods for droyght tolerance of cowpea. Cowpeas in rice-based cropping systems: integration of experimentation and modeling. Diseases and parasitic weeds. Viral diseases of cowpea and their control by resistance-conferring genes. Shoot and pod diseases of cowpea induced by fungi and bacteria. Nematodes and other soiborne pathogens of cowpea. Characterization of new resistance to root-knot nematodes in cowpea. Advances in research on cowpea striga and alectra. Variation in virulence of striga gesnerioides on cowpea: new source of crop resistance. Further characterization of cowpea aphid-borne mosaic and blackeye cowpea mosaic potyviruses. Insect pests. Pest management practices in cowpea: a review. The feasibility of classical biological control of two major cowpea insect pests. Population dynamics and migration of cowpea pests in northern Nigeria: implications for integrated pest management. Vigna unguiculata germplasm evaluated for reistance to insects. Indigenous knowledge and xowpea pest management in sub-saharan Africa. Postharvest technology and utilization. Postharvest storage of cowpea in sub-saharan Africa. Cowpea haulms as fodder. Cowpea leaves for human consumption: production, utilization, and nutrient composition. Impact of a cowpea research project in Nigeria, using the rapid rural appraisal technique. Biotechnological applications. Opportunities for biotecnology in cowpea. Molecular markers and genome mapping in cowpea. Developing a transformation system for cowpea (vigna unguiculata [L.] walp.). Location and organization of major repetitive DNA sequence families in vigana unguiculata (L.) walp.

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