Murray's Hand-book, Egypt


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Page 217 - king, whose friendship with Hiram secured for him the aid of those skilful navigators ; and this important source of wealth continued in the hands of the kings of Judah until the Edomites " revolted from under the hand of Judah, and made a king over themselves,
Page 217 - Solomon afterwards established and " made a navy of ships at Eziongeber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red Sea, in the land of Edom.
Page 92 - for its wealth and splendour. " I have taken," says Amer in his letter to the Caliph, " the great city of the West. It is impossible for me to enumerate the variety of its riches and beauty, and I shall content myself with observing, that it contains 4000 palaces,
Page 309 - In the neighbourhood of the city, and on the summit (side?) of a lofty mountain, the holy John had constructed with his own hand a humble cell, in which he had dwelt above 50 years, without opening his door, without seeing the face of a woman, and without tasting any food that had been prepared by
Page 6 - &c, in the front of my house. By calling the attention of the public to this notice, I hope to check that system of imposition which has been so long practised towards foreigners by coachmen, valets de place, and others who receive bribes from the
Page 85 - assembled without arms in the principal square ; and the imperial rescript was publicly read. But when a sentence of destruction against the idols of Alexandria was pronounced, the Christians set up a shout of joy and exultation, whilst the unfortunate Pagans, whose fury had given way to
Page 6 - property, was not allowed to remain in its integrity. To deceive and lead astray again those of the public who are not fully conversant with the locality and circumstances, the competition seized hold of the word "opposite," and more than one settled in my immediate neighbourhood, that they might avail themselves to the full extent of the phrase "opposite
Page 309 - or any human art. Five days of the week he spent in prayer and meditation ; but on Saturdays and Sundays he regularly opened a small window, and gave audience to the crowd of suppliants who successively flowed from every part of the Christian world. The eunuch
Page 81 - and monophysite controversy were indeed consumed in the public baths, a philosopher may allow, with a smile, that it was ultimately devoted to the benefit of mankind." But, notwithstanding the injuries sustained by the Sarapion, during those tumults
Page 361 - inner chambers are made to imitate vaults, like the one still remaining on the outside - but they are not on the principle of the arch, being composed of blocks placed horizontally, one projecting beyond that immediately below it, till the uppermost two meet in the centre ; the interior angles being afterwards rounded

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