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Compiled by a Priest.

The righteous man will give his heart to resort early to
the Lord That made him, and will pray before the Most
High, and will open His mouth in prayer, and make
supplication for his sins. - Ecclus. xxxix. 5.

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IN Loffering this short Manual to the Catholic

Laity advisable to remark that the object with which it has been compiled is to assist their devotions, and not to afford instruction either on points of doctrine or devotional practice; consequently, with few exceptions, this little book will be found to *ontain no directions as to matters with which it may be presumed a well-instructed Catholic will e acquainted. Bound up with the Book of Common Prayer, the ENGLISH CATHOLIC'S JADE Mecum will supply in one volume of onvenient size all the Prayers necessary to enable Christians to perform their ordinary morning, nid-day, and evening devotions, to assist at the acrifice, to confess and communicate devoutly, to commemorate the Sacred Seasons and Saints' Days, to assist the dying, to pray for the dead, o carry on family worship, and to join in the public offices of the Church. Being intended for Christians living in the world, the forms of devo tion are brief, and are, as far as possible, broker rato paragraphs, so as to allow of their being hortened or extended at pleasure.

The Orders for Prime and Compline are inserted as being useful forms for family devotion, 2 pious practice, which should be omitted in no Christian family, except where

all are in the habit of attending daily

some public office in the Church.

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It is ventured to give the following suggestions as to the conduct of family prayers :

If there be no Oratory in the house, let some devotional picture or representation (ego, a picture or figure of the Crucifixion, Christ in His Mother's arms, &c.) be placed in a conspicuous part of the room used for the prayers. (Such an object should never be esteemed out of place in any room used by Christians for purposes of their daily life.) Before the prayers begin, let all be seated, and let the master of the family read a portion of the Sacred Scriptures, never more than a dozen or twenty verses, lest more be read than can be really remembered, (the Gospels, the exhortatory portions of the Epistles, parts of Proverbs, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, are the best adapted for this purpose); then let the Office of Prime (in the morning) or Compline (at night) be said, all kneeling or standing with their faces turned to. wards the Sacred Object mentioned: the resemblance between the Offices given, and the PrayerBook Mattins and Evensong is sufficiently close • to enable those who are well acquainted with the one, to know when to stand, kneel, &c., during the other. If the unvarying use of these Offices is found to be wearisome, (which many, however, do not think to be the case,) the plan might be diversified by having during one week Prime in the morning, and one of the Litanies, according to the day of the week, in the evening; the next week a Litany in the morning, and Compline at night, &c.

The alterations and additions, which will be found in this Third Edition, have nearly all been made at the suggestion or with the advice of ex. perienced directors of conscience and others, who have found the book useful to their people.

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Thanks must here be given to those who have kindly allowed Hymns, of which they own the copyright, to be made use of in this book. Special mention must be made of the Rev. E. Caswall, so many of whose very beautiful and devout compositions and translations enrich these pages, of the Compilers of “The People's Hymnal," and of Messrs. Novello, who have kindly allowed the insertion here of five of Dr. Neale's invaluable translations from “The Hymnal Noted”—viz., “Come, Thou Holy Paraclete,” p. 5; "O God of truth,” p. 9; "Jesu !—The very thought,". “Now that the daylight,” p. 147 ;

Before the endings" p. 152.

p. 80;

The Compiler would earnestly ask all his bre. thren and sisters who use this book not to forget his soul in their prayers, that, whether among the living or the dead, he may be found in Christ.

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