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VIII. Second Report of the Central Board of his Majesty's Com-

missioners appointed to collect Information on the Manu-

facturing Districts, as to the Employment of Children in

Factories, and as to the Propriety and Means of curtailing

the Term of their Hours of Labou; with Minutes of Evidence

and Reports by the Medical Commissioners. Printed by

Order of the House of Commons. 1833,..


IX. 1. Traditional Stories of Old Families, and Legendary Illustra-

tions of Family History; with Notes, Historical and Bio-

graphical. By Andrew Picken.-2. Character; or Jew and

Gentile: a Tale. By Mrs. Leman Grimstone,--3. Conrad

Blessington: a Tale. By a Lady.-4. Notre Dame: a Tale

of the "Ancien Regime," from the French of M. Victor Hugo ;

with a Prefatory Notice, Literatary and Political, of his Ro-

mances. By the Translator of Herring's “ History of the

Norman Conquest ...


X. Domestic Manners and Social Condition of the White, Coloured,

and Negro Population of the West Indies. By Mrs. Car-

michael, five Years a Resident in St. Vincent and Trinidad.. 111

XI. Narrative of the Expedition to Portugal in 1832, under the

Orders of his Imperial Majesty Dom Pedro, Duke of Braganza,

By G. Lloyd Hodges, Esq., late Colonel in the Service of her

Most Faithful Majesty


XII. Dramatic Scenes, from Real Life. . By Lady Morgan


XIII. Report of the Select Committee on Municipal Corporations.

Printed by Order of the House of Commons


XIV. Lives of the most eminent Sovereigns of Modern Europe. By

Lord Dover


XV. The Reason for Protecting the Home Trade Refütcd. By

William Atkinson


XVI. Rosine Laval. A Novel. By R. Smith


XVII. Sermons on the Principles of Morality inculcated in the Holy

Scriptures. By W. J. Fox


XVIII. The Orginal Legend of Der Freischutz, or the Free Shot.

Translated from the German of A. Apal..


XIX. A Dissertation on the Antiquity, Origin, and Design of the

principal Pyramids of Egypt, particularly of the Great

Pyramid of Ghizeeh


XX. The Description of a new Lightning Conductor, and the Ob-

servations on the Phenomena of Thunder Storms. By John

Murray, F.S.A.


Miscellaneous Intelligence


Literary Notices


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I. Memoirs of Baron Cuvier. By Mrs. R. Lee (formerly Mrs.



II. The Reform Ministry and the Reformed Parliament


III. A Narrative of Four Voyages to the South Sea, North and

South Pacific Ocean, Chinese Sea, Ethiopic and Southern At-

lantic Ocean, Indian and Antarctic Ocean. From the year

1822 to 1831. Comprising Critical Surveys of Coasts and

Islands, with Sailing Directions ; and an Account of some

new and valuable Discoveries, including the Massacre Islands,

wherein thirteen of the Author's Crew were massacred and

eaten by Cannibals. To which is prefixed a brief Sketch of

the Author's early Life. By Captain Benjamin Morrell, jun. 193

IV. Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, to Sir Horace

Mann, British Envoy at the Court of Tuscany. Now first

published from the Originals in the Possession of the Earl of

Waldegrave. Edited by Lord Dover...


V. A Collection of the Familiar Letters and Miscellaneous Papers

of Benjamin Franklin, now first published


VI. The Autobiography of John Galt


VII. On the Abuse of Oaths. Being No. 46 of the Library of Ec-

clesiastical Knowledge..


VIII. Thoughts on Medical Reform, by a retired Practitioner 272

IX. 1. Coup d'oeil d'un Aveugle sur les Sourds Muets. Par Alex-

ander Prodenbach.

2. Paper on the Education of the Blind, in the North American

Review, No. LXXX..


X. History of Croydon. By G. S. Steinman, Esq..


XI. 1. Annuaire de l'Etat d'Alger, pour 1833.

2. Almanac Imperial de Pekin


XII. Indian Biography, or an Historical Account of those Indi-

viduals who have been distinguished by the North Ame-

rican Natives, as Orators, Warriors, Statesmen, and other

remarkable Characters.


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I. The Duchess of Berri in La Vendee; comprising a Narrative

of her Adventures, with her Private Papers and Secret Cor-

respondence. By General Dermoncourt, who arrested her .. 301

II. Sketches of Turkey in 1831 and 1832. By an American 316

III. 1. The Oriental Annual, or Scenes in India; comprising twen-

ty-five Engravings, from Original Drawings, by William Da-

niell, R. A., and a Descriptive Account, by the Rev. Hobart

Caunter, B.D.

2. The Landscape Annual, or Tourist in France. By Thomas

Roscoe. Illustrated from Drawings, by J. Harding.

3. The Landscape Album; or Great Britain illustrated; con-

taining fifty-nine Views. By W. Westall, Esq. A.R.A., with

Descriptions of the Scenery, by Thomas Maule, Esq.

4. Friendship's Offering, and Winter's Wreath; a Christmas

and New Year's Present for 1834.

5. The Comic Ofering, or Ladies' Mélangé, or Literary Mirth,

for 1834. Edited by Louisa Henrietta Sheridan...


IV. Narrative of a Voyage to the Ethiopic and South Atlantic

Ocean, Indian Ocean, Chinese Sea, North and South Pacific

Ocean, in the year 1829, 1830, and 1831..


V. History of Arabia, Ancient and Modern, being Vol. 13 of

Edinburgh Cabinet Library. By Andrew Crichton, with a

map and ten engravings


VI. Excursions in New South Wales, Western Australia, and Van

Dieman's Land, during the Years 1830, 1831, 1832, and 1833.

By Lieut. Breton, R. N. ..


VIII. A History and Description of Modern Wines. By Cyrus

Redding ...


IX. Tom Cringle's Log.


X. The Hand, its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as evincing

Designs, being the Fourth Bridgewater Treatise on the Power,

Wisdom, and Goodness of God, as manifested in the Creation.

By Sir Charles Bell, K. G., F.R.S.,L. and E., Prof. Roy. Col.

Surg., and Memb. of Council


XI. Report of the Select Committee on the Vaccine Board, with

the Minutes of Evidence, and an Appendix. 1833...... 437

XII. 1. The Naturalists's Library. Ornithology. Vol. 1. Hum-

mining Birds. By Sir W. Jardine, F.R., S.E., F.L.S.

Edinburgh : Lizars. London: Longman & Co. 1833.

2. The Naturalist's Library. The Natural History of

Monkeys, illustrated by thirty-one Plates, numerous Wood

Cuts, and a Portrait and Memoir of Buffon. Vol. 1. By

Sir W. Jardine. Edinburgh: Lizars. London: Longman

& Co. 1833.

3. The Animal Kingdom, arranged according to its Organi-

zation, &c., by Baron Cuvier. Translated from the latest

French edition, with additional Notes, and illustrated by

nearly 500 Plates. In 4 vols. London: Henderson. 1833.

4. Miller's Gardener's Dictionary, reprinted from the last

Edition, published during the Lifetime of the Author.

London: Henderson. 1833.....


XIII. Life of the Governeur Morris, with Selections from his Cor-

respondence, &c. By Jared Sparks. In 3 vols. 8vo. Botson:

Gray & Owen, 1832. London: Kennet. 1832 ..... .. 445

XIV. Supplement to the Practical Treatise on the Culture of

Florist's Flowers, containing Additional Directions and
Improved Modes of cultivating the Auricula, Polyanthus,
Tulip, &c. &c. 1 vol. 12mo. By Thomas Hogg, Florist.

XV. A Commentary on the Epistle of Hebrews. By the Rev.

Moses Stuart, M.A., Associate Professor of Sacred Litera-
ture, in the Theological Seminary at Andover, United
States. Republished under the care of E. Henderson,
Doct. Philos. 1 large 8vo. London: Fisher & Jackson.


XVI. The Conchologist's Companion. By Mary Roberts, Autho-

ress of the Wonders of the Vegetable Kingdom. 1 vol.

12mo. London: Whittaker & Co. 1833.....


XVII. Translations of the Oxford and Cambridge Latin Prize Poems.

Second Series. Longman & Co. 1833.....


XVIII. The Encyclopædia of Romance. Conducted by the Rev.

Henry Martineau. London: Henderson. 1833.


Miscellaneous Intelligence...


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