Dividing Ireland: World War One and Partition

Routledge, 20 juin 2005 - 304 pages
This book provides an original assessment of the First World War in Ireland and its consequences, the key to understanding the complexities of the Irish nation today. Thomas Hennessey explores how the War transformed the nature of the Irish and Ulster questions from devolved self-government within the UK to a free Irish republic outside the British Empire, considering such influential figures as de Valera and Michael Collins, and issues such as conscription. He examines both this process of re-evaluation, and the vital question of the consequences for Northern Ireland today.

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Thomas Hennessey is a lecturer in history at the University of Canterbury. In books such as A History of Northern Ireland, 1920-1996 and Dividing Ireland: World War One and Partition, he examines the decades-old rift in Ireland in a scholarly manner.

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