The English Gerund-participle: A Comparison with the Infinitive

Peter Lang, 1 janv. 2006 - 188 pages
There is considerable confusion regarding the English suffix -ing, - which is usually treated as -progressive.- The sentence -I regret telling him- shows, however, that this is not always the case. The very same form can sometimes evoke an ongoing process and sometimes a completed action. This book brings much-needed clarity to this area of English grammar, proposing a simple coherent explanation based on meaning. ESL teachers will find it a valuable contribution to the -focus on form- approach. It will also be of interest to linguists as it addresses the problems of tense and control that have been the object of considerable debate."

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Seeking to Define the Meaning of the ing Form
Reconstructing the Schematic Meaning of the ing Form
The Meaning of to
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The Author: Patrick J. Duffley is Professor of English Language and Linguistics at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. He has published extensively in the area of complementation, and he is the author of The English Infinitive (1992) as well as numerous articles in linguistic journals.

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