Book Auction Records, Volume 5

Frank Karslake
Wm. Dawson, 1908
A priced and annotated annual record of London, New York and Edinburgh book-auctions.

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Page 112 - William Shake-speare his True Chronicle History of the Life and Death of King Lear, and his three Daughters. With the unfortunate Life of Edgar, Sonne and Heire to the Earle of Glocester, and his sullen and assumed Humour of Tom of Bedlam.
Page 62 - The Present State of New England. Being a Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New England...
Page 114 - The first part of the. true and honorable history, of the life of Sir John Old-castle, the good Lord Cobham. As it hath bene lately acted by the Right honorable the Earle of Notingham Lord High Admirall of England his servants. Written by William Shakespeare London, printed for TP 1600.
Page 111 - Newly imprinted and enlarged to almost as much againe as it was, according to the true and perfect Coppy.
Page 111 - The Cronicle History of Henry the fift, With his battell fought at Agin Court in France. Togither with Auntient PiBtolL As it hath bene sundry times playd by the Right honorable the Lord Chamberlaine his seruants. London Printed by Thomas Creede, for Tho. Millington, and lohn Busby. And are to be sold at his house in Carter Lane, next the Powle head. 1600.
Page 112 - The Whole Contention betweene the two Famous Houses, Lancaster and Yorke. With the Tragicall ends of the good Duke Humfrey, Richard Duke of Yorke, and King Henrie the sixt. Diuided into two Parts : And newly corrected and enlarged. Written by William Shakespeare, Gent. Printed at London, for TP" A small quarto, containing 64 leaves, A to Q in fours.
Page 229 - Paradise lost. A Poem written in . Ten Books By John Milton. Licensed and Entred according to Order. London Printed, and are to be sold by Peter Parker under Creed Church neer Aldgate; And by Robert Boulter at the Turks Head in Bishopsgate-street ; And Matthias Walker under St. Dunstons Church in Fleet-street. 1667.
Page lvi - Twixt dripping ash-boughs, — hedgerows all alive With birds and gnats and large white butterflies Which look as if the May-flower had caught life And palpitated forth upon the wind ; Hills, vales, woods, netted in a silver mist, Farms, granges, doubled up among the hills ; And cattle grazing in the watered vales, And cottage-chimneys smoking from the woods, And cottage-gardens smelling everywhere, Confused with smell of orchards.
Page 114 - The two noble kinsmen : presented at the Blackfriers by the Kings Maiesties servants, with great applause : Written by the memorable worthies of their time; Mr. John Fletcher, and Mr. William Shakspeare, Gent.
Page 112 - The Troublesome Raigne of John King of England. With The Discouerie of King Richard Cordelions base Sonne. (Vulgarly named, the Bastard Fawconbridge :) Also The Death of King John at Swinstead Abbey.

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