Hand-book for travellers in France [by J. Murray. 1st] 3rd-14th, 16th, 18th ed


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Page 114 - ... dons, ne perdez point de vue mon panache blanc, vous le « trouverez toujours au chemin de l'honneur et de la victoire.
Page 462 - With soft-suspended step, and muffled deep In midnight darkness, whisper'd my last sigh. I whisper'd what should echo through their realms ; Nor writ her name, whose tomb should pierce the skies.
Page 573 - Attila had secured a last and honourable resource. The saddles and rich furniture of the cavalry were collected, by his order, into a funeral pile ; and the magnanimous barbarian had resolved, if his intrenchments should be forced, to rush headlong into the flames, and to deprive his enemies of the glory which they might have acquired, by the death or captivity of Attila.
Page 601 - Diamond Latin-English Dictionary. A Guide to the Meaning, Quality, and right Accentuation of Latin Classical Words. Royal 32mo.
Page 99 - It is a grand and picturesque ruin, occupying a commanding position at the extremity of the town, where the platform is cut into a narrow promontory by gullies which isolate it on 3 sides, rendering it a place of great strength. To this it was indebted for the 9 sieges which it had to sustain. The approach to it is behind the modern H. de Ville. A college or grammar-school has been established within the outer court, and occupies a chapel said to be of the 12th cent.
Page 233 - The officers and soldiers of the army must recollect that their nations are at war with France, solely because the ruler of the French nation will not allow them to be at peace, and is desirous of forcing them to submit to his yoke ; and...
Page 42 - vous vous riez de moi , dit-,elle; vous n'en avez « ni le vouloir ni le pouvoir. Je sais bien que les « Anglais me feront mourir, croyant après ma « mort gagner le royaume de France; mais, « fussent-ils cent mille Goddem de plus qu'à pré« sent, ils n'auront pas ce royaume.
Page 364 - The sufferings of these witnesses for the truth rest upon a document of great authenticity, the Epistle of the Churches of Vienne and Lyons to the Brethren in Asia and Phrygia. Pothinus, chosen bishop of Lyons, and then 90 years of age, was sent back into this dungeon, where he expired after two days
Page 462 - And when blind man pronounced thy bliss complete ! And on a foreign shore ! where strangers wept ! Strangers to thee ; and, more surprising still, Strangers to kindness, wept : their eyes let fall Inhuman tears : strange tears ! that trickled down From...
Page 462 - With pious sacrilege a grave I stole , With impious piety that grave I wrong'd : Short in my duty, coward in my grief!

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