A History of the Crusades, Volume 1

Cambridge University Press, 3 déc. 1987 - 377 pages
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Sir Steven Runciman's three volume A History of the Crusades, one of the great classics of English historical writing, is being reissued. This volume deals completely with the First Crusade and the foundation of the kingdom of Jerusalem. As Runciman says in his preface: 'Whether we regard the Crusades as the most tremendous and most romantic of Christian adventures, or as the last of the barbarian invasions, they form a central fact in medieval history. Before their inception the centre of our civilization was placed in Byzantium and in the lands of the Arab caliphate. Before they faded out the hegemony in civilization had passed to western Europe. Out of this transference modern history was born.'

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My reaction to reading this book in 1994. A fascinating history of the fall of Outremer and the later Crusades. Highlights: Richard the Lion Hearted’s exploits (a Crusader with true military talents ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Holy Peace and Holy War
H The Rock of Saint Peter
The Peoples Expedition
The German Crusade
The Campaign in Asia Minor
Armenian Interlude
Principal Sources for the History of the
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