Hand-book for travellers in France [by J. Murray. 1st] 3rd-14th, 16th, 18th ed, Partie 2


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Page 575 - I do not remember to have gone ten paces without an exclamation that there was no restraining: not a precipice, not a torrent, not a cliff, but is pregnant with religion and poetry. There are certain scenes that would awe an atheist into belief, without the help of other argument.
Page 45 - Lias, Oolite, Wealden, and Cretaceous Groups. TERTIARY FOSSILS from the Woolwich, Barton, and Bracklesham Beds, London-clay, Crag, Sec. In the more expensive collections some of the specimens are rare, and all more select.
Page 503 - Here I please myself with my little gardens and my narrow dwelling. I want nothing, and look for no favours from fortune. If you come to me, you will see a solitary, who wanders in the meadows, the fields, the forests, and the mountains, resting on the mossy grottoes, or beneath the shady trees.
Page 45 - MINERALS : these are found in masses, in beds, or in veins, and occasionally in the beds of rivers. Specimens of the following are contained in the Cabinet : — Iron, Manganese, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Copper, Antimony, Silver, Gold, Platina, Ac.
Page 45 - Guineas each, with every requisite to assist those commencing the study of this interesting science, a knowledge of which affords so much pleasure to the traveller in all parts of the world. * A collection for Five Guineas which will illustrate the recent works on Geology by Ansted, Buckland.
Page 432 - The servants of Christ, sojourning in Vienne, and Lyons in France, to the brethren in Asia, Propria, and Phrygia, who have the same faith and hope of redemption with us ; peace and grace and glory from God the Father, and Christ Jesus our Lord. We are not competent to describe with accuracy...
Page 32 - VICTORIA HOTEL.— First-rate for Families and single Gentlemen, close to the Springs and the Kursaal ; it is one of the best situated Hotels in the town. A splendid Dining-room and two suites of airy and quiet apartments (wiili balconies), overlooking the fine Taunus Mountains, have been newly added to the Hotel.
Page 447 - Dôme rises from a granitic platform, and stretches " 18 m. in length by 2 in breadth. They are usually truncated at the summit, where the crater is often preserved entire, the lava having issued from the base of the hill; but frequently the crater is broken down on one side, where the lava has flowed out. Had these cones of loose sand and ashes been in existence previous to the Deluge, they must have been swept away, or greatly altered, by the power of a current of water.
Page 46 - Japanned Deal Goods may be seen 'in complete suites of five or six different colours, some of them light and ornamental, and others of a plainer description. Suites of Stained Deal Gothic Furniture, Polished Deal, Oak, and Walnut, are...
Page 20 - The Charges will be found moderate. The Boating and Carriage Accommodation is specially attended to by the Manager, who personally arranges the formation of Boating Parties...

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