The Book of Numbers

Springer Science & Business Media, 16 mars 1998 - 310 pages
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In THE BOOK OF NUMBERS, two famous mathematicians fascinated by beautiful and intriguing number patterns share their insights and discoveries with each other and with readers. John Conway is the showman, master of mathematical games and flamboyant presentations; Richard Guy is the encyclopedist, always on top of problems waiting to be solved. Together they show us why patterns and properties of numbers have captivated mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike for centuries. THE BOOK OF NUMBERS features Conway and Guy's favorite stories about all the kinds of numbers any of us is likely to encounter, and many others besides. "Our aim," the authors write, "is to bring to the inquisitive reader. . .an explanation of the many ways the word 'number' is used." They explore patterns that emerge in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, describe these pattern' relevance both inside and outside mathematics, and introduce the strange worlds of complex, transcendental, and surreal numbers. This unique book brings together facts, pictures and stories about numbers in a way that no one but an extraordinarily talented pair of mathematician/writers could do.

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The book of numbers

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The authors are well known to both academic and recreational mathematicians--Conway for inventing the "game of life" and discovering surreal numbers and Guy as the editor of the "Unsolved Problems ... Consulter l'avis complet

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A great book. Easy to read, really accessible to non-mathematician (I read it when I was in first year of mathematics studies).
A lots of amazing facts about numbers (and most of them are not
obvious, if you try to go to the details) that should also interest math students, since this subjects aren't treated at school.
A part of this book talk earlier theory developed by conway and other mathematicians he worked with. (see "Winning ways for your mathematical plays" and "On numbers and Games")
If you are curious, read it, you'll learn a lots of things.

Table des matières

The Romance of Numbers
Figures from Figures Doing Arithmetic and Algebra by Geometry
What Comes Next?
Famous Families of Numbers
The Primacy of Primes
Further Fruitfulness of Fractions
Geometric Problems and Algebraic Numbers
Imagining Imaginary Numbers
Some Transcendental Numbers
Infinite and Infinitesimal Numbers
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