Engineering: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Development

UNESCO, 1 janv. 2010 - 396 pages
Engineering is of vital importance in human, economic, social and cultural development and in addressing the UN Millenium Development Goals. Engineering tends to be viewed as a national issue, but engineering knowledge, companies, conferences and journals, all demonstrate that it is as international as science. The Report reviews the role of engineering in development, and covers issues including poverty reduction, sustainable development, climate change mitigation and adaptation. it presents the various fields of engineering around the world. it also discusses engineering issues, applications and innovation, infrastructure, capacity building, engineering education. This Report is a platform For The better understanding of engineering, and of the roles and responsibilities of engineers who may be responsible For The safety of thousands of people. The first ever international report on engineering from UNESCO is intended to identify issues and challenges facing engineering, promote better understanding of engineering and its role, and highlight ways of making engineering more attractive to young people, especially women.

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