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with the Massachusetts Congregational Charitable Society, and its rules and regulations. 8vo. pp. 32.

This pamphlet was prepared by a Committee of the Convention, and published by their order.

Catechesis Religionis Christianæ brevior, Hebraice ; versa publiceque oblata A. D. 1689 per Gulielmum Seaman M.D. Editio Secunda per Reverendum Timotheum Alden, Praesidem prof. q. Ling : 00. Hist. Eccles. ac Theol. S. Sanc. Collegii Alleghanensis. pp. 36, Philadelphiæ. 1821.

This Hebrew version of the Westminster Assembly's Shorter Ca. techism was made, as Dr. Seaman says, 1. because he thought it a pity that it should not exist in the Hebrew as well as in the Greek and Latin tongues ; 2. because he thought it might be of service in instructing the Jews in the principles of the Christian Religion ; and 3. because he supposed it might afford some assistance to christians who were desirous of acquainting themselves with the Hebrew language. These reasons probably have bad their weight in inducing the President and Professor of Alleghany College to cause its republication ; to which he has added two more ; viz. that the copy from which it is printed is probably the only copy in America, and that it was given him by Professor Sewall of Harvard College. trust that our Jewish and Christian Students in Hebrew will not fail to perceive the value of this publication, and will diligently seek and

We can speak more confidently of the worth of its theology than of the correctness of its style, having not yet critically examined it. As respects the execution, we can only say, that as there is one misprint in the title page, and another in the preface, both of which are Latin, we fear that the Hebrew may not be immaculate.


use it.

Sermon on the day of General Election. By Henry Ware, DD. Prof. of Divinity in the University of Cambridge.

Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Asa Cummings, North Yarmouth. By W. Allen, President of Bowdoin College.

The text of this sermon is in Acts xx. 24. and its subject the Life and Character of Paul.

Sermon at the Installation of Rev. Calvin Hitchcock, Randolph. By Warren Fay.

This is quite a good sermon, from Rom. 8. 1. The sentiment considered is, that " every faithful minister has an ardent desire for the salvation of his people.” The preacher shows “the realily of this desire, why it exists, and how it will be expressed.”

Sermon before the Convention of Congregational Ministers. By E, Parish, D.D.

This discourse is published by the Massachusetts Peace Society,

and distributed to promote its objects. The doctrine of the sermon is tbat“ it is the design of God to establish lasting peace through the world by the gospel of Christ.” The argument and illustrations are exhibited with a good deal of spirit and power.

Sixth Annual Report of the Middlesex Bible Society.

Second and Third Letters to the Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D. on his charges against Unitarians.

These letters are not of a local or temporary interest, and are written with so much ability, that we confidently hope they will be published in a volume when the series shall be completed, and widely circulated.

A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for social or private worship. Andover Flagg and Gould. 1821. pp. 308.

One would hardly judge from the imprimatur, that this is a selection of hymns in which nothing orthodox is to be found, but which is confined to good poetry, and to those sentiments of devotion and charity in which christians of every name agree. It is a highly judicious and valuable compilation.

The Friend of Peace, No. 24. April, 1821.

This number is not inferior in point and spirit to its predecessors. Readers are doubtless surprised to find how much of new illustration and remark is still brought forward on a subject which many supposed to be exhausted long ago.

State Prisons and the Penitentiary System Vindicated, with observations on managing and conducting these institutions ; drawn prin. cipally from experience. Also, some particular remarks on Documents relating to the Massachusetts State Prison. By an Officer of the Establishment at Charlestown. 1821. Sold by Wells & Lilly.

The punishment of crimes and the reformation of criminals, are subjects of such importance to the state, and of such interest to the philanthropist, that we are glad to see any publication which may serve to throw any light upon them. With many the penitentiary system is unpopular because it is thought to be ineffectual. Its efficacy is doubtless far less than might be desired, and than its most sanguine friends anticipated.

But the true question is, has it not been more efficacious than any other method ever devised ; and if it be found only as much so, still it would deserve a preference for the sake of its humanity. This pamphlet attempts to vindicate the system, and we think successfully. We recommend it to attention ; and if it receive the attention it deserves, we think men will be persuaded that state prisons should not be abolished, but only reformed; at least that we should not think of relinquishing the great experiment until

all the improvements which experience suggests have been fairly and for a long time made. “ It is a system,” says our author," which eminently subserves the great cause of humanity; and I would conclude with the same injunction which I ventured to make in the beginning-let us not be hasty to abandon what is so beautiful in theory, and which, with proper management and improvement, will be found in practice, to result in the best interests of society.”

It appears that the number of convicts has been decreasing for the last three years, and that the number of pardons has been about in the proportion (for five years) of three in forty.

JULY, 1821.



ELEMENTS OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE HUMAN MIND. By DUGALD STEWART, Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University, and Fellow of the Royal Society, of Edinburgh ; Honorary Member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburgh; and Member of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia.

This is published from the latest English edition. lo the second volume are several additions and corrections by the author ; also some new notes and an Appendix.

A translation will be given of the passages and potes in Latin, Greek, and French; and oumerous typographical errors will be corrected, whicb have crept into the work, in the course of the many editions which it has passed through in England and the United States.

A PHILOSOPHICAL TREATISE ON THE PASSIONS: from the third London edition, corrected. By T. Cogan, M. D.


MEMOIRS OF THE COURT OF QUEEN ELIZABETH. By Lucy AIKIN. In two volumes, 8vo. Price in neat boards, four dollars.

This very interesting work has already passed through three editions in England. The perusal of it seems to have suggested to Sir Walter Scott the subject of his novel of Kenilworth; and many of the incidents in it are evidently drawn from this source.

QUARTERLY REVIEW, Nos. 39 and 40, or the TWENTIETH Volume, being the GenERAL IndexPrice $3.

CONTENTS.-Introductory Note.-Books and Subjects Reviewed. Authors Reviewed. Additions and Corrections.- Part I. Personal Names. - Part II. Subjects.- Part III. New Publications.

The 48th Number of this Work is just published. Subscribers may commence or discontinue with any volume. Entire sets, and numbers to complete sets, may be had of the publishers.

WELLS & LILLY have lately published, the BRITISH PROSE WRITERS, 9 vols: ; price $1 each in boards, $1,25 bound.

THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE BIBLE; or, a Description of all the Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and Insects, Trees, Plants, Flowers, Gems and Precious Stones, mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures. Collected from the best authorities, and alphabetically arranged. By THADDEUS Mason Harris, D. D. Price in boards, $2,50, neatly bound, $3.


LETTERS ON THE EASTERN STATES. By WILLIAM Tudor. Second edition, very handsomely printed in 8vo. price $2,25.

PRINCIPLES OF POLITICAL ECONOMY, Considered with a view to their Practical Application. · By Rev. T. R. Maltaus. 8vo. price $2,25.

: MEMOIRS OF RICHARD LOVELL EDGEWORTH, Esq. Begun by himself, and concluded by his daughter, Maria EDGE

Two volumes in one. Price $2,25.


TRACTS; Designed to inculcate Moral conduct upon Christian Principles. Originally published by the Christian Tract Society in England. In five volumes ; price bound in sheep, $4,50.-Morocco backs and coroers, $4,50.-Boards, $3,50.-Sewed, $3.

THE THEORY OF MORAL SENTIMENTS. By ADAM Smith. From tbe last English edition; two volumes in one.

Price neatly bound, $3, very handsome edition.

“No work undoubtedly, can be mentioned, which exhibits so complete a view of those facts, with respect to our Moral perception, which it is one great object of this branch of Science to refer to their general laws ; and upon this account it well deserves the careful study of all whose taste leads them to prosecute similar inquiries."

“When the subject of this work leads the author to address the imagination and the heart; the variety and felicity of his illustrations, the richness and fluency of bis eloquence,--and the skill with which he wins the attention, and commands the passions of his readers, leave him, among our English Moralists, without a rival.”

Dugald Stewart.

A MEMOIR ON THE COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION of the Black Sea, and the Trade and Maritime Géography of Turkey and Egypt. In two volumes. Mustrated with Charts. By Henry A. S. DEARBORN. Price $9 in boards.

THE LIFE OF MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO. Ву CONYERS MIDDLETON, D. D. Principal Librarian to the University of Cambridge. In three volumes. From the London Edition. "Price $9 bound.

MÉMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF DAVID GARRICK, Esq. Interspersed with Characters and Anecdotes of his Theatrical Cotemporaries. The whole' forming a History of the Stage which includes a period of thirty-six years. By THOMAS Davies. 2 vols. Price $2 50 boards.

REMARKS ON ANTIQUITIES, ARTS, AND LET. TERS, during an excursion in Italy in the years 1802 and 1803. By JoSEPH Forsyth, Esq. Price $2,50 boards.

LETTERS FROM GENEVA AND FRANCE, written during a residence of between two and three years in different parts of those countries, and addressed to a Lady in Virginia by her Father, 2 vols. Price $4,50 boards.

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