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Augmentation of the naval and land forces. Lord Nortl's conciliatory motion.

Debates. The resolution passed upon a division. Mr. Saxbridge's annual
motion. Annual motion on the Middleser election. Petition and memorial

from the assembly of Jamaica. Petition from the city of Waterford. Bill

for restraining the trade of the southern culories. Evidence in behalf of the

M'est-India merchants and planters. Great importunce of the sugar islands.

Mr. Burke's conciliatory propositions. Great importance, and astonishing

growth of the American colonies. Debates. The previous question moved

and carried. Mr. Harley's conciliatory motion. Debates on the third

reuding of the restraining bill. The bill passed. Petitions, milituting

with each other. Petition from the British settlers in Canada--from the

Quakers. Address, rémonstrance, and petition, from the city of London.

Encouragement to the fisheries of creat-Brituin and Ireland. Motion for

bringing up the representation and remonstrance of the General Assembly of

New-York. Motion for an amendment put and curried. Amended motion

rejected. Memorial to the Lords from the same Assembly, and petition to

the King. Mentoriul to the Lords rejected. Petition to the Lords from

tre British inhabitants of the province of Quebec. Lord Camden's bill for

repenting the Quebec act. Debates. The bill rejected. Petition from the

sume inhabitants of Quebec to the House of Commons. Sir George Savile's

motion for repeuling the Quebec act. Motion rejected upon à ditisiør.

Speaker's speech. Speech from the throne:



State of afairs in America during the sitting of parliament. Preparations,

Ordnance seized in Rhode-Island. A fort taken, and powder seized in
Nez-Hampshire. Resolutions of the general congress approred of and con-
firmed in different places-rejected by the assembly of New York. Pro-
ceedings of the new procincial congress in Massachuse it's Bay. Detach-
ment' sent to seize on some cannon at Salem. Disputė at a draw-bridge.
Affair at Lexington and Concord. Loss on both sides. Province rise in '
· arms. Boston invested by great bodies of the militia. Provincial congress


address the people of Greot-Britain. Measures pursued for the urray and
support of an arny; pay of the officers and soldiers fired, and rules for its
regulation und government published. Capitulation with the inhabitants of
Boston not adhered to. Continental congress meet at Philadelphia.
for the raising of an army, the establishment of a paper currency, and to pre-
venu the British fisheries from being supplied with provisions. Application
from the people of New-York to the congress. Crown-Point and Ticonderoza
surprized. Generals and troops arrive at Boston. Engagements in the
islands neur Boston. General congress resolve that the compact between the
crown and the province of Massachusett's Bay is dissolved. Erect a ge-
neral post-office. Proclamation of rebellion by Gen. Gnge. Action at Barker's
Hill. Light-house burnt. Consequences of the Quebec act. Declaration
of the general congress, in answer to the late proclamation. Address to the

inhabitants of Great-Britain- -10 the people of Ireland. Petition to the

king. Georgia accedes to the general confcderucy. Gen. Ilashington ap-

pointed commander in chief of all the American forces by the general-




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The humble Address of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in

Parliament assembled, presented to his Majesty, Feb. 9, 1775. [247

Protests of several of the Lords, occasioned by the foregoing Address. . [248

His Majesty's Message to the House of Commons, on February 10, 1775. 1251

The Petition of the Lord Mayor of London, d'c. presented to the House of

Coinmons, on Friday the 24th of February, 1775.


Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, entered into by the Delegates

of the several Colonies in North America, in General Congress assembled, at

Philadelphia, May 20, 1775.


Address and Petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Commons of the City

of London, presented to his Majesty on Friday, July 14, 1775; with his

Majesty's Answer.


His Majesty's most gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Friduy the

26th of May, 1775.


A Declaration of the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America,

met in General Congress at Philadelphia, setting forth the Causes and

Necessity of their taking up Arms.


A second Petition from the General Congress in America to his Majesty. [262

The Speech of his Excellency, Simon Earl of Harcourt, to both Houses of Par-

liament in Ireland, on Tuesday, October 10, 1775.


Address, Memorial, and Petition of several Gentlemen, Merchants, und Traders

of the City London, presented to his Majesty, October 11, 1775. [267

4ddress of another very numerous Body of the Merchants and Traders of the

City of London, presented to his Majesty, October 14, 1775. [269

His Majesty's most gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Thursday,

the 26th Day of October, 1775.


Address of the Liverymen of the City of London to his Majesty. (271


Sketch of their Majesties' domestic Life at Kew during the Summer Season

P. 1


Character of the late Queen Matilda of Denmark.

2 Memoirs of the late Pope Clement XIV.

5 Striking Picture of Charles V. during his Retirement in the Monastery of

St. Just, where he ended his Days.
Political Characters, by Mi. Edmund Burke, in his Speech on American
Tuxation, in the llouse of Common, April 19, 1775; riz.
George Grenville.

Marquis of Rockingham.
General Conway.
Lord Chatham.

18 Charles Townshend.

20 Memoirs of Allen Bathurst, Earl Bathurst.

22 Memoirs of the Life and Actions of the lute Sir Charles Saunders.

26 A short Account of Dr. Hartley, Author of " The Theory of the lumian Mind, on the Principles of the Association of Ideas.

29 An authentic dccount of the very curious Researches, and raluable Discoreries,

in the Natural History and Manufactures of China, and other Punts of Asia, made by the late John Bradby Blake, Esq; one of the English EasiIndia Company's Resident Supercargoes at Canton, and of the third Hark in Council there; as likewise of his great and successful Endearours to rendet his Discoveries useful to Mankind in general, and to his Fellow-subjects in particular.

51 Memoirs of the celebrated Mr. Gray.

36 Some Account of the Life and Writings of Dr. Smollett. Memoirs of the Life and Family of the late Rev. Mr. Laurence Sterne : Iritten by himself, and addressed to his Daughter, Miss Lydia Sterne

50 Sketch of the Character of the late Dr. llawkesworth.

33 Anecdotes of the Life, with Observations on the Character and I'ritings, of the late Paul Whitehead, Esq.

54 A short Account of the Life, Writings, and Genius, of the late Sir John Hill, Knight of the Polar-Star.

61 Anecdotes of Signiora Gabrieli, the celebrated Opera-Singer:



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The supposed Effect of Boiling upon Water, in disposing it to freeze more

reudily, ascertained by Experiments. Of the stilling of Waves by Weans of Oil.

70 An Account of a Woman accidentally burnt to Death at Coventry.


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