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also the many afflictions attending the same, shall infallibly work for my eternal good? What reason have I to cry out, and say with astonishment of foul, Mic. vii. 18. Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the transgression of the remnant of his beritage? He retaineth not his anger for ever, because be delighteth in mercy. Blefs his name; who out of darkness produceth light, and out of the greateft evil can bring the greatest good *.

And is it so, that, notwithstanding the many and great oppositions and tribulations I am to meet with in the world, I shall, through Christ accompanying and strengthening me, be brought through them, and made c complete conqueror in the end? How greatly zealous ought I to be in loving and lauding the true and living God, Father, Son, and Holy

* Though this be a truth, That all things do work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose, Rom. viii. 28. who are in covenant with God, in union with Chrift; who are created anew, and are new creatures in Jesus; who cannot fin with the bent of their renewed will, nor with the affent of their heavenly minds; nor love fin after the inner man; the body of death, or the old man, being quite diftinct from the new man, who cannot fin because he is born of God. Wherefore it is no more the saints that sin, according to the new man, but sin that dwells in them, according to the old man. -Let none take licence from this paragraph to indulge their lufts; remember the author ftiles his narrative, « A Cordial for Sin-sick and Despairing Souls," not an encouragement for presumptuous finners, whose mind and conscience are both defiled. W. H. S. S.


Ghost, whose tremendous and glorious name is infinitely transcending all praises which saints or angels are capable of giving.

And seeing that from henceforth, till I come to heaven, the special providence of God will be with me in every change of condition, so as nothing shall be able to do me harm; what unspeakable cause have I to fear, with a reverential, holy, and filial fear, the glorious name and infinite majesty of the great God; and how unbecoming me, for whom God hath done so many and wonderful things, will it be to fear either devils or men, who set themselves against God, and his Son's interest?, O my soul, rejoice now in God, who is become thy falvation; and fear nothing but what may any way grieve his holy and tender spirit.

Marvellous and unutterable were those manifeftations of God's love let out upon me his poor nothing creature in that moment of his Spirit's sealing me in believing, and by the sense whereof the Holy Ghost filled up those vallies and bottoms in my soul and conscience, occasioned by the Marp and terrible workings of the spirit of bondage. And as the manifeftations but now mentioned were in themselves marvellous and astonishing, so were also the sensible effects they produced in me wonderful and ravishing.

Those effects I reduce for order's fake to fix heads: First, The horror and guilt of my

conscience was gone, which was succeeded by the answer of a


good conscience towards God, which did inwardly suggest and dictate to me, that my state and condition Godward is truly safe and most happy.

Secondly, The spiritual vail which covered my heart and mind, and which kept me from seeing into the mystery of the gospel, was taken off, like scales or a web off the eyes of a blind man; whereby I was enabled to see and behold who and what Jesus, held forth in the gospel, is to me.

Thirdly, The affrighting distractions and overwhelming hurricanes of my despairing soul, occafioned by my continual expectation of being sent to hell, were turned into an unexpected and soulsurprising calm and fedate frame of spirit.

Fourthly, The spirit of Navish fear, which on every occasion tormented and racked me, vanished; and the spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind, was given me.

Fifthly, The joy and comforts of the Holy Ghost were communicated to me, in such a measure as unspeakably passeth my frail capacity to tell forth or express, which occasioned me to call to mind my former wondering; and musing, while going on in the way of my ignorant and blind zeal in ferving God before the spirit of bondage visited me, to think what the joy of the Holy Ghost should mean. Whenever I did read of the joy of the Holy Ghost, or did hear any mention thereof-joy of the Holy Ghost, think I, Lord, what is that? What

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is the meaning of it? I cannot tell or apprehend what this joy of the Holy Ghost should be.

Sixthly, The fpirit of adoption was given me whereby I was enabled to come to God's throne of grace, and with a holy and humble boldness to call him

my God and my Father. The instinct in the new creation wrought by the God of all grace

in me, led me to God as the fountain of all good.

The Spirit given me, putting into my mouth words of folemn thanks and praise, for the greatness and ftrangeness of iny falvation.

To my knees I betook me, adoring and worshipping with my fpirit that holy Jehovah, Trinity in Unity, and Unity in Trinity ; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; the true and eternal God; whom all the time of my blind zeal, and during the time of my bondage state, I had fo ignorantly worshipped. I was now, and never before, enabled, Jacob like, to catch hold of, and to wrestle with a reconciled God. The greatness, holiness, and infiniteness of his majesty, which, before I knew him in Christ, terrified and affrighted me with a witness, animated and encouraged me in praying to him. It is not to be expressed in words with what alacrity and cheerfulness of spirit I approached the throne of grace, and with what enlarged and inward meltings of heart and soul I called upon God. When I did but mention this, My God and my Father, Oh, what ravishment of foul did I experimentally feel, overflowing and drowning my very spirit ! G


To my bed I went with a glad and ravished heart Chriít knows; the burning inflammation which the horror and bondage of my wounded and despairing conscience caused in my body was gone, and my body's disposition to crookedness, through the sinking weight which lay on my spirit within, was instantly rebuked and caused to retreat, by the glad and joyful tidings of gospel peace, which that night took up its lodging within me; succeeding and powerfully supplanting that spirit of bondage which made me so hopeless, and as I thought past all possibility of escaping hell.

No sooner was I stretched in my bed, but swooning and fainting fits of love-sickness seized me; I was inwardly and spiritually so apprehensive of the mysteriousness of Christ's incarnation, his humbling himself even to death, his lying confined as a prisoner in the grave, and his being raised therefrom : again, his ascending to heaven from whence he came, and his sitting down at the Father's right hand to enter on the work of intercesfion with God, and that as my surety and mediator, and all for me, that I verily thought my body was near its dissolution ; a thing which the clear and certain assurance given me of my being an adopted Son of God, made me even long and pant after. My thoughts and meditations were now wholly employed about Christ, and that blessed change which I sensibly felt was passed on me.


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