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But such as they are, I moft humbly beg your Acceptance of them, as a Testimony of the grateful Sense I bear, and ever fhall retain of Your Lordship’s Good


If the Advantage arising from the Pub' cation of them, does not, thro' an unlucky Concurrence of Circumstances, answer the Hopes I have been made to entertain, I fhall however have this Satisfaction (which I can assure you is to me no small one) that I have hereby an Opportunity of acknowledging in the most publick Manner the many Obligations I haye to Your Lordship.

That God in his good Providence would long continue Your Lordship among us, both as an Ornament of that Church over which you preside, and a moft generous Patron of the Distress’d, is, my Lord, the molt finçere and ardent Prayer of


Mof dutiful,
Moft obedient,
and most oblig'd,

Humble Servant,

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Subscribers Names.


( R. Edward Addicot of Exon.

Rev. Mr. Allison, Archdeacon of Cornwall. Dr. Andrew of Exon, 2 Books. Rev. Mr. George Anstis, Vicar of Colyton.. Harry Anstis of London, Gent. Peter Athaws of London, Merchant. Mr. John Atkins of South Wineford, Devon, 2 Books. Rev. Dr. Atwell, Prebendary of Gloucester. Mrs. Aurthur.

Rev.Mr.Baker, Canon Residentiary of St. Peter's, Exon.

Mr. Banbury.
Mr. Barnard, A. M. Rector of Whitestone.
Mr. Barnett of Wadham College, Oxon.
Mr. Will. Barter, Rector of St. Edmond's, Exon.
Mr. Thomas Bate.
Mr. Humphry Bawden.
Mr. Charles Bedford of Launceston.
Mr. Billington.
Mr. Chancellor Blackall.
Mr. Bradford of Poltimore.
Mr. Boswell of Tatton.
Mr. Brent of Plymouth.
Mr. Breton, Rector of Weston in Herefordshire.
Mr. Hugh Brice of Netherbury, Dorset.
Mr. John Brice.
Mr. Brier.
Mr. Brown, Vicar of Tavistoke.
Mr. Burnaford, Rector of Bridiftow.
Dr. Bulkely of London.

Mr. Joseph Burdell.
Madam Baker.
William Bampfield, Esq; of Borcomb, Devon,
Mr. Barker of London, 2 Books.

Barlow of Plymouth.
Thomas Barron of Newton,
Collector of Barum.
Richard Bawden,

Mr. Bealy of Plymouth.
Richard Beavis, Esq; of Clift-house, Devon.
Mr. John Beed of Colyton.

John Bely of Bridgwater.
Mrs. Bettys of Excn.


Mr. Thomas Blackmore of Bishops Nymet.

Thomas Blackmore of Exon.
Nicholas Blake, Mayor of Exon.
Boton, Sen. of Plymouth.
Boughton, Jun. 2 Books.
Bradford of Exon.
Francis Bryan

Samuel Brice of Bristol, Merchant.
Mrs. Grace Brice.
Mr. Francis Broadleigh of Bridgwater.

Gregory Bridgman of Exon.
Brown of Exon.
Tobias Brown.

Hartlory Brudenell.
George Buck, Esq; of Biddeford.
Peter Buck, Efq; of Chichefter.
Mr. Jobn Buston of Exon, 2 Books.

The Hon. Sir William Courtenay, Bart. 6 Books.
The Hon. Mr. Coventry.
The Hon. Mrs. Anne-Sophia Courtenay.
Rev. Mr. John Carwithen of Crediton.

Mr. John Cary.
Mr. Peter Churchill, Vicar of Bockerell.
Mr. Henry Churchill, Rector of Morchard Bishop.
Mr. Ezra Cleaveland, Rector of Honiton.
Mr. Cocking
Dr.Cockman,Master of University College, Oxon.
Dr. Coney of Bath, 12 Books.
Mr. Ed. Coppleton, Rector of Tedburn St. Mary,
Mr. Costard of Wadham College, Oxon,
Dr. Costard of Exon.
Mr. Costard.
Mr. Crawford, Rector of Eggleshill.

Dr. Creed, Prebendary of Wells.
Mr. Otho Cannon,

John Carthew. Mrs. Percilia Champion. Mrs. Mary Cheeseman, Mr. Chute of Exon.

Mr. Nicholas Clap of Colyton.

Peter Clarke of Exon,
John Cock, Efq;
Mr. Cockings of Exon.
Mrs. Cockman of Coventry.
Minherd Colchester, Esq; of Westbury, Glo'stershire.
Mr. Colley.

Philip Collins of Plymouth.
William Collins of Exon.
John Collworthy of Exon.
James Cofferat of Exon.

Abraham Cofferat.
Mrs. Jane Cofferat.
Mr. Richard Couch of Exon.

Lewis Courtall.
Mrs. Cicily Cox of Bridgwater.
Mr. Crew, Collector of the Port of Exon.
Joseph Crew, Efq;
Mr. Matthias Crews of London,
Trevil Cross, Efq; of Exon.
Mr. Cumb of Exon.

John Cummins of Bishops Teington.
Peter Cummins, Esq;
Mr. Peter Cummins of Exon.

The Right Hon. the Lord Deerhurst.
Sir Francis Drake, Bart.
Lady Drake of Ath.
Rev. Mr. Daddow, Rector of St. Juft, Cornwall.

Mr. Daddo.

Mr. Dally. Mrs. Dadworthy

John Davis of Topfham.

Davis of London.
Mrs. Catherine Daw.
Mr. Alderman Dewdney of Exon.
Nathaniel Dewdney, Esq;
William Downham, Esq;
Mr. Thomas Drake of Colyton.
Mrs. Mary Duck of Ottery St. Mary.
Mr. John Dunce of Exeter..

Philip Dacie, Grocer in Exeter.
Robert Dacie, Upholsterer.

Right Rev. Stephen Lord Bishop of Exeter 6 Books.
Rev. Mr. John Eveleigh, Jun.

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Rev. Mr. Fursman, Chancellor of the Church of Exon.

Mr. George Fender of St. Stephen's, Exon.
Mr. Fincher.
Mr. Thomas Fisher.
Mr. Ford of Northleigh, Devon.

Mr. Fortescue of Exon.
Mr. Freke, Rector of Clanaborough

Dr. Fynes.
Mrs. Anne Forster, Exon,
Mr. Basil: Forfter, London.

John Fortescue.

Forward, Attorney at Law, Axminifter.
Ralph Freke, Esq; of Hanington in Wilts.
Mr. Fryer.
Mrs. Fulford.
Mr. Thomas Furlong.

..: G.
Rev. Dr. Gilbert Dean of Exeter.

Mr. Archdeacon Grant, jo Books.
Mr. William Gater.
Mr. Gay.
Mr. Gilbard, Curate of Tiverton.
Mr. John Gould, Rector of Farway.
Mr. Thomas Greene.
Mr. Granger, Rector of Crewys Morchard.
Mr. Tho. Greenway, Master of Ufculm School.
Mr. George Greenway,

Mr. Griffiths.
Mr. John Gale of Exon.

Philip Gandy of Exon. !
Mrs. Gard of Honiton,
Mr. Peter Gay.

Nicholas. Geare.
Abraham Gelberd..

-Gibbs, Efq;
Mr. Gifford of Exon.
Mrs. Gilberd of Exon.
-John Glanvil, Esq; of Cornwali.
Mr. John Good of Colyton,

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