Zeitschrift für Deutsches Altertum und Deutsche Literatur, Volume 5

Weidmann'sche Buchhandlung, 1845

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Page 461 - I find also that in the month of May, the citizens of London (of all estates) lightly in every parish, or sometimes two or three parishes joining together, had their several Mayings,* and did fetch in May-Poles with divers warlike shows, with good archers, morrice-dancers, and other devices for pastime all the day long ; and towards the evening they had stage-plaies and bone-fires in the steets.
Page 456 - Misrule, and him they crown with great solemnity and adopt for their king. This king, anointed, chooseth forth twenty, forty, three score or a hundred lusty guts, like to himself, to wait upon his lordly majesty and to guard his noble person. Then every one of these his men he investeth with his liveries of green, yellow or some other light wanton colour...
Page 478 - Falzone, sein köstliches schwert, entblöszt, als jene beiden auf ihn losstürzten. die heftigkeit ihres kampfs soll durch ein bild ausgedrückt 497 werden: ihr wiszt wol wie gehakt wird, wenn der woldan seine kirchenpforten haut. Wer ist dieser Woldan ? auch andere dichter, aber nur • gleich Albrecht Baiern und Ostreicher, scheinen mit dem ausdruck bekannt, den sie doch unpersönlicher und fast collectiv für den begriff eines heerhaufens verwenden.
Page 284 - Alexis, ki lui portât suef le fist nurrir ; puis ad escole li bons pedre le mist; tant aprist letres que bien en fut guarnit; puis uait li erofeS lemperethur seruir.
Page 1 - ... sicut dedisti nomen da illis et victoriam. et dedit eis victoriam ut ubi visum esset vindicarent se et victoriam haberent. ab illo tempore guinniles longobardi vocati sunt.
Page 455 - Hobby-horfe belonged a pot which the Reeves of the town kept and filled with cakes and. ale, towards which the...
Page 461 - The king and quene sat down, and were served with venison and wine by Robin Hood and his men. Then the king and his party departed, and Robin and his men conducted them. As they were returning, they were met by two...
Page 461 - Greenwich to the high ground of Shooter's Hill, where, as they passed by the way, they espied a company of tall yeomen, clothed all in green, with green hoods, and...
Page 55 - The holy mawle, which they fancy hung behind the churchdoor, which when the father was seaventie, the sonne might fetch to knock bis feather in the head, as effete and of no more use.
Page 292 - ... tut sul sen est Eufemien turnet, uint a sun fllz ou il gist suz lu degret. 70. Les dras fuz leuet dura il esteit cuuert, uit del sain home le uis e cler e bel; en sum puing tint le cartre le deu serf. Eufemien uolt saueir quet espelt. 71.

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