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Page 574 - RESOLUTION (the) of this case of conscience, whether the Church of England's symbolizing so far as it doth with the Church of Rome, makes it unlawful to hold communion with the Church of England ? [By Edward FOWLER, Bishop of Gloucester.] London : 1683.
Page 173 - Memoir of the Operations of the British Army in India during the Mahratta War of 1817, 1818 and 1819 by Lieut.
Page 628 - A table of the circles arising from the division of a unit, or any other whole number,, by all the integers from 1 to 1024 ; being all the pure decimal quotients that can arise from this source.
Page 237 - De sensu et sensato, De memoria et reminiscentia, De somno et vigilia, De longitudine et brevitate vitae, De senectute et juventute, De respiratione et inspiratione, De morte et vita, De motibus animalium, De animalibus.
Page 909 - Majesties the Emperor of all the Russias and the King of Prussia, to the Corporation of London in June 1814.
Page 773 - Original Papers illustrating the History of the Application of the Roman Alphabet to the Languages of India.
Page 377 - Brief Account of some of the most important Proceedings in Parliament, relative to the Defects in the Administration of Justice in the Court of Chancery, the House of Lords, and the Court of Commissioners of Bankrupt : with the Opinions of different Statesmen and Lawyers, as to the Remedies to be applied.
Page 686 - Religio Philosophi, or the principles of morality and Christianity, illustrated from a view of the universe, and of man's situation in it.
Page 880 - A Short Account of Experiments and Instruments, depending on the Relations of Air to Heat and Moisture.
Page 338 - Earl of. Religion and policy and the countenance and assistance each should give to the other. With a survey of the power and jurisdiction of the Pope in the dominions of other princes.

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