Fisher's Juvenile Scrap-book

Fisher, Son, & Company, 1836

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Page 63 - Now in thy youth, beseech of Him Who giveth, upbraiding not; That his light in thy heart become not dim, And his love be unforgot; And thy God, in the darkest of days, will be, Greenness, and beauty, and strength to thee.
Page 28 - Thy landscapes have a living grace And truth — for every Briton's eye ; For in them it may fondly trace Beauties our daily walks supply, Which, soon as seen, to all are known, And have a magic all their own. ' To thee our hedge-rows growing wild, Our commons bare, our pollard trees, Our rural cots — by peasants piled, — Our cloudy skies — had power to please : For thou from each and all couldst cull Features, though humble, beautiful. ' With Nature, thy unerring guide, An artist's eye, a...
Page 19 - Young, happy, fair, and good, With thy little scarlet hood Around thy curling locks lightly parted ; Pursue thy pleasant way, With spirits blythe and gay, As best befits the fond and glad-hearted. ' The butterfly shall light Upon flow'rets as bright As the wings which he opens and closes , And the busy, busy bee Shall murmur too for thee, As honey it culls from wild roses...
Page 9 - Death would be no doom to dread, Could we, on our dying bed, Lay us down, life's turmoils done, Calm as Kate of Kensington. Fare thee well ! I turn away From thy Portrait with delay ; For with every charm 'tis fraught, To awaken tender thought : And for all this glimpse of thee Has of joy afforded me, Take a poet's benison, Lovely Kate of Kensington ! 10 THE BACHELOR UNCLE.

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