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tumi degli Arabi, avanti il pseudo-profeta Maometto, dell' Abate S. A. Padova 1787, 4to.

Globus Cælestis Cufico Arabicus Veliterni Musei Borgiani a SIMONE ASSEMANO illustratus. Præmissa ejusdem de Arabum Astronomia Dissertatione, et adjectis duabus Epistolis JOSEPHI TOALDI. Patavii 1790, 4to.

Museo Cufico Naniano illustrato dall' Ab. S. A. Padova 1787-8, 4to. ii parti.

ASSEMANUS (Jos. SIM.) Syr. Maron.

Bibliotheca Orientalis Clementino-Vaticano. In qua Manuscriptos Codices Syriacos, Arabicos, Persicos, Turcicos, Hebraicos, Samaritanos, Armenicos, Ethiopicos, Græcos, Egyptiacos, Ibericos et Malabaricos, ex Oriente conquisitos et Bibliothecæ Vaticanæ addictos, recensuit, digessit, &c. J. S. A. Romæ (P. F.) 1719-28, fol. iv voll.

ASSEMANUS (STEPHANUS EVODIUS). Bibliothecæ Medicea Laurentianæ et Palatinæ Codicum MMS. Orientalium Catalogus. Sub auspiciis Francisci III. &c. S. E. A. recensuit, digessit, notis illustravit, ANTONIO FRANCISCO GORIO curante. Florentiæ 1742, fol.


On the Trade to China, and the Indian Archipelago; with Observations on the insecurity of the British interests in that quarter. By C. A. London 1819, 8vo.


Bibliotheca Arabico-Aragonensis. Accedunt nonnulla scriptorum Specimina. Opera et Studio I. d. A. d. R. Amstelædami 1782, 8vo.


Doctrina Christiana (Vasconiana). Ipinizuan Euscaraz. Irunean 1739, 18mo.


The Origin and Progress of Writing, as well Hieroglyphic as Elementary, illustrated by Engravings taken from Marbles, Manuscripts and Charters, ancient and modern: also some account of the Origin and Progress of Printing. By T. A. London 1784, 4to.


A new general Collection of Voyages and Travels: consisting of the most esteemed Relations, which have been hitherto published in any language: comprehending every thing remarkable in its kind in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Printed for THOMAS ASTLEY. London 1745-6-7, 4to. iv vols.

ASTROS (J. G. D').

Lou Trimfe de la Lengouo Gascouo, aus Playdeiats de las quoüate Sasous, &c. Toulouso 1762, 12mo. AURIVILLIUS (CAROLUS).

De Nummis Arabicis in Suiogothia repertis, Disquisitio C. A. Upsaliæ 1775, 4to.


كتب القانون في الطب لابو علي الشيخ الرئيس ابن سينا

Abu-Ali ibn-Sina (Avicenna) Canon Medicinæ. Romæ (Typ. Med.) 1593, fol.


Voyage en divers Etats d'Europe et d'Asie, entrepris pour decouvrir un nouveau chemin à la Chine. Contenant plusieurs Remarques curieuses de Physique, &c. Avec une Description de la Grande Tartaric et des différens Peuples qui l'habitent. Paris 1692, 4to.


Grammatica Hebrææ Chaldææque linguæ, a M. A. in lucem edita. Viteberga 1531, 8vo.



Recherches sur les Origines Celtiques, principalement sur celles du Bagey considéré comme Berceau du Delta Celtique. Paris an VI (1798), 8vo. ii tom. BAILLIE (JOHN).

or Sixty Tables, elucidatory of خلاصه تدريس الصرف

the First Part of a Course of Lectures on the Grammar of the Arabic language, delivered in the College of Fort William in Bengal, during the first year of its Institution. Calcutta 1801, fol.


. نسخه ماية عامل and شرح ماية عامل


tises on Arabic Grammar, in the Arabic language and character.) Calcutta 1802, 4to. ii parts.

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Histoire de l'Astronomie Ancienne, depuis son origine, jusqu'à l'établissement de l'Ecole d'Alexandrie, par M. B. Paris 1775, 4to.

Histoire de l'Astronomie Moderne depuis la fondation de l'École d'Alexandrie, jusqu'à l'époque de 1730. Paris 1779, 4to. T. i. et ii.-Jusqu'à l'époque de 1782. T. iii. Paris 1782, 4to.

Traité de Astronomie Indienne et Orientale, ouvrage qui peut servir de suite à l'Histoire de l'Astronomie Ancienne. Paris 1787, 4to.

BALDÆUS (PHILIPPUS). Naauwkeyrige Beschryvinge van Malabar en Choromandel, der zelver aangrenzende Ryken, en het machtige Eyland Ceylon. Nevens een omstandige Ontdekking en Wederleggingge van de Afgoderye der Oost-Indische Heydenen. Zynde hier by gevoeght een Malabaarsche Spraak-konst. Amsterdam 1672, fol.

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A Description of the Coasts of North and South Guinea; and of Ethiopia inferior, vulgarly Angola, being a new and accurate account of the Western maritime countries of Africa. In Six Books. London 1746, fol.

BARCHEWITZ (ERNST CHRISTOPH) Thur. Allerneuste und wahrhaffte Ost-Indianische ReiseBeschreibung. Darinnen I. Seine durch Teutschund Holland nach Indien gethane Reise; II. Sein Eilff-jähriger Auffenthalt auf Java, Banda, &c. III. Seine Rück-Reise. Chemnitz 1730, 8vo.

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most celebrated English, French, Italian, and Spanish authors. London 1772, 8vo.

A Dictionary Spanish and English, and English and Spanish: containing the Signification of Words, and their different uses, &c. London 1778, fol. ed. 2.

A Dictionary of the English and Italian languages. To which is prefixed an Italian and English Grammar. A new edition corrected and improved by PETER RICCI ROTA. London 1790, 4to.

BARINGIUS s. BARING (DAN. EBERHARD). Clavis Diplomatica tradens specimina veterum scripturarum, nimirum Alphabeta varia, Compendia scribendi medii ævi, &c. Hanoveriæ 1737, 4to.


Cicero de Senectute et de Amicitia, from the text of Ernesti: and an Appendix, in which will be found Remarks on the origin of the Latin Conjunctions and Prepositions; also some curious matter on the affinity of different languages, Oriental and Northern, to the Latin; including two Essays on the Origin and the Extinction of the Latin tongue communicated to the author by R. PATRICK. London 1811, 12mo.


Nouvelle Relation de la France Equinoctiale, contenant la Description des Côtes de la Guiane, de l'Isle de Cayenne, &c. Paris 1743, 8vo.


An Enquiry into the Origin of the Constellations that compose the Zodiak, and the uses they were intended to promote. Dublin 1800, 8vo.


Decada primeira da Asia de J. de B., dos feitos que os Portugeses fezerano no Descobrimento e Conquista dos mares e terras do Oriente. Lisboa 1628, fol.-Decada Segunda 1628-Decada Terceira 1628-Quarta decada 1615, fol.


An Account of Travels into the Interior of Southern Africa, in the years 1797 and 1798: including cursory Observations on the Geology and Geography of the Southern part of that Continent;

the Natural history, &c. By J. B. London 1801. 4to. ii vols.

Travels in China, containing Descriptions, Observations, and Comparisons made and collected in the course of a short residence at the imperial palace of Yuen-min-Yuen, and on a subsequent journey through the country from Pekin to Canton. London 1804, 4to.

A Voyage to Cochin China in the years 1792 and 1793 containing a general view of the valuable productions and the political importance of this flourishing kingdom, &c. To which is annexed an Account of a Journey made in the years 1801 and 1802, to the residence of the Chief of the Booshuana Nation, being the remotest point in the interior of Southern Africa to which Europeans have hitherto penetrated. By J. B. London 1806, 4to.

A chronological History of Voyages into the Arctic regions; undertaken chiefly for the purpose of discovering a North-East, North-West, or Polar passage between the Atlantic and Pacific: from the earliest periods of Scandinavian navigation, to the departure of the recent Expeditions, under the orders of Captains Ross and Buchan. By J. B. London 1818, 8vo.

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lingua Toscana ha preso dalla Provenzale (con Catalogo delle voci Provenzali usate dagli Scrittore Toscani). Roma 1724, fol. vol. i.


The History of the Court of the King of China. Written in French by the Seigneur M. B. of Languedoc. Translated by E. G. London (1634), 4to. (Original, 1608.)


Quatuor utilissimi Tractatus. I. De trium Orientalium, Hebrææ, Chaldææ et Syræ, linguarum, Antiquitate, Necessitate ac Utilitate, &c. Unà cum Tabula de Hebraicarum vocum Radice inquirenda. II. De Appellationibus Dei, &c. Noribergæ 1609, 4to.


Glossarium Antiquitatum Britannicarum, sive Syllabus Etymologicus Antiquitatum veteris Britanniæ atque Iberniæ, temporibus Romanorum. Accedunt EDVARDI LUIDII de Fluviorum, Montium, Urbrium, &c. in Britanniâ nominibus, Adversaria posthuma, Londini 1733, 8vo. ed. 2.


Del Alfabeto y Lengua de los Fenices, y de sus Colonias. Madrid 1772, fol.

(With the autograph of Bayer, presenting his book to Dr. Lowth, then Bishop of Oxford, and that of J. D. Michaelis, acknowledging the gift of it from the Bishop, then of London.)

BAYERUS (THEOPH. SIGEFR.) Commentarii in Academia Imperatoria Petropolitana recitati. (Elementa Litteraturæ Brahmanicæ, Tangutanæ, Mungalicæ ; cum Tabulis. Tom. iii. p. 389422. Tom. iv. p. 289-245 sic.) Petropoli 1726-29, 4to.

Museum Sinicum, in quo Sinicæ Linguæ et Litteraturæ ratio explicatur. Petropoli 1730, 8vo. ii voll.

Historia Osrhoena et Edessena, ex Numis illustrata; in qua Edessæ urbis, Osrhoeni regni, &c. a prima origine urbis ad extrema fere tempora explicantur. Petropoli 1734, 4to.

De Horis Sinicis et Cyclo horario Commentationes. Accedit ejusdem auctoris Parergon Sini

cum de Calendariis Sinicis ; ubi etiam quædam in Doctrina Temporum Sinica emendantur. Petropoli 1735, 4to.

Historia regni Græcorum Bactriani, in qua simul Græcarum in India Coloniarum vetus memoria explicatur. Accedit CHRIST. THEODOS. WALTHERI Doctrina Temporum Indica, cum Paralipomenis. Petropoli 1738, 4to.


A practical Treatise of Singing and Playing. Being an Essay on, I. Grammar. II. Pronunciation; or, the Art of just Speaking. III. Singing, its Graces, &c. London 1771, 8vo.

A plain and complete Grammar of the Hebrew language, with and without Points. London 1773, 8vo.


The Theory of Language, in Two Parts. P. I. Of the Origin and general Nature of Speech. P. II. Of Universal Grammar. London 1788, 8vo. Ed. alt.


Karamania, or a brief Description of the South coast. of Asia minor, and of the Remains of Antiquity. By F. B. London 1817, 8vo.


The Historie of the Great Emperour Tamerlan. Wherein are expressed, encounters, skirmishes, battels, sieges, &c. Drawen from the auncient Monuments of the Arabians, by Messire J. de B. Abbot of Mortimer. Newly translated out of French into English by H. M. London 1597, 4to. BECK (CAVE).

The Universal Character, by which all the Nations in the World may understand one anothers Conceptions, reading out of one Common Writing their own Mother Tongues. By C. B. London 1657, 8vo. BECKIUS (MATTHIAS FRID.)

Specimen Arabicum, hoc est, Bina Capitula Alcorani, è IV. Codd. MSS. Arabicè descripta, Latine versa, et Notis, Animadversionibusque locupletata. August. Vind. 1688, 4to.

Sive Ephemerides Persarum التقويم سنه ٦٠٩


per totum annum, juxta Epochas Celebriores Orientis, Alexandream, Christi, Diocletiani, Hegiræ, Jesdegirdicam et Gelalæam............è Libello Arabice, Persice at Turcice msto. Nunc Latinè versæ, et V. commentariorum libris illustratæ à M. F. B. Aug. Vindel. 1695-6, fol.


De Originibus Latinæ linguæ. (Mulhusii) 1613, 8vo.


The Books of the Old Testament translated into Irish by the care and diligence of Doctor W. B. late Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland. London 1685, 4to.


Cehil Sutun, seu Explicatio utriusque celeberrimi, ac pretiosissimi Theatri Quadraginta Columnarum, in Perside Orientis ; cum adjecta fusiori narratione de Religione, moribusque Persarum, &c. Ab authore P. B. nobili Pers-Armeno. Vienna Austr. 1678, 4to.


Mohammedis Imposturæ: that is, a Discovery of the manifold Forgeries, Falsehoods, and horrible Impieties of the blasphemous seducer Mohammed. Written long since in Arabicke, and now done into English by W. B. Whereto is annexed the Arabian Trudgman, together with an Index of the Chapters of the Alkoran. London 1615, 4to.

(The new title of "Mahomet Unmasked" was given to this edition in 1724.)

BEECKMAN (Daniel).

A Voyage to and from the island of Borneo in the East-Indies. With a description of the said island; giving an account of the inhabitants, their manners, &c. Together with the Re-establishment of the English Trade there, an. 1714. London 1718, 8vo.


A new German Grammar, whereby an Englishman may easily attain to the knowledge of the German language. London 1736, 8vo. ed. 2.


De vetere Litteratura Hunno-Scythica Exercitatio. Lipsia 1718, fol.

Der Ungarische Sprach-meister, oder Kurze Anweisung zu der Edlen Ungarischen Sprache. Von MELIBOEO. Pressburg 1729, 8vo.

Meliboei Ungarischer Sprachmeister, in einer ganz veränderten Gestalt. Pressburg und Pest 1800, 8vo. ed. 8.


Travels from St. Petersburg in Russia, to diverse parts of Asia (from 1715 to 1738). To which is added a Translation of the Journal of M. de LANGE, Resident of Russia at the Court of Pekin in the years 1721 and 1722. Glasgow 1763, 4to. ii vols.

BELLARMINUS (ROBERTUS) Politianus, Cardin. Institutiones linguæ Hebraicæ, postremò recognitæ, ac locupletatæ. Aurelia Allobrogum 1609, 8vo. Coloniæ Allobr. (Huic editioni accesserunt Tabulæ duæ Item linguæ Syriaca Jes. Christ vernacula Elementa prima, Syriacis characteribus edita.) 1616, 8vo. 1619, 8vo. BELLINGEN (FLEURY de).

L'Etymologie ou Explication des Proverbes François. La Haye 1656, 8vo.


Miscellanies: consisting of Poems, Classical Extracts, and Oriental Apologues. London 1795, 8vo. iii vols.


Le Prose di M. P. B. nelle quali si ragiona della Volgar lingua. Con le Giunte di Lodovico Castelvetro. Napoli 1714, 4to. ed. alt.


Grammatica Hebræa cum uberrima Praxi, in usum Tironum. Accedit consilium de studio præcipuarum linguarum Orientalium, Hebrææ sc. Chaldææ, Syræ, Samaritanæ et Arabicæ, instituendo et perficiendo. Londini 1728, 8vo. ed. alt. (Autogr. of Herbert Croft 1772.)


Analogo-Diaphora, seu Concordantia discrepans, et Discrepantia concordans trium linguarum, Gallicæ, Italicæ et Hispanicæ. Oxoniæ 1637, 8vo.

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