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with others, point to a cheerful future vincing had been derived. The conse. for the New Church in this island. quence was, that many who had been “ A little one shall become a thousand, struck most forcibly by Mr. Woodman's and a small one a strong nation; I, arguments, were nevertheless unaware Jehovah, will hasten it in his time.” that the New Church was the repository

The Doctor left us on Monday the of such mighty truths. 28th, for Guernsey, where he delivered With the view of freeing themselves three lectures, the particulars of which from all such trammels on the present will doubtless be forwarded to you by occasion, the friends resolved to apply the Guernsey friends.

to the proprietor of Zion Chapel, and He takes with him the love of us all, endeavoured to obtain from him the and the respect, admiration, and best use of that building. This gentleman wishes of all Christian denominations. kindly received them, and courteously

I remain, dear Sir, very affectionately acceded to their request. Accordingly, yours, FRS. EDWD. DU CHEMIN, two lectures, on the Future Life, were Secretary to the Jersey New Church announced to be delivered on Tuesday Missionary Association. and Wednesday evenings, the 29th and

30th April. I should mention that Dr. GUERNSEY.

Bayley had been engaged to lecture at To the Editor.

the Temperance Hall, in favour of temDear Sir,—The friends of the New perance, on the Monday evening preChurch in the Channel Islands, firm in ceding. The attendance at this lecture their belief that frequent and systematic was about 250; and besides the benefit missionary visits are calculated to spread conferred on the temperance cause, it greatly the blessed influences of the New was also of great service in enabling Dispensation, have, with the kind aid of those present to judge of the great treat the New Church Missionary Association, they might expect to receive by attendagain secured a visit from the Rev. Dr. ing the other lectures. Bayley, who arrived in Jersey, April 19. Our efforts to make the cause known Owing to my stay in that island being were fully rewarded. More than 500 limited, I was only able to hear Dr. were present at the first lecture, being Bayley's two admirable discourses on a larger number than had ever before Easter Sunday. In the morning the assembled together in these islands to attendance was not large; but this was hear the blessed truths the Lord has amply compensated for in the evening, vouchsafed to the present age. Finding when a full congregation, and a large that the public attention was so thonumber of eager listeners in the vesti- roughly awakened, Dr. Bayley, in order. bule in addition, fully proved the great to make as strong and lasting an impresinterest awakened by Dr.Bayley's arrival. sion as possible, determined to deliver The lecture on this occasion was on the a third lecture, on the Trinity. The Resurrection; and so powerful was the attendance at the last two lectures was impression produced, that a murmur of also numerous, though not quite so satisfaction might be heard at some of large as at the first. the most salient points even during the Many incidents which have occurred, course of its delivery.

as well during Dr. Bayley's stay amongst Having ventured to make these few us as since his departure, might be observations, I leave it to the able secre- adduced, in order to show that a blessed tary of the Jersey Missionary Associa- work has been effected; but I forbear, tion to describe in detail the effect pro- as I am aware, that in case you should duced on the public mind in Jersey by think this humble record of a noble this missionary effort, and proceed to effort worthy of admission in your pages, offer a few observations on the result I must not trespass too much on your produced by our respected friend's space, or on the patience of your labours in Guernsey. On the occasion readers. of the Rev. W. Woodman's visit, last In conclusion, the writer would venyear, certain restrictions were attached ture to exhort his brethren to perse. to the use of the hall in which he lec- vere in the admirable course they have tured; the most irksome of these was adopted of availing themselves of as that no allusion should be made to the much missionary aid as their means source from whence doctrines so con. will afford, and to seek their reward in


the blessed consciousness that the Lord of the Dissenting ministers, who intiis with them, and will, tbere can be no mated that I could not be permitted to doubt, in due time, bless their labours contradict the popular religious teaching with a bounteous harvest.

of the place; and they did not wish to Guernsey.

H. W. C. let me have the room under restraint.

Some of our friends suggested an openHEYWOOD.

air service. There were objections, bow. My dear Sir,—I have just returned ever, to this course, which led to its from a visit to the societies of St. Ives abandonment, and nothing, therefore, and Chatteris, and hasten to give you an was done in the matter. I hope that some account of my labours.

future effort may be more successful. I left home, on this mission, on My next place of service was ChatTuesday, the 29th April, and spent the teris, which I reached on the Saturday evening and a portion of the following evening. I was kindly welcomed at day in the family of our esteemed friend this town, and very hospitably enterMr. Barton. On Wednesday, the 30th, tained by our earnest friends, Mr. Paten I continued my journey to St. Ives, and Mr. Lyon, with whom I spent my where I lectured, in the evening, on the time very agreeably during my stay. subject of “Christian Faith," to On the Sunday I preached twice in the audience of rather over forty people. beautiful church they have recently I was met at the station by our worthy erected. The attendance was not large, friend Mr. Tall, from whom I received probably from fifty to a hundred. The a very hearty welcome, and in whose audiences were, however, most attenfamily I found a comfortable home. On tive to the discourses delivered, and the second evening after my arrival, I evidently interested in the services. On delivered another lecture, on “ The the Monday evening I delivered a lecture Bible," which was more numerously on the Bible, and continued the same attended, from 80 to 100 being present subject in a second lecture on the TuesThis lecture was preceded by a public day evening. These lectures were attea meeting, attended by 70 persons, tended by about fifty persons, all of which was held to commemorate the whom gave the most earnest attention opening of their beautiful little church. to the subject. The number of reThe numbers attending the lectures may ceivers of our heavenly doctrines at not seem large, but when we consider Chatteris is not large, but they are the recent date of the introduction of the evidently earnest and intelligent men, doctrines, and the strength of popular and will, I have no doubt, continue to prejudice, we ought to regard them as advance the great cause in their town respectable, and feel ourselves encour- and neighbourhood. They have erected aged to continued effort in our great a spacious and elegant church in a very and good cause. For my own part, I central situation in the town, and seem was gladdened to see so much interest to have made a good impression on the excited, in the midst of an agricultural inhabitants. population; and feel assured that, with It is delightful indeed to see the prudence, and the manifestation of church rooting itself in these quiet Christian piety and zeal, on the part of towns. A faithful teaching of the truth, our brethren, the church will continue combined with the catholicity of spirit to grow among them. During my stay and Christian courtesy and goodness at St. Ives, an effort was made by our which it is the tendency of our heavenly friends to obtain for me a public room doctrines to produce, cannot fail to in one of the populous villages in their deepen the good impression already neighbourhood, in which to give a lec. made, and to extend the walls of Jeruture on the Bible.

The only room salem, and make her a praise and a available was a British School-room, glory in their midst. The preseut is to occasionally employed for lectures, public them a day of small things. But let us meetings, &c. Application was made not despise this day, but go forth in for this room, and the Committee at faith and patience to discharge its dufirst seemed to consent, but on recon. ties. He who has brought us hitherto sidering the subject, declined us the use will still continue to aid us if we adhere of it. The decision of the Committee to Him and walk in the way of His comwas communicated to our friends by one mandments. And although it may be this year

painful to us to appear singular and to for £270., to effect the important objects lose the good opinion of many whom we of the society in the coming year. must nevertheless esteem, yet the world Issue of Tracts for the year itself and the future ages of the church

now closed.....

69,598 are interested in our faithfulness. Who The year before

67,443 can calculate the blessings which the world has derived from the faithfulness

Excess this year .

2,155 of those men who “hazarded their lives The 67,443 of last year was, by nearly for our Lord Jesus Christ,” in the first 15,000, in excess of any previous year. preaching of the gospel ?

Their ex

Tracts of our Series issued ample has encouraged those who have

31,272 come after them to scatter the seeds of Minor Works.

1,054 the written Word in all nations. It is Pithy Tracts

32,964 ours to foster the growth of these seeds Manual of Lord's Prayer... 4,308 by an elightened exposition of the spiritual truth and the beavenly life

69,598 which is within them; and thus to aid This year tom the providential agencies which are car- Subscribers

6,493 rying the church onward to a harvest of Non-Subscribers

201 wisdom and yirtue. It is a great work Grants to Subscribers, Soto which we are called, and it demands cieties, and Strangers.. 54,568 of us strength of character, fervour of Sold to Societies

4,181 spirit, and earnestness of life. May Booksellers

4,105 none of our friends be wanting in these Sunday School Union

50 Christian excellencies, but abound in them and employ them in dependence

69,598 on their Divine Fountain, with meekness and vigilance, in the building up of His

Total in 25 years

856,139 Kingdom in the world !-I am, my dear Printed Sir, very sincerely yours,

Five new Tracts, of each

26,000 Mr. Pitman, London.

ReprintedMay 12th, 1862.

Nine, of each 5,200 . 46,800 MANCHESTER AND SALFORD TRACT Reprinted

72,800 SOCIETY.

Eight Pithy Tracts, of each This valuable society held its twenty- 10,000....

80,000 fifth anniversary on Tuesday, May 20th; the Rev. Dr. Bayley in the chair. There Total

152,800 was a numerous meeting, including the Total Tracts last year 140,800 Rev. Messrs. Smithson, Woodman, Boys, Kennerley, and Mc. Pherson, and friends Excess this year

12,000 from Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Ashton, Failsworth, Bolton, Middleton, Nineteen Tracts require reprinting, Worsley, and Mr. Westall, a New Church and “Contin tion of Last Judgment;" brother, from Fall River, in America.

cost, £270. Highly interesting speeches were de- We commend this admirable society's livered by Messrs. Smithson, Woodman, report, which will be printed speedily, Mc. Pherson, the Chairman, and other to the best attention of our readers, and friends, all shewing the importance of the society itself to their best support. Tracts in the dissemination of Truth, and the great usefulness of this society.

TEMPLE, SALFORD. The meeting was a most warm and The anniversary sermons in aid of the genial one, and evidently separated with Sunday-schools connected with the New the purpose of making the coming year Jerusalem Temple, Bolton-street, Saleminent for good.

ford, were preached on Sunday, May 18, The Secretary, the Rev. Mr. Kenner- by the Rev. Dr. Bayley, of London, when ley, read the report, from which we the bandsone sum of £32. was collected. glean the following interesting facts, and Many of the preacher's old friends from which terminated with an earnest appeal various parts of Lancashire attended

the services. The two discourses were moting the interests of the society and filled with life-lessons, encouraging Sunday-school in Peter-street, Mansympathies, and soul-stirring appeals; chester. At an early period of life, he while the glorious light of the spiritual assisted his father, the late Wm. Fox, opening of the Divine Word beamed who for many years was the treasurer to with heavenly splendour therein, wrapt the society, in collecting the pew-rents, the mind in calm attention, checquered keeping the books, and in the general wavering thought, calmed the troubled management of the affairs of the society. and despairing spirit, and aroused many Having been brought up in the doclong-slumbering resolves to self-eleva- trines of the New Jerusalem Church, tion for the future, and more sincere under the care of the late Rev. Richard devotion to useful exertion.

Jones, he early acquired an interior On Tuesday evening following, there knowledge of its heavenly truths, and was a most interesting meeting of the studied the science of correspondences scholars and their parents, as well as with affection and delight. He was one the friends of the school, in the upper of the first members who established school-room, Mr. Alderman Agnew in the Young Men's Reading and Discusthe chair. Addresses were delivered sion Society, consisting of from forty to by Dr. Bayley and the Rev. Mr. Ken- fifty adult members of the church, who nerley ; Messrs. Broadfield, Chadwick, met on the Sunday and Tuesday éven. Mackereth, and Smith took part; and ings for improvement in reading, and the meeting was one not soon to be acquiring a knowledge of Swedenborg's forgotten. Many old scholars were there, writings. For many years he was the and reminded Mr. Agnew, the founder conductor of the Sunday-school in Peterof the school, of their affectionate re- street. His active labours in the school, membrances of early lessons cherished at the recitals, and on other occasions, still, and assuring him their children will long be remembered. As a teacher, were now attending the school, and also, in the school, his deliberate counreceiving with affection the same truths sels and lucid explanations of the Divine which had been sacred things to them. Word drew around him a sphere of

On Wednesday, Dr. Bayley delivered endearing affection which was felt by a lecture on Woman, as Maiden, Wife, all around. He was one of the early and Mother. The church was crowded, promoters of the society's quarterly tea and the breathless attention of the meetings. His greatest delight conaudience shewed their interest in the sisted in encouraging the speakers who subject, and gave the preacher an intended to address the meeting. He ample opportunity to unfold life-lessons was very regular and punctual in his of the highest importance. Altogether attendance, both morning and evening, the services connected with this visit at the public worship of the Lord; and cannot fail to have been most edifying by his exemplary Christian conduct, he in their character, and eminently useful. was esteemed and beloved by all who beyond most men, and ever desirous of that these views were, he believed, promoting use for all. He was known preached in Birmingham by a minister to a large circle of friends, and beloved named Proud, and they were something by all who knew him. His benevolence, new. The two young men determined exerted through a long life, had en- to go to Birmingham, eleven miles, and deared him to a great number who had hear this remarkable preacher; and shared in bis kindness; for he was a they went on foot there and back, father to the fatherless, and had made on the Sunday. They were delighted the heart of many a widow leap for joy. with what they heard, and from that The helpless had in him ever found a time continued to attend regularly, friend, and the New Church was the still walking the distance,' and ever grand object of his constant thought charming the way by conversation, on and ever instructive conversation. He the great things which the preacher had was one of those living examples, to opened to their eagerly receptive minds. which we turn with delight and com- This continued for about three years, fort when we wish to see her results in until young Dunn undertook a situation the world. He was a ripe specimen of that removed him from that part of the that full harvest some day to be seen country. Wherever he went he conin the world of men-loving, just, and tinued read the writings of the New gentle, who walk humbly with their Church, to associate with the receivers God, and exhibit in a heavenly life of them, and to exemplify them in his below their meetness for the Lord's life. He settled in London, about sixty eternal kingdom. Mr. Duon was born years ago, and since that time he has at Netherton, near Dudley, Nov. 26th, been connected with all the movements 1773. His father and mother were of the New Church in London. He strong-minded, excellent people, but attended Friar-street, and his name was not joined with any religious body. the third entered on its list of members, The old gentleman was wont to say and subsequently, when the Friar-street that his father's creed was the one Society joined with others and formed which our Lord furnished-To do unto the society in Argyle-square, he was a others as you would they should do member, and attendant there until in. unto you; and he practised this doc- creasing infirmities confined him to his tripe in his life. His mother was a house. Then his room became a resort very notable housewife and excellent of intelligent friends who delighted in woman, who always strove to inculcate New Church conversation; and the wise in him the love of work. The old and cheerful sayings of Mr. Dunn were gentleman delighted to tell that his the delight of many who loved to call mother used to say to him, “I know upon him, and led not a few to associate thou wilt work, Danny, and father will themselves to the New Church in outmake thee work, but I want to see thee ward worship, when he could no longer like it.” And the young man did like lead them externally thither. Mr. Dunn it, and continued to like work to the was extremely ingenious, inventive, and very last, as long as he could use his practical. He was, originally, a scythehead and fingers. Mr. Dunn received maker, but afterwards turned to the nail the doctrines of the New Church when trade. He soon saw the importance of he was a young man working at Dudley, improving the nails for horse-shoes, and at 23 years of age, 66 years ago. He invented a nail which became well-known was working with a pious young man in the trade, both in this country and named Piper, at a church, and Piper in America, as Dunn's nail. He subpleased young Dunn from the delight sequently invented many other contrivhe seemed to have in making the com- ances, having several different patents, munion table, and doing his very best and a great number of improvements to it, because it was for the worship which he gave to the world, from the of the Lord. Young Dunn had ob- love of use, without any patent at all. tained from the conversation of an old He was the associate of John Isaac man previously, the true idea of the Hawkins, and many other scientific Lord Jesus Christ being the only God, minds. Some fifty-five years ago, his and the trinity of Father, Son, and mind was turned to the idea of extractHoly Spirit being in him. On speaking ing the essence from hops, in conseof this with Piper, the latter told him quence of the large export trade in the

AMICUS. knew him.


On Thursday, May 8th, 1862, Mr. Additional Subscriptions. Daniel Dunn departed this life, in his Rev. Aug. Clissold

£5 0 0 89th year. The worthy member of the Miss Clissold

1 10 church whose departure into the spiritMr. Meek

2 2 Oual world we have now to chronicle, Mr. Broadfield

2 2 0 was in many respects a man too reA Lover of Truth.

4 0 0 markable to permit us to pass over his

removal to the better life without an Obituary.

attempt to make his death what he was Departed this life, on the 17th March, ever striving to make his life—à use 1862, in the 58th year of his age, Mr. and a blessing to mankind. He was & Charles Fox, of Radnor-street, Hulme, striking exemplification of the comdeservedly respected by all who knew bination of goodness, intelligence, skill, him. His exemplary conduct in life, energy, and perseverance, operative in and his faithful attachment to the doc- harmony with New Church truth, trines of the New Church, were mani. during a life far beyond the usual fested by his active exertions in pro. span. He was gentle as a child, wise

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