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poral power; or (3) we are on the eve church, Leeds, stated at a clerical meetof great catastrophes in Europe, and the ing, held at Whitehall toward the latter breaking up of the whole fabric of social end of December, that he had mixed order,-events of which the destruction with various crowds at the Secularist of the temporal power of the Pope is places of meeting in Leeds, and found only the forerunner, or, so to speak, the that nearly all present were men not first Job's message.” Upon this view of committed to, or prejudiced in favour the subject we shall only observe that, of infidelity, but evidently present from in case the Pope should be reduced to curiosity, and a strong sense of giving the position of only the chief Bishop of fair play and hearing to all parties. One the Roman Catholic Church, the Gallican Secularist established a Sunday Bible Church would have no alarming appre- class, in which to teach the absurdity of hensions of the total destruction of social believing the Bible. It was crowded. As order, and only congratulate the Ultra- each one of the class fell into apostacy, montanist on the arrival of such a happy he gave up his Bible to be burnt. One result.

of Mr. Monro's Sunday-school teachers, After a long interval, one of the semi- a youth who was preparing to become a official replies to the “Essays and Re- communicant, actuated by the prevalent views," on the part of the Church of itching after inquiry, went to the Secu. England, has at length appeared, with larist's class. In a few Sundays his place a Preface by the Bishop of Oxford. Mr. in the school was vacant; he had joined Rorison undertakes to answer Mr. Good. tbe Secularists, and burnt his Bible! win on the subject of the seven days in National events have a moral and the Mosaic narrative of the creation, spiritual as well as a political and econowhich he does by candidly acknowledg- mical side, and we may look at the one ing that no satisfactory interpretation of without at the same time fixing our atthese days has yet been given, and that tention on the other. We say this much no one has any right to find fault with as an apology for introducing into the Mr. Goodwin for his rejection of the columns of a religious publication the absurd theories by which it has been record of an event which, from its vast attempted to reconcile this chapter of moral and spiritual influence, seems not the book of Genesis with geology. Mr. undeserving of being chronicled as one Rorison's theory upon the subject is, of the memorabilia of the month. When that the first chapter is a psalm, and as in our last number we recorded a death sucb sublimely poetical. This state of that made the sovereign of these realms matters, we cannot but think, is calcu- a widow and her children orphans, the lated to produce a sensation! Many whole nation was touched with one looked forward to the “ Seven Replies universal feeling of sorrow and symwith the expectation of their giving pathy, as deep and tender as a nation's crushing" replies to the “Essays and sorrow and sympathy could well be. Reviews ;" but this very important sub- Yet, at the very time we were mournject of the days in Genesis is given up. ing over the loss of one, with its doThe whole theological world seems to mestic and national bereavement, we be in a state of great uneasiness. stood, seemingly, on the brink of a

The “ Westminster Review," when catastrophe that must have swept our speaking of The Heresies among the own land and that of a kindred naWorking Classes, observes that Spiri- tion as with the besom of destructism has made some persons proselytes tion, - that must have carried thouwho otherwise would not have been so. sands of brave men on both sides into On the other band, the Bishop of Oxford a bloody and untimely grave, turning speaks, in his Preface, of “the blasphe. thousands of happy wives into disconmies of American Spiritualism." It is solate widows, and more thousands of a happy thing for the cause of the New cherished children into unprotected orChurch that the Swedenborg Society phans. But these are not the only, has maintained its independence upon perhaps not even the worst or most en. this point, and its adherence to the during evils which must have followed Scriptural teaching of Swedenborg. such a conflict as that which appeared to

It may be interesting and useful to be imminent. The fierce passions that some of our readers to notice that the war evokes, the cruel enmity which it Rev. Edward Monro, of St. John's nurtures, the deep national antipathies

which it perpetuates, are, if possible, of the New Church, was strikingly mani. still greater evils than the desolation fested. A condensation of the sermon and woe which it carries into the homes it would scarcely be possible to give in of the people. Have we not then the this notice. The explanation of its most abundant reason to express our spiritual sense was so lucid, and its profound gratitude to that Being by practical application was so forcible, whose divine mercy the threatened cala- that the attention of the audience was mity, fraught with so many and such riveted, and their hearts roused to enormous evils, has been so bappily higher aspirations after a holy life. averted? And may we not hope and On the 1st Jan., the Rev. John Hyde, pray that the principles of the gospel of of Derby, also delivered two eloquent peace, which on this occasion have pro- discourses in connection with the openvidentially triumphed, may henceforward ing. The text in the morning was the be more carefully cultivated by the mem- first verse of the cxxii. Psalm“I was bers of both these great communities, glad when they said unto me, Let us go and find their way into all their feelings into the house of the Lord.” The subject towards and their transactions with each evolved from these words was the true naother?

ture of the Lord's Church, which was con.

sidered, in a particular sense, as relating RHODES.-OPENING OF THE NEW JERU. to the heart of man, when he is working

SALEM PLACE OF WORSHIP AND out his regeneration by the expulsion

of his evil propensities,—the enemies This event, which stands among the of his own household,-and by the reforemost in the history of this long- ception from God of those heavenly established society, and which has been virtues which constitute the church in looked forward to with great eagerness man; in a general sense, as including for nearly two years, took place on the those who in sincerity and true humili. 29th December last.

ation of heart meet together in the The dedication of this handsome and house of God to unite in the worship commodious new building to the service of their Creator, and to strengthen the of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only God bonds of mutual love; and, in a universal of heaven and earth, was performed by sense, as when we consider the Great the Rev. J. B. Kennerley, of Salford, Source of Being pouring forth His love who preached two powerful sermons on and light into the hearts and minds of the occasion. The afternoon discourse His angelic and human recipients, therewas from the words—“Behold, I make by bestowing on them the means of all things new." Throughout this dis- serving Him more efficiently, and worcourse the preacher had special regard shipping Him more fervently. The to the doctrines of the New Church, afternoon discourse was on Rev. xxi. the truth of which he showed in a most 12, 13. The twelve gates of the New convincing manner. In his usual mas- Jerusalem were particularly dwelt upon; terly style, he explained the doctrine of and that broad, charitable principle of the Trinity, remarking that the New the New Church doctrine which teaches Church view of this hitherto perplexing that the good of every religious sect, ay, dogma was one of the new things con- even of the idolatrous heathen, will be tained in the prophecy which formed saved, if they continue to walk in the his text; and he elucidated the doc- light of that truth which Providence trines of redemption, regeneration, the sees best suited to their state, was clearly divinity and sanctity of the Word, with demonstrated. God is no respecter of as much completeness as could be done persons,—wherever good is to be found, in a single lecture. The clearness with there His blessing will not fail to deswhich these subjects were treated could cend. And there is good to be found not fail to give the audience a correct in the diminutive Esquimaux, in his view of the

new and glorious things to cold, murky, sunless regions,-in the be taught in the new building. The wild tawny Indian who scampers in the evening discourse was from Exodus xx. prairies,- in the Arab, surrounded by 24, 25—“An altar of earth shalt thou the vast burning deserts of his coun. make unto me,” &c. In the exposition try,—in the uncultured Negro on the of this passage, the practical nature of sterile plains of Africa,—as well as in the Word, when examined in the light the civilised white skins of Europe.


This comprehensive subject was so of moisture in the atmosphere, and familiarly explained, and delivered with deposits its new-formed body on living such brilliant oratorical powers, that vegetables to give freshness to their it elicited the admiration of some beauty and strength to their stems ;who were previously averse to water, when it drops from leaf to leaf, doctrines.

and trickles down the tender twig, bas. In the evening a tea meeting was held tening to add its atom of usefulness to in the old School-room, which was lite- the gentle stream which flows on, glad. rally crammed with friends from the dening the woods with its musical ripple various New Church Societies around, and refreshing the hot atmosphere with and we were greatly rejoiced to see that its cold purity, till it joins the broad, our invitations were responded to with deep, navigable river ;-water, when it such unexpected readiness. Including dashes its huge waves against the rocks, our own members and adult scholars, when its mountainous billows roll along there were not less than 200 who sat until they have circumvolved the earth down. After tea the company convened and spanned every shore, bearing the in the new building, where was much wealth of nations on its bosom from mutual greeting between friends whom land to land ;-water in motion- this is the occasion had been the means of tbe emblem of that truth which lies, once more bringing together. When not lifeless in the memory like the still this delightful intercourse had some stagnant pool in waste places, but which what subsided, Mr. J. Broadfield was is ever seeking out some channel by unanimously called upon to preside over which it may be conveyed to the human the meeting. In his opening address heart, in order that it may work out its he offered some excellent advice for high and sanctifying purpose. In some the encouragement of the teachers and such strains as this did Mr. Hyde conother officers of the school. It is to be tinue to edify the meeting to the end of hoped that the words of wisdom which his thrilling address. fell from the lips of that venerable man Appropriate addresses were also given will be long remembered, and will be by Messrs. Thos. Ogden, Thos. Potts, acted upon in the performance of their E. J. Broadfield, and others. Sunday-school duties.

On the Chairman giving out a hymn, The Rev. Mr. Boys spoke of the and pronouncing the benediction, this blessedness of subscribing pecuniary delightful meeting separated about nine, donations for the bodily convenience of o'clock. those who are engaged in the blessed As some friends may be wishful to work of communicating religious in- know our exact pecuniary position after struction to children; and he remarked the erection of our bandsome building, that anything which is given from a we beg leave to state that the debt good motive for the benefit and exten- which is still owing amounts to £220., sion of the Lord's church on earth, of which £200. is owing to the Union never makes the donor the poorer, not Building Fund, to be paid off according even in an external point of view ; for to the rules of that society. We would the Divine Providence is extended to, very thankfully accept of subscriptions and governs all the particulars of man's and donations to enable us to wipe off life, and He alone is the bestower of the odd £20., which would set us upon every earthly blessing; He only can even ground to continue our good work. reward the cheerful giver.

We have depended much on the geneThe Rev. Mr. Hyde delivered a very rosity of the church at large in this interesting address on the uselessness effort, and are happy to say that, mainly of acquired knowledge if not brought through their liberality, our expectations into actual life, if not used for the have been more than realised: for this we charitable purpose of communicating it render our sincerest thanks to all those in such a manner as to render it within who have so generously afforded their the grasp of the perceptive and compre. assistance, in the hope that they may hensive faculties of the docile, patient, experience the reward involved in the willing aspirant. He very beautifully sentiments of the Rev. Mr. Boys, mencompared genuine living truth to water tioned above. in motion. Water, when it makes its

SAML. PILKINGTON, Sec. first appearance by the accumulations

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stirring appeal to each individual's own To the Editor.

experience, the force and power of which Rev. Sir, — The Committee of the could not fail to dispel any clouds of Temple have pleasure in stating that doubt which existed in the mind, and their affectionate and esteemed pastor, give it a brighter and purer light, to the Rev. J. B. Kennerley, has just con- serve as a beacon in our journey through cluded a course of Lectures on the fol. the ocean of life, warning us of its lowing interesting subjects:

dangers, and teaching us how our frail 1. Who and what is God ?

humanity may safely be carried over its 2. How can three persons be one God? troubled waters, and the humble, but

3. If Jesus is God, why did tbe Son sincere and earnest soul, find a peaceful pray to the Father ?

and happy home in the mansions of the 4. Jesus our Redeemer.

blest, eternal in the beavens. We may 5. The Atonement.

also remark, that on the occasion of the 6. Jesus our Saviour.

removal of the Prince Consort to the 7. The Invisible World. The Heaven spirit world, we had an appropriate of the Saved. What and where is it? and instructive sermon, based upon the

8. Will the World ever be destroyed words—“Know ye not that there is a by Fire ?

prince and a great man fallen this day 9. The Last Judgment. When, where, in Israel ?” Amongst the many excel. and how is Man judged ?

lent ideas given as to the best way in 10. If God is Love, why is Hell? which we could manifest our sympathy 11. What and whence are Angels ? to our bereaved Queen, it was suggested

12. Can Angels and Spirits be seen that we should, as individuals, faithfully by Man whilst he lives in the natural obey her laws. A regret has been ex. World ?

pressed by some of our members that 13. (By request.) What is Saving this sermon was not published and forFaith? Can Faith alone save Man ? warded to Her Majesty, as they felt

As most of our members reside at certain that as far as human sympathy long distances, few of them were present; can alleviate the sufferings of the afflicted nevertheless the lectures were very well mind, its perusal would have afforded attended, the temple being full on each her much consolation. occasion. To attempt to give even & It is gratifying to record, that the faint outline of the discourses would condition of our society, regarded either take up too much of your space; we may,

as to increased numbers or its financial however, remark that the masterly and position, is much better than it has been eloquent manner in which they were for very many years, the result no doubt delivered, places our minister in the of the constant and unwearied exertions foremost ranks as an expounder of the of its pastor; still, there is much to be Scriptures, and popularizing the doc. done by the members, before it is what trines of the church by presenting them a society ought to be. We are also glad in a variety of aspects, so that their to say, that we have an excellent volun. efficacy, purity, and rationality, can be tary choir (with the exception of the seen and felt by each differently consti- leading soprano), whose good music and tuted mind. We have heard of one harmonious voices materially aid and reverend gentleman assuring one of his strengthen the devotional feelings of members, who attended these lectures, public worship. One of our compara. that if he embraced such doctrines as tively new members, being desirous to those promulgated by the New Church, manifest his appreciation of their serhe would certainly be eternally lost; and vices, kindly invited them on Friday last the answer given was, that he would to spend a social hour with his family, have to be lost, for he felt that what he the minister, and one or two other had heard must be the truth. We do friends. During the evening, a small not see how any one, wbo was seeking but substantial token of respect, confor an enlightened religious belief, could tributed by a few of the members, was hear the lectures without such a feeling presented to one of our musical friends, being produced; for each position ad. for kind services rendered to the society vanced was proven, 1st, by the testi- from time to time. We trust other mony of the Word ; 2nd, by the test of members will manifest their apprehuman reason; and lastly, by a heart- ciation of the choir, by following the example of our friend, for it is these perhaps you will oblige me by a corner little acts of courtesy, kindness, and in the Magazine. friendly recognition of services given, For many years past I have spent the that tend more than anything else to last Sunday in the year at Sheffield. The bind & society together in the bonds of services of the Sabbath have been adverbrotherly love, and make it, as it were, tised, and notwithstanding the festive one harmonious family.

season of the year, usually well attended. The Committee have pleasure in here These services were always followed by acknowledging the many contributions a social tea meeting on the Monday or the members and friends have given, Tuesday following, attended by our own during the last few months, to enable friends and a few others who have joined them to promote the welfare of the us on these occasions. My removal dursociety. We may rest assured, that the ing the past year to a greater distance more demands a society has upon it, the from Sheffield, did not prevent our more likely is it to be maintained in a friends from renewing their annual ap. healthy condition, provided the demands plication for my services, and I was are prudent and judicious ones. The happy to find myself in a position to be less we have to do, either individually or able to oblige them. The subjects of collectively, the more selfish do we the discourses selected by our friends, become, until all social feelings are ban. were on the prophecies relating to the ished from the heart, and our very second coming. The room occupied by spheres almost freeze each other. The our friends, which will comfortably seat Committee, therefore, would just whisper over a hundred, was filled in the mornto the members, that ere long they will ing and quite crowded in the evening. require between £150. and £200. to The utmost attention was paid to both enable them to beautify the temple, and the discourses, the deepest interest bedischarge the small debt still remaining ing manifested in the evening, Several connected with the alterations. We members of other religious communities should not, perhaps, make our wants were present, and we may reasonably known so publicly, but the Committee hope that some good may be the result do not see that they will have a better of the services. In the morning service opportunity of acquainting the members, I baptized an infant, and at the close of and therefore name them, that we may the evening service administered the each know what, as a society, we have to sacrament of the holy supper. Both do, and endeavour to accomplish it. In these services were felt to be impressive conclusion, sincerely do we hope that and refreshing, and will be, I feel certhe ministrations of a faithful, affec- tain, long remembered. tionate, and hard-working pastor, may On the Monday evening the society awaken us still more fully to our duties held their annual social meeting. Nearly as members of the society, so that we all the members were present, and a few may manifest a more active zeal in pro. others not immediately connected with moting its progress, by an enlarged the society. The evening was spent in heartfelt sympathy one towards another, a very pleasant manner, being diversified that we may become united in the by speeches, recitations, and music. The bonds of harmony and affection, each musical performances were all by memstriving to promote the happiness and bers of the society, and were very pleasprosperity of the Lord's church upon ingly rendered. The addresses also indiearth, and thus prepare ourselves to cated an intelligent acquaintance with enjoy more fully its manifold blessings the doctrines, and all the proceedings in the kingdom of heaven.-Yours truly, manifested a continued and increasing

T. S. ATKINSON, Hon. Sec. love for tbe church. January 13th, 1862.

On one of my former visits to Shef

field, I had the privilege of assisting one SHEFFIELD.

of their noble educational institutions, To the Editor.

the People's College, by the delivery of My dear Sir,--I have just returned a lecture on a scientific subject. The from a short visit to the society at Shef. committee of this institution finding that field, and as some of the features of my I was in Sheffield, politely sent me an visit will afford me a text on which to invitation to attend their annual soirée, express a few thoughts on missions, which was held in the Cutlers' Hall, on

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