Healing Shungite: From Mystifications to Reality

Lulu Press, Inc, 4 avr. 2014
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Mystifications properties of Shungite Rock (“Shungite is universal: its use has no boundaries” “magical Shungite has no alternatives,” Shungite heals all!”) can be explained only by absence basic knowledge and thirst of a profit contrary common sense. According to study, majority of types Sh, at best are useless for human health, and the rest of them need special handling and thorough purification. Uniqueness of Sh rocks is not that it may contain the fullerenes, but that during contact of some types Sh with only water a formation of water-soluble fullerene derivatives (nanomatrices) may take place. Only nanomatrices possess by those unique properties which unfairly ascribed to the fullerenes. The fullerenes are insoluble in water, and so are useless for an organism. Working out of technology of manufacturing Nanopowder (brand “Nanomatrix”) and solutions of the some global environmental problems by means of unique properties of Nanopowder and its water based extracts are considered.

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