The English Historical Review

Mandell Creighton, Justin Winsor, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Reginald Lane Poole, Sir John Goronwy Edwards
Longman., 1916

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Page 687 - CHILD'S HISTORY OF IRELAND. From the Earliest Times to the Death of O'Connell. With specially constructed Map and 160 Illustrations, including Facsimile in full colours of an illuminated page of the Gospel Book of MacDurnan, AD 850.
Page 671 - Jeffersonian Democracy simply meant the possession of the federal government by the agrarian masses led by an aristocracy of \ slave-owning planters, and the theoretical repudiation of the right to use the Government for the benefit of any capitalistic groups, fiscal, banking, or manufacturing.
Page 136 - For liberty of speech, her Majesty commandeth me to tell you that to say yea or no to bills, God forbid that any man should be restrained, or afraid to answer according to his best liking, with some short declaration of his reason therein, and therein to have a free voice...
Page 433 - ... protection and commercial privileges, and be liable only to the same charges and duties as their own merchants and merchant ships ; and on the other hand the merchants and merchant ships of the United States, shall enjoy in all places belonging to his Britannic majesty, the same protection and commercial privileges, and be liable only to the same charges and duties of British merchants and merchant ships,.
Page 363 - ... pecuniam autem creditam* dicimus non solum earn quam credendi causa damus, sed omnem quam turn cum...
Page 128 - Privilege of speech is granted, but you must know what privilege you have ; not to speak every one what he listeth, or what cometh in his brain to utter that ; but your privilege is, aye or no.
Page 580 - Majesty views with the liveliest interest the loyal and determined spirit manifested by the Spanish nation, in resisting the violence and perfidy with which their dearest rights have been assailed.
Page 553 - It is this day ordered by His Majesty in Council, That the whole Privy Council, or any three or more of them, Be, and they are hereby appointed a Committee for the Affairs of Jersey and Guernsey for hearing Appeals from the Plantations and for other . . . Matters that shall be Referred to them.
Page 365 - ... aut sei de ea re in iure nihil responderit, neque de ea re iudicio, utei oportebit, se defendet.
Page 565 - The whole event of our treaty turning on this article of the reunion, I should not think our affairs in a very good situation, had I not reason to believe that the Treasurer knows that this expedient, or something very near to it, will be closed with by the French Court. I may tell you in the utmost confidence, that the first hint was given by him, in the Committee of Council, and, by several expressions which dropped from him, when alterations were started, I could plainly find that he knew what...

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