Photographic Atlas of Practical Anatomy I: Abdomen, Lower Limbs Companion Volume Including Nomina Anatomica and Index

Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 30 juin 1997 - 844 pages
Professor Walter Thiels brilliant photographs are unique. They revolutionise macroscopic surgery because - due to a new preservation technique developed by the author himself - all tissues retain their living colour, consistency and position. This new technique, Thiels exceptional abilities as a photographer and the filigree dissections add up to vivid, almost artistic illustrations of astonishing depth and clarity.
Apart from the topographical anatomy of the abdomen and lower extremities, Part I illustrates the most important punctures of joints and many surgical approaches. Thus this atlas is not only of interest to anatomists and pathologists but particularly to surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons - in fact all doctors requiring a 3D presentation of human anatomy.

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