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43 III. The Women from Galilee hasten to return Luke xxiii. 56. Jerusalem.
home before the Sabbath began, to pre-

pare Spices.

IV. Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary, Matt. xxvii. 61.

continue to sit opposite the Sepulchre,

till it is too late to prepare their Spices.

V. The Sabbath being ended, the Chief Mt.xx vii. 6266
Priests prepare a Guard of Soldiers to

watch the Sepulchre.

VI. The Sabbath being over, Mary Magda-Mark xvi. 1.
lene, the other Mary, and Salome,
purchase their Spices to anoint the body

of Christ.

VII. The Morning of Easter-day. Mary Mag-Matt. xxviii. 1.
dalene, the other Mary, and Salome, Mark xvi. part
leave their homes very early to go to of ver. 2.
the Sepulchre.

Jo. xx. pt. of v.1.
VIII. After they had left their homes, and be- Mt. xxviii. 2-4.
fore their arrival at the Sepulchre, Christ

rises from the dead.

IX. The bodies of many come out of their Mt. xxvii. pt. of
Graves, and go to Jerusalem.

v.52,and v.53.

X. Mary Magdalene, the other Mary, and Mark xvi. pt. of
Salome, arrive at the Sepulchre, and v.2. and v. 3,4.
find the Stone rolled away.
Joh. xx. pt. v. 1.

XI. Mary Magdalene leaves the other Mary John xx. 2.

and Salome, to tell Peter.

XII. Salome and the other Mary, during the Mt. xxviii. 5-7.
absence of Mary Magdalene, enter the Mark xvi. 5-7.
porch of the Sepulchre, and see one An-

gel, who commands them to inform the
Disciples that Jesus was risen.

XIII. Salome and the other Mary leave the Se-Matt. xxviii. 8.


Mark xvi. 8.

XIV. Peter and John, as soon as they hear the John xx. 3-10.

report of Mary Magdalene, hasten to

the Sepulchre, which they inspect, and
immediately depart.

XV. Mary Magdalene having followed Peter Jo. xx. pt. v. 11.
and John, remains at the Sepulchre

after their departure.

XVI. Mary Magdalene looks into the Tomb, and Jo. xx. pt. v. 11,

sees two Angels.

12, 13. & pt.14.]

XVII. Christ first appears to Mary Magdalene, Mark xvi. 19.
and commands her to inform the Dis-Jo.xx. pt. v. 14.
ciples that he has risen.
and 15-17.

XVIII. Mary Magdalene, when going to inform Matt. xxviii. 9.
the Disciples that Christ had risen, John xx. 18.
meets again with Salome and the other

Mary. Christ appears to the three Wo-


XIX. The Soldiers, who had fled from the Se-Mat. xxviii. 11-
pulchre, report to the High Priests the 15.

Resurrection of Christ.

XX. The second party of Women from Galilee, Luke xxiv. 1-3.
who had bought their Spices on the
evening previous to the Sabbath, having
had a longer way to come to the Se-
pulchre, arrive after the departure of
the others; and find the Stone rolled

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XXI. Two angels appear to them also, assuring Luke xxiv. 4-9. Jerusalem.
them that Christ was risen, and remind-

ing them of his foretelling this fact.

XXII. Mary Magdalene unites her testimony to Mark xvi. 10.

that of the Galilean Women.

XXIII. The Apostles are still incredulous.

XXIV. Peter goes again to the Sepulchre.
XXV. Christ appears to St. Peter.

Luke xxiv. 10.

Mark xvi. 11.

Luke xxiv. 11.

Luke xxiv. 12.

Luke xxiv. 12.

XXVI. Christ appears to Cleophas and another Mark xvi. 12.
Disciple, going to Emmaus.

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XXVII. Cleophas and his companion return to Je-Mark xvi. 13.
rusalem, and assure the Disciples that Lu. xxiv.33-35.
Christ had certainly risen.

XXVIII. Christ appears to the assembled Apostles, Lu. xxiv.36-43.
Thomas only being absent, convinces Joh. xx. 19-23.
them of the identity of his resurrection

body, and blesses them.

XXIX. Thomas is still incredulous.

XXX. Christ appears to the eleven, Thomas be-
ing present.

XXXI. Christ appears to a large number of his

Mark xvi. 13.

John xx. 24-25.
Mark xvi. 14.
Joh. xx. 26-29.
Mat. xxviii. 16-

Disciples on a Mountain in Galilee. 17. & pt. v. 18.
XXXII. Christ appears again at the Sea of Tiberias. John xxi. 1-24.
His conversation with St. Peter.

XXXIII. Christ appears to his Apostles at Jerusa-Lu. xxiv. 44-49.
lem, and commissions them to convert Acts i. 4, 5.

the world.

XXXIV. Christ leads out his Apostles to Bethany, Mat. xxviii. 18-
within sight of Jerusalem, renews their 20.

commission, blesses them, and ascends Ma. xvii. 15-20.
up visibly into Heaven; from whence Lu. xxiv.50-53.
he shall come to judge the living and Acts i. 6-12.
the dead.

XXXV. St. John's conclusion to the Gospel History John xx. 30-31.

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From the Ascension of Christ to the Termination of the Period, in which the
Gospel was preached to Proselytes of Righteousness, and to the Jews only.


J. After the Ascension of Christ the Apostles Acts i. 1-3. and Jerusalem.

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II. Matthias is appointed to the Apostleship in Acts i. 15, to

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III. Descent of the Holy Spirit on the day of Acts ii. 1—14.


IV. Address of St. Peter to the Multitude.

V. Effects of St. Peter's address.

Acts ii. 14-36.

Acts ii. 37-42.)

VI. Union of the first Converts in the primitive Acts ii. 42, to

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VII. A Cripple is miraculously and publicly Acts iii. 1—11.
healed by St. Peter and St. John.

VIII. St. Peter again addresses the People.

Acts iii. 12. fin.

IX. St. Peter and St. John are imprisoned by Acts iv. 1-7.
order of the Sanhedrim.

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X. St. Peter's address to the assembled San-Acts iv. 8-22. Jerusalem.

XI. The Prayer of the Church on the libera-Acts iv. 23-31.
tion of St. Peter and St. John.

XII. The union and munificence of the primitive Acts iv. 32, to


XIII. Death of Ananias and Sapphira.
XIV. State of the Church at this time.

to the end.
Acts v. 1-10.

Acts v. 11-16.

XV. An Angel delivers the Apostle from prison. Acts v. 17, pt.
of ver. 21.

XVI. The Sanhedrim again assemble. St. Peter Acts v. part of
asserts before them the Messiahship of 21-33.

XVII. By the advice of Gamaliel the Apostles are Acts v. 34, to


XVIII. The appointment of seven Deacons.

the end.
Acts vi. 1-6.

XIX. The Church continues to increase in num-Acts vi. 6, 7.


XX. St. Stephen having boldly asserted the Acts vi. 8-14.
Messiahship of Christ, is accused of
blasphemy before the Sanhedrim.

XXI. St. Stephen defends himself before the Acts vi. 15. and
vii. 1-50.

XXII. Stephen being interrupted in his defence, Acts vii.51-53.
reproaches the Sanhedrim as the Mur-
derers of their Messiah.

XXIII. Stephen praying for his Murderers,

stoned to death.

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is Acts vii. 54, to
the end.
viii. pt. of ver.

1 and 2.

XXIV. General Persecution of the Christians, in Acts viii. pt. of
which Saul, afterwards St. Paul, parti- v. 1. and v. 3.
cularly distinguished himself.

XXV. Philip the Deacon having left Jerusalem on Acts viii. 5-13. Samaria.
account of the persecution, goes to Sa-

maria, and preaches there, and works

XXVI. St. Peter and St. John come down from Acts viii. 14-17.

Jerusalem to Samaria, to confer the

gifts of the Holy Ghost on the new con-


XXVII. St. Peter reproves Simon Magus.

Acts viii. 18-24. Samaria.


XXVIII. St. Peter and St. John preach in many Acts viii. 25.

villages of the Samaritans.

XXIX. The Treasurer of Queen Candace, a Pro-Acts viii. 26, to Gaza.
selyte of Righteousness, is converted to the end.
and baptized by Philip, who now

preaches through the cities of Judea.

XXX. Many of the converts who had fled from Acts viii. 4.

Jerusalem in consequence of the perse-

tion there, preach the Gospel to the

Provinces of

Judea, &c.

Jews in the provinces.

XXXI. Saul, on his way to Damascus, is converted Acts ix. 1-9. Near Damas- 4749

to the Religion he was opposing, on
hearing the Bath Col, and seeing the


XXXII. Saul is baptized.


Acts ix. 10-19. Damascus.

XXXIII. Saul preaches in the Synagogue of the Acts ix. 19-3.







XXXIV. St. Peter having preached through Judea, Acts ix. 32, to Palestine.
comes to Lydda, where he cures Eneas, the end.

and raises Dorcas from the dead.

XXXV. The Churches are at rest from Persecution, Acts ix. 31.

in consequence of the conversion of Saul,

and the conduct of Caligula.


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The Gospel having now been preached to the Jews in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria,
and the Provinces, the time arrives for the Conversion of the devout Gentiles,
or Proselytes of the Gate.

I. St. Peter sees a Vision, in which he is Acts x. 1-17. Cesarea and 4753 40
commanded to visit a Gentile who had

been miraculously instructed to send for

St. Peter.


II. St. Peter visits Cornelius, a Roman Cen-Acts x. 17-33. Cesarea.


III. St. Peter first declares Christ to be the Sa-Acts x. 34-43.

viour of all, even of the Gentiles who

believe in him.

IV. Cornelius and his Friends are baptized, Acts x. 44, to

and receive the Holy Ghost.

the end.

V. St. Peter defends his conduct in visiting Acts xi. 1-18. Jerusalem.
and baptizing Cornelius.

VI. The Converts who had been dispersed by Acts xi. 19-21. Judea

the Persecution after the death of Ste-
phen, having heard of the Vision of St.

Peter, preach to the devout Gentiles

4753 40

and 4754 46

the Pro-

VII. The Church at Jerusalem commissions Acts xi. 22-24. Jerusalem

Barnabas to make inquiries into this


and Anti-


4755 42

VIII. Barnabas goes to Tarsus for Saul, whom Acts xii 25-26. Tarsus.

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IX. Herod Agrippa condemns James the brother Acts xii. 1-18, Jerusalem.

of John to death, and imprisons Peter, and part v. 19.

who is miraculously released, and pre-

sents himself to the other James, who

had been made Bishop of Jerusalem.

X. The Converts at Antioch, being forewarned Acts xi. 17, to
by Agabus, send relief to their Brethren the end.

at Jerusalem, by the hands of Barnabas

and Saul.

XI. The death of Herod Agrippa.

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XII. The Churches continue to increase.

XIII. Saul having seen a Vision in the Temple, Acts ii. 25.

in which he is commanded to leave Je-

rusalem, and to preach to the Gentiles,
returns with Barnabas to Antioch.

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Period for preaching the Gospel to the idolatrous Gentiles, and St. Paul's first
apostolical Journey.






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I. The Apostles having been absent from Je-Acts xiii. 1-3. Antioch.
rusalem when Saul saw his Vision in the
Temple, he and Barnabas are separated

to the apostolic office by the heads of the
Church at Antioch.

II. Saul, in company with Barnabas, com- Acts xiii. part Seleucia.
mences his first apostolical journey, by of ver. 4.

going from Antioch to Seleucia.

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III. From Seleucia to Salamis, and Paphos, in Acts xiii. part Salamis,
Cyprus where Sergius Paulus is con- of ver. 13. Paphos.
verted; being the first known or re-

corded convert of the idolatrous Gen-

IV. From Cyprus to Perga, in Pamphylia.

Acts xiii. 13. Perga.


V. From Perga to Antioch, in Pisidia. St. Acts xiii. 14-50. Antioch in
Paul, according to his custom, first
preaches to the Jews; they are driven
out of Antioch.

VI. From Antioch in Pisidia to Iconium in Ly-Acts xiii. 51-52. Iconium.
caonia; the people about to stone them.

VII. From Iconium to Lystra; the people at-

tempt to offer them sacrifice, and after-
wards stone them.

VIII. From Lystra to Derbe.

IX. St. Paul and Barnabas return to Lystra,
Iconium, and Antioch in Pisidia, or-
daining in all the Churches.

xiv. 1-5. and
part of ver. 6.
Actsxiv. 18-19. Lystra.

and pt. v. 20.

Acts xiv. lastpt.

v. 20. pt. of v.

6. and v. 7.

Acts xiv. 21-23. Lystra,



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X. They proceed through Pisidia, Perga, and
Attalia in Pamphylia.

Pisidia, Per- 4761
ga, Attalia.

XI. They return to Antioch, and submit an Acts xiv. 26, to Antioch.

account of their proceedings to the the end.

Church in that place.

XII. Dissensions at Antioch concerning Circum-Acts xv. 1, 2.

cision, before the commencement of St.

Paul's second apostolical journey.

XIII. St. Paul and Barnabas go up to Jerusalem, Acts xv. 3-30. Jerusalem.

to consult the Apostles and Elders; de-


cree of James, and of the Church, in

this matter.

XIV. St. Paul and Barnabas return to the Church Acts xv. 30-35. Antioch.

at Antioch, with the decree of the

Church at Jerusalem, on the subject of
the necessity of circumcision.


St. Paul's second apostolical Journey.

I. After remaining some time at Antioch, St. Acts

Paul proposes to Barnabas to commence
another visitation of the Churches.

Acts xv. 36. Antioch.


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