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our God. But the minifters of Chrift, as fuch, thould never know defpondency. The religion, which we preach to others, should bear us up under these trials. We are affured, that the gates of hell will never prevail against the church of Christ. It is founded on a rock, and cannot be moved. "The gofpel lives, though the preachers of the gospel die. In that there is no change. The everlasting gospel is its name. No viciffitudes of private life, "no civil tumults, no publick revolutions, can injure or endanger "it. It has comforted our departed friends.

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"it will comfort our furviving relatives.

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When we are dead,

It will guide the

living and sustain the dying, till that period of the divine admin"istration fhall arrive, when fin, and pain, and death, shall be no more."

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