Tables of Remaining Velocity, Time of Flight, and Energy of Various Projectiles, Calculated from the Results of Experiments Made with the Bashforth Chronograph, 1865-1870

Spon, 1873 - 48 pages

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Page 2 - Ibs. is placed first at one end and then at the other end of the beam.
Page 10 - ... chronograph. A is a fly-wheel capable of revolving about a vertical axis, and carrying with it the cylinder K, which is covered with prepared paper for the reception of the clock and screen records. The length of the cylinder is 12 or 14 inches, and the diameter 4 inches.
Page 10 - E, the magnetism of the electro-magnet is destroyed, and the spring f carries back the keeper, which, by means of the arm a, gives a blow to the lever b. Thus the marker m is made to depart from the uniform spiral it was describing. When the current is restored the keeper is attracted, and thus the marker m is brought back, which continues to trace its spiral as if nothing had happened. E is connected with the clock, and its marker m
Page 4 - ... is to the area of the rectangle on the same base and of the same altitude as m : m + 1. This is equifl valent to finding the value of I xmdx.

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