Dimensions Behind the Twilight Zone: A Backstage Tribute to Television's Groundbreaking Series

ECW Press, 2007 - 291 pages

?In the chronicles of television's history, Rod Serling's Twilight Zone is considered by far the medium's quintessential creation. The CBS series that debuted in 1959 and aired for 156 episodes offered black-and-white morality plays both terrifying and poignant. Each week the ominous voice and brilliant mind of writer Serling took audiences on a trip through his surrealist realm of fantasy and science fiction, beyond the boundaries of imagination. Dimensions Behind the Twilight Zone is a visually stunning backstage glimpse through time and space, into the history and making of the Twilight Zone. Author Stewart T. Stanyard, creator of The Twilight Zone Archives online, invites readers to explore a portion of the archives collection: over 300 original behind-the-scenes production stills taken during the filming of the show. Accompanied by insightful captions, the book includes rare documents and interviews with 40 producers, directors, writers, and actors who worked on the series, such as Dennis Weaver, Bill Murray, Shelly Berman, Earl Holliman, and Earl Hamner, Jr. The book also features candid interviews with Serling's wife Carol, brother and writer Robert, and Serling's influential teacher Helen Foley. Aside from five informative and analytical chapters by the author, it features tribute essays by several Hollywood personalities, including Rush drummer Neil Peart, Simpsons producer Dana Gould, and Star Trek: Next Generation writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe.


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Avis d'utilisateur  - Shangrelahladie - Borders

I highly recommend this rarity of a book! My favorite part was the 8 page interview with Bill Mumy who played in three episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE "Long Distance Call," "It's a Good Life" and "In ... Consulter l'avis complet

Review: Dimensions Behind the Twilight Zone: A Backstage Tribute to Television's Groundbreaking Series

Avis d'utilisateur  - Robert - Goodreads

Mainly a collection of remembrances and interviews with people integral to THE TWILIGHT ZONE, along with a presentation of rare behind the scenes pictures from the production of the show during its run. A must for fans of Rod Serling and the ZONE. Consulter l'avis complet

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Stewart T. Stanyard serves as a board member for the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation and is the creator of The Twilight Zone Archives, a personal collection of memorabilia large enough to fill a museum. He is the illustrator of Clive Barker's graphic novel The Life of Death and the Savings & Loan Scandal trading cards. He created storyboards and digital art for the video games Hellraiser: Virtual Hell, Falcon 4, and Star Trek: Birth of the Federation. He lives in Sebastopol, California.

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