Catalogue of the Loan Collection of Antiquities, Curiosities, and Appliances Connected with the Art of Printing

George Bullen
N. Trübner and Company, 1877 - 472 pages
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Page 65 - Imprinted at London/ by the Deputies of Christopher Barker,/ Printer to the Queenes most/ Excellent Maiestie./ 1599-/ 4to.
Page 128 - In all thy humours, whether grave or mellow, Thou'rt such a touchy, testy, pleasant fellow; Hast so much wit, and mirth, and spleen, about thee, There is no living with thee, nor without thee.
Page 59 - Biblia / The Byble : that/ is, the holy , Scrypture of the/ Olde and New Testament,/ faythfully translated in/to Englyshe./ MD xxxvi./ S.
Page 72 - The/ Holy Bible :/ Containing the/ Old Testament/ and the New./ Newly Translated out of the Originall/ Tongues, and with the former Translations diligently compared and reuised : By his/ Maiesties speciall Commandement./ Appointed to be read in Churches...
Page 65 - DOUAY BIBLE." 1609. The | Holie Bible | Faithfvlly Trans- | lated into English, | Ovt Of The Avthentical | Latin. | Diligently conferred with the Hebrew, Greeke, | and other Editions in diuers languages. | With Argvments of the Bookes, and Chapters : | Annotations : Tables : and other helpes, | for better vnderstanding of the text : for discouerie of | Corrvptions in some late translations : and | for clearing Controversies in Religion.
Page 75 - The/ Whole/ Booke of Psalmes/ Faithfully/ Translated into English/ Metre./ Whereunto is prefixed a discourse de-/claring not only the lawfullnes, but also/ the necessity of the Heavenly Ordinance/ of singing Scripture Psalmes in/ the Churches of/ God./ Coll.
Page 61 - Biblia en lengua espanola traduzida palabra por palabra de la verdad Hebrayca por muy excelentes letrados. Vista y examinada por el officio de la Inquisition.
Page 61 - To the honoure and prayse of God/ was this Byble prynted and...
Page 101 - Pageant on Lord Mayor's day, 1616. Chrysanaleia : the Golden Fishing, devised by Anthony Munday, citizen and draper, represented in twelve plates by Henry Shaw, FSA, from contemporary drawings in the possession of the worshipful company of Fishmongers.
Page 101 - Arch's of Triumph, Erected in honor of the High and mighty prince James the first of that name King of England, and...

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