Namibia (Other Places Travel Guide)

Other Places Publishing, 2010 - 302 pages
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Namibia is a vast, open space home to incredible wildlife, ancient cultures, and a landscape that offers scenery unlike anywhere else. Jeremiah spent over two years experiencing this southern African country while a Peace Corps volunteer. He lived with a local family in a rural homestead, giving him the opportunity to experience Namibia like few outsiders have before. With the help from a national network of locals who contributed to this travel guide, let him show you the country he now calls a second home. This book allows visitors to feel like locals while enjoying the indisputable beauty of Namibia. - Gain insight into the people and culture while sleeping in a village campsite. Or splurge at one of Namibia's world-class game lodges. - Partake in the adrenaline activities amongst the world's tallest sand dunes. - Admire the wildlife at Etosha National Park, or explore the less visited parks in the northeast. - From short hikes around Sossusvlei to the daunting 8-day trek through Namib-Naukluft, Namibia is a hiker's paradise. - Step back in time while exploring the colonial city of Luderitz. - Above all, rub elbows and share a laugh with the Namibian people in the many open markets, local eateries, small shebeens, or while travelling on a combie minibus.

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The Basics
Central Namibia
Coastal Region
NamibNaukluft National Park
Etosha National Park
The Otavi Triangle
The Kavango
The Caprivi
Southern Namibia
Fish River Canyon 274 Liideritz
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Jeremiah spent over two years living in a rather large homestead in northern Namibia with the Uukwaluudhi Owambo clan. His idea of a luxurious life is bathing in basins under the stars, sharing drinks, and eating unsanitary meals. As the Owambo say oshili nawa and to Jeremiah it's all good.As an English teacher in Namibia for over two years, Jeremiah took time to explore this wild frontier every few months. Hitchhiking, his preferred mode of transport, offered him endless adventure. Jeremiah has grown accustomed to both living out of a bag, not knowing how he s going to get to the places he needs to reach, or where he s going to lay his head down for the night. No to mention African time.

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