The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review and Oriental and Colonial Record

Oriental Institute, 1907
Beginning Apr. 1895, includes the Proceedings of the East India Association.

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Page 383 - The reform or the abolition of the Council of the Secretary of State for India...
Page 415 - Where lies the land to which the ship would go ? Far, far ahead, is all her seamen know. And where the land she travels from ? Away, Far, far behind, is all that they can say.
Page 36 - I should regard the concession of a port upon the Persian Gulf to Russia by any power as a deliberate insult to Great Britain, as a wanton rupture of the status quo, and as an international provocation to war; and I should impeach the British minister, who was guilty of acquiescing in such a surrender, as a traitor to his Country.
Page 154 - Nor can we, in fairness, find fault with the desire of our non-Muslim fellow-subjects to take full advantage of their strength and vote only for members of their own community, or for persons who, if not Hindus, are expected to vote with the Hindu majority, on whose good-will they would have to depend for their future reelection. It is true that we have many and important interests in common with our Hindu fellow-countrymen, and it will always be a matter of the utmost satisfaction to us to see these...
Page 155 - Mohammedans shall always find place. Orders of like import have, at times, been issued by Local Governments in some provinces, but have not unfortunately, in all cases, been strictly observed, on the ground that qualified Mohammedans were not forthcoming.
Page 153 - We, therefore, desire to submit that under any system of representation, extended or limited, a community in itself more numerous than the entire population of any first class European Power, except Russia, may justly lay claim to adequate recognition as an important factor in the State.
Page 147 - His Majesty's Government hold that it is derogatory to national honour to impose on resident British subjects disabilities against which we had remonstrated, and to which even the law of the late South African Republic rightly interpreted did not subject them...
Page 153 - ... all in the Legislative Chambers of the country. This last element is, we understand, about to be dealt with by the committee appointed by your Excellency, with the view of giving it further extension; and it is with reference mainly to our claim to a fair share in such extended representation and some other matters of importance affecting the interests of our community, that we have ventured to approach your Excellency on the present occasion.
Page 60 - After a certain, and not very advanced, stage in the progress of agriculture, it is the law of production from the land, that in any given state of agricultural skill and knowledge...
Page 288 - Hindustan, that most truly bright and precious gem in the Crown of the Queen, the possession of which, more than that of all your Colonial dominions, has raised in power, in resource, in wealth and in authority this small island home of ours..

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