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BABORD tout!

Passer à BABORD.

Hard a-port!

To heel to port.

BAC, s. m. A ferry-boat.

Bac à naviguer, A punt, or small boat used by shipwrights to carry pitch, tar, &c. BACALAS, s. m. p. A sort of standing-knees, on the deck of a galley, or xebec, projecting on each side above the row-locks.

BACASSAS, s. m. A sort of lighter, somewhat resembling an American periagua. BACHOT, s. m. A yawl or wherry. BACHOTEUR, s. m. The wherry-man. BACLAGE, s. m. A tier of boats moored alongside of each other in a port or harbour. BACLER UN port. Voyez CHAÎNE de port. BADERNE, s. f. Mat, or paunch. Ex. BADERNE des mats majeurs. Dolphin of the masts. BAGNE, s. m. A spacious building for the galleyslaves in a French dock-yard.

BAGUES, s.ƒ p. Hanks, grommets. Ex. BAGUES des voiles d'étai. Grommets of a stay-sail. BAGUETTE DE FUSIL, S. f. Ramrod of a mus


BAIE, s. f. A bay, or road.
BAILLE, s. f. Half-tub. Ex.

BAILLE de sonde. Half-tub, or bucket, to contain the hand-lead and line on the deck, ready for sounding.


BAISSER les voiles. Voyez AMENER.
BALAI, s. m. A broom.
BALAI du ciel. A name given by sailors to the
north-west winds of America, which always pro-

duce fine weather. BALANCEMENT, s. m. de BALANCEMENT.


frames. BALANCIERS, s. m. p.

In naval architecture, Balance-timbers


BALANCIERS de boussole.

Gimbals of a sea-compass. BALANCIERS de lampe. Rings of a lamp. BALANCIERS de pirogue. Outriggers of a canoe. BALANCINES, s. f. p. Lifts. Ex. BALANCINES de grande vergue. The main-lifts. BALANCINES de misaine. The fore-lifts. BALANCINES du grand hunier. The main-top-lifts. BALANCINIS du petit hunier. The fore-top-lifts. BALANCINES du grand perroquet. The main-top


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BALESTON, s. m. Sprit of a shoulder-of-mutton


A pack or bale of goods.

A sort of galley or barge of Siam.
BANC de suble, A sand-bank.

BALISE, s. f. The beacon, or buoy of a shoal.
BALISER, v. a. BALISER une passe, &c. To lay
down buoys in a channel.
BALLOT, s. m.
BALON, s. m.
BANC, s. m.
BANC de brume.
BANC de glace.
BANC de rameurs.
The thwart or seat of rowers.
BANC de quart. A bench placed on the quarter-deck,
in French ships, for the officer who commands the

A fog bank.

An island, or field of ice.

BANC de poisson. A shoal of fish.

BANDE, s.f. The side of a ship; also of a coast.
Etre à la BANDE. To heel.
To heel to star-

Donner la BANDE sur tribord.

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and balustrades placed on the sides of a row. galley, afore the canopy.

BANDINS de la poupe. The ballustrades which deck the sides of the canopy of a galley. BANDINETS, s. m. p.

The rails of the above

mentioned balustrades. BANNE, s. f. Awning, or tilt. BANNER, o. a. To cover with a tilt, or awning. BANNIÈRE, s. f. A broad pendant cleft in two, and hoisted at the peak of lateen yards in a rowgalley.

BANQUETTES, s. f. The stretchers of a galley, or row-boat. BANQUIER, s. m. A banker; a vessel employed in the Newfoundland fishery.

BAPTÊME, s. m. Ducking, as practised in cross

ing the line or tropics. BAPTISER, v. a.

To duck, &c. BAPTISER un vaisseau. To give a ship her name at the time of launching.

BARACHOIS, s. m. A snug anchorage formed

by the land on one side, and a ledge that breaks off the sea on the other.

BARATERIE DE PATRON, s. f. A term of law used in the sea-trade, expressing the cheats and tricks which may be employed by the master of a merchant ship, for embezzling or altering any part of the cargo, or suffering it to be damaged by the BARATTE, s. f. Mats, or paunches to strengthen s.f. the fore-sail in a storm.

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Powder-barrel. Breaker

BARIL, s. m. BARIL à poudre. BARIL de galère. BARIL à bourse. BARILLARD, s. m.

A budge-barrel. The steward, or officer having charge of the wine and water in a row-galley. BÂRIQUES À FEU ou FOUDROYANTES, s. f. p. Thundering-barrels, or casks containing the firepots, in a fire-ship.

BARQUE, s. f. A bark, or lighter; also, a kind of polacre, used in the Mediterranean.

BARQUE droite! Trim the boat!

BARQUE d'avis. An advice-boat.

BARQUE à eau. A watering-boat.

BARQUE de descente.

A flat-bottomed boat.

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which is over-laden.

BARROTER, v. a. To fill a vessel quite up to the beams-to overload a ship.

BARROTINS, s. m. p. Ledges put across the deck beams, in French men of war, in order to strengthen the deck.

BARROTINS d'écoutilles. The spurs of the beams,
which fortify the deck abreast of the hatchways.
BARROTINS de caillebotis. Ledges of the gratings.
BARROTS, s. m. p.
Flat beams of the quarter

deck, poop, and fore-castle; also the small beams placed between the larger ones.

BAS, adj. Vaisseau de BAS-BORD. A low-built vessel.

BARQUE de vivandier. A provision-boat; a bum- BAs le pavillon! The order to haul down the


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BARRES de cabestan. Bars of the capstan.

BARRE de rechange. A spare tiller.



The courses,

or prin

BAS-FOND, s. m. Shallow water; shoal.
BASSE, s. f. A shoal, or flat.
BASSE-EAU, ou BASSE-MER, adj. Low water.
cipal lower sails.
BASSIN, s. m.
Basin, or dock.
BASSIN de radoub. A dry dock.
BASSIN de port. A wet dock.

BASTET, s. m. ou Quenouillette des Haubans. Foothook staff.

BASTINGAGE, s. m. Barricado. Quarter, waist, and forc-castle nettings, and painted cloths. Filets de BASTINGAGE.



BATAILLE, s. f. BATAILLE navale.

To barricade a

f. BATAILLE navale. A sca fight;

an engagement. BÂTARD, s. m. BATARD de racage. Parral-rope.

BARRES de hune. The frame of the cross-trees and BÂTARDE, s. f. The largest sail of a galley; a


BARRES Maîtresses de hune. Trestle-trees
BARRES traversières de hune. Cross-trees.
BARRES de perroquet, ou Croisettes. Cross-trees of
the top-masts.

BARRES de panneaux d'écoutille. The carlings, or ledges placed athwart under the covers of the hatch

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BATEAU pêcheur. A fishing boat.


A waterman's fare.

BÂTIMENT de commerce. A trading vessel,
BÂTIMENT de transport. A transport.
BÂTIMENT ennemi. An enemy.
BÂTIMENT flibustier. A free-booter.
BATIMENT pirate, ou forban. A pirate.
BÂTIMENT neutre. A neutral vessel.
BÂTIMENT parlementaire. A cartel.
BÂTIMENT pécheur. A fishing vessel.
BÂTIMENT marchand. A merchant-man.

BATELÉE, s. f. A boat's load; the number of BÂTIMENT de la compagnie des Indes.

passengers to be carried in a boat. J'ai ma BATELÉE. I have got my fare. BATELIER, s. m. A waterman, boatman, sculler, ferry-man, wherry-man, &c.


kind. Ex.

BÂTIMENS à rames.


BÂTIMENT taillé pour la marche.

sailing fast.

An East.

A vessel built for

BÂTIMENT servant de prison. A prison-ship.

A vessel, or ship of any BÂTIMENT servant d'hôpital. An hospital-ship.
BÂTON, s. m. Staff, boom, &c. Ex.
BATON de foc.


BÂTIMENT à trois mâts. A three-masted ship.

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BÂTIMENT trompeur. A deceitful looking vessel.
BÂTIMENT très maniable. A handy vessel.

BÂTIMENT ramassé. A snug vessel.
BÂTIMENT lège. A light ship.

BÂTIMENT négrièr. A slave ship, or Guinea-man.
BATIMENT armé en flute. Store-ship.

BÂTIMENT de transport pour les troupes. A troopship.

BÂTIMENT qui a le côté droit. A wall-sided ship. BÂTIMENT qui a le cóté foible. A crank ship. BATIMENT qui a le côté fort. A stiff ship. BATIMENT qui a les fonds fins. A sharp-bottomed ship. BÂTIMENT de peu d'apparence. A ship that appears of much less force than she really is. BÂTIMENT qui capéye bien. A ship that lies too well in a gale of wind.

BÂTIMENT qui coule bas d'eau. A ship that makes more water than the pumps can discharge. BÂTIMENT qui fatigue à la mer. A ship that strains and labours much in a heavy sea. BATIMENT qui manque de liaisons.

A weak-built

ship. BATIMENT qui se comporte bien à la mer. A ship

that behaves well at sea. BÂTIMENT à varangues plattes. BÂTIMENT armé en course.


A flat-floored ship. A privateer, or letter of

BÂTIMENT armé en flûte. A store-ship.
BÂTIMENT armé en guerre. A vessel equipped for war.
BÂTIMENT armé en guerre & en marchandise. An
armed merchant-man.

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BATTERIE qui s'adapte à la culasse d'un canon. The lock applied to the breech of a cannon. BATTERIE flottante. A floating battery.

Mettez la BATTERIE de hors! Run the guns out! Mettez la BATTERIE de dans! Run the guns in! BATTRE, v. a. To beat. Ex.

BATTRE la diane & la retraite. To beat the reveille and the retreat, as is customary on board men of war, when in port.

BATTRE aux champs. To sound a chase at sea.
BATTRE la marche. To give the signal for sailing.
BATTU PAR LE VENT, adj. Weather-beaten.
BATTURE, s. f. A flat, shallow, or reef.
BAU, s.m. Beam. Ex.

Demi-BAU. Half-beam.
Maître-BAU. Midship-beam.

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BAU de pont.


BILLARDER, v. a. & n. To drive on the iron hoops of the masts and yards by means of the poker. BILLER, v. a. To fasten a rope to a boom, in

order to ride or tow a boat.

BAUDET, s. m. A sawyer's frame, horse, block, BILLOTS, s. m. p. Dead-wood, or short pieces of

or trestle.

BAUME, s. f. Spanker.

[blocks in formation]

timber laid upon the keel, between the crotchets
afore and abaft.

BISCAYENNE, s. f. A Biscayan long-boat, or
Biscay barca-longa.

BISCUIT, s. m.

BISCUIT, or sea bread.
BITORD, s. m. Spun-yarn. Ex.
BITORD blanc. White or untarred spun-yarn.
BITORD goudronné.
BITOKD de trois fils.
BITTES, s. f. p. The bits. Ex.
Grandes BITTES. The main bits.

Montans des BITTES.
Traversin des BITTES.
Crochets des BITTES.

the cross-piece.
Coussin des BITTES.
Courbes des BITTES.
BITTONS, s. m. p.

Tarred spun-yarn.
Three-yarn spun-yarn.
Voyez CABLE.

The bits.

The cross-piece of the bits.
Hasps, or hooks, fastened to
Doubling of the bits.
The standards of the bits.
The topsail-sheet bits; also,
the knight-heads, kevel-heads, &c..
BITTURE, s. f. A range of the cable.
BLANC, adj. White, or untarred, speaking of

ropes or yarn.

BLINDER, v. a.

BEC, s. m. BEC d'une galère, felouque, &c. The
beak, or prow of a galley, felucca, &c.
BEC d'une ancre. The bill of an anchor.

BEC de corbin. A ripping-iron; an instrument used
by calkers, to take the old oakum out of the


BÉCASSE, s. f. A sort of Spanish boat used in the bay of Cadiz, and adjacent seas.

BLINDER un vaisseau. To cover a ship's sides with fenders of old cables, when she is moored near an enemy's battery, to preserve her from the effects of the shot. BLOQUER, V. a. To block up. Ex. La flotte françoise est BLOQUÉE à Toulon. French fleet is blocked up in Toulon. BOIS, s. m. Wood or timber. Ex.

BÉLANDRE, s. f. Bilander. A merchant vessel Bois de chêne.

with two masts.



Bois de cèdre.
Bois de chêne vert.

Live oak.

BÉLIER, s. m. A wooden machine used for driv- Bois de hêtre. Beech.
ing the wedges under a ship's bottom, &c.
BELLE, s. m. The main-deck or waist.

Pointe en BELLE! Point your guns horizontally!
BÉQUILLES, & f. p. Shores used to support small

sharp-built vessels, when laid a-ground.

BERCEAU, s. m. A cradle.

BERGE, s. f. High beach, or bluff-shore.
BERNE, s. f. Waft or weft. Ex.
Mettre le pavillon en BERNE.

[blocks in formation]


Bois d'arrimage. Fathom wood, employed in stowing the hold.

Bois de chauffage. Fuel, or fire-wood.

Bois de démolition. Timber taken from an old ship
when broken up.

Bois de rebut. Timber unfit for service.
Bois de membrure. Crooked timber for the floors
or futtocks of a ship's frame.
Bois de recette.

Timber fit for service.

Faire du BOIS. To make a provision of wood for fuel, &c.

Tirer en plein BOIS. To hull a ship.

BOÎTE DU GOUVERNAIL, S. f. The rudder-case.
Boîte à mitraille. Case, or canister-shot.
BOMBARDE, s. f. A bomb-vessel.

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BONNETTE de brigantine. Ring-tail. BONNETTE lardée. A bag or basket charged with cinders, chopped oakum, &c. to be used in the act of fothering a ship. Lacer la BONNETTE.

To lace on the bonnet of a

sail to its principal part. BON-TOUR, s. m. A favourable turn or swing; expressed of a ship when she keeps her hawse clear by winding the right way.

BORD, s. m. Board, or the ship's side. Ex.

Passe du monde sur le BORD! Man the side!

Aller à BORD. To go a-board.

Quitter le BORD. To leave the ship.

J'irai demain à mon BORD. I shall go to morrow on board my ship.

BORD, also signifies a board in tacking.

[blocks in formation]

BORDIER, adj. Bâtiment BORDIER. A lap-sided
BORÉAL, adj.
BORÉE, s.m. The north-wind.
BOSPHORE,. s. m.

A crawl for taking fish.
The foot of a sail.
Northern, northerly.

A strait or narrow channel;

as the Thracian Bosphorus. BOSSAGE, s. m. Crooked timber for knees, &c. SERRE BOSSE. Voyez SERRE. BOSSEMAN, s. m. Quarter-master's mate. N.B. This word must not be mistaken for boatswain; the charge of the boatswain in English ships answers to that of maître d'équipage; whereas the BOSSEMAN is a kind of inferior boatswain's mate in French ships of war. BOSSER. v. a. BOSSER le cable. BOSSER l'ancre.

To stopper. Ex.
To stopper the cable.

To stow the anchor upon the bow.

BOSSE! Belay! or stopper!

BORD alongé, ou qui alonge. A long board; said of BOSSES. s. f. p.

a vessel plying to windward.

Faire un BOrd.


[blocks in formation]

To make a tack.

Tack for tack, hank for hank. Standing in.-Standing off shore. Standing off the shore.

BORD-A-BORD. Along-side; speaking of two ships.


A good board.

Mauvais BORD. A bad board.

[blocks in formation]


Bosses à bouton. BOSSES à fouet.

Stoppers of the shrouds or stays.

Long-stoppers for the rigging.
Stoppers with lanyards.
Stoppers of the anchor.

BOSSES àéguillette. BOSSES de bout. Bosses des cables.


Maîtresse BOSSE.

Ring-ropes, or stoppers of the


BOSSES qui prennent des ailes de la fosse aux cables. Wing-stoppers.

BOSSES de chaloupe, ou de canot. The boat's painter or mooring-rope

The planks of the bottom or BOSSOIR, s. m.

BORDAGE des ponts. The planks of the decks.
BORDÉE, s.f. A board, tack, or stretch. Ex.
Nous gagnerons le port dans trois BORDÉES. We shall
get into the harbour by making three tacks.
Courir à petites BORDÉES. To ply to windward by

small boards.

BORDÉE. A broadside. Ex.

BORDÉE. The sea-watch.

Lácher la BORDÉE. To fire a broadside.
Faire la grand BORDÉE. To set the sea-watch.
Faire la petite BORDÉE. To set the quarter-watch.
BORDER, v.a. BORDER les côtés d'un vaisseau.
To plank a ship, or lay on her outside planks.
BORDER les ponts. To lay a ship's decks.
BORDER à clin. To plank a vessel with clincher-

The cat-head. Ex.

La misaine au BOSSOIR! The fore-tack to the cat-head!

In frame. Ex.

BOT, s. m. A kind of Dutch boat.
BOTTE, s. f. En BOTTE, adv.
Chaloupe en BOtte. A long boat in frame.
Bâtiment en BOTTE. The frame of a vessel in pieces,
numbered for putting together.
Futaille en BOTTE. A cask in frame.
BOUCANIER, adj. Bucaneer. Ex.
Fusil BOUCANIER. A kind of long sea musket.
BOUCAUT, s. m. A dry cask. Ex.

Le navire la Marie est arrivé de la Martinique avec 500 BOUCAUTS de café, &c. The ship Mary is arrived from Martinico, with 500 casks of coffee, &c.



The mouth of a

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