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La quille du Souverain est ÀRQUÉE de 20 pouces. ASSEMBLAGE, S.m. Rabbeting, scarphing, scor, The Sovereign's keel is cambered by 20 inches. ing, tenoning, or anywise uniting pieces of timber.



queue Arrêt des vaisseaux dans un port

A swallow-tail

scarf. An embargo laid on vessels in a port or harbour.

ASSIETTE D'UN VAISSEAU, s. f. Trim of a ship. ARRÊTER, s'Arrêter, o.a. & r. To detain, to ASSURANCE, s. f. Insurance. Ex. stop, &c. Ex.


Insurance office.
Le convoi pour Lisbonne est arrêté par des vents Prime D'ASSURANCE. Premium of insurance.

contruires. The Lisbon convoy is detained by ASSURER UN NAVIRE, v. a. To insure a ship. contrary winds.

ASSUREURS, s. m. p. Underwriters. ARRIÈRE, s. m. & ad. The stern, or after part of a ATTAQUER,'0. a. To attack. Er.

ASTROLABE, s. f. Astrolabe; nocturnal, vessel-a-stern, aft, &c. Er.

L'ennemi nous ATTAQUA du mouillage. The enemy Mettre un vaisseau de L'ARRIÈRE. To out sail a

attacked us at our anchorage. ship, or leave her a.stern.

ATTEINDRE, v.d. To join or come up with a Rester de L'ARRIÈRE. To remain a-stern or behind,

ship at sea, either by accident or pursuit. by slow sailing. To drop a-stern. Se faire de L’ARRIÈRE. To be a-head of one's ATTELIERS, s. m.p: Sheds, workshops, or store

, a

houses in a dock-yard. Er. reckoning. Passer de L'ARRIÈRE. To go under the stern of a ship. Artelier de forgerons. The smith's shop.

ATtelier de charpentiers. The carpenter's shop. Tirant-d'eau de L'ARRIÈRE. Draft of water abaft.

ATTELIER de gréement. The rigging-loft. Les voiles de L’ARRIÈRE. The after sails.

ATTELIER de la mature. The mast-house. ARRIÈRE-GIRDE, s. m. The rear division of a

Artelier de menuisiers. The joiner’s-shop. squadron of men of war.

ATTELIER de la peinture. The painter's-shop. ARRIMAGE, s. m. The stowage of a vessel's

ATtelier des poulis. The block-house. cargo, or whatever is contained in her hold.

ATTENTION, s. f. Attention. Ex.
ARRIMER, v.a. To stow the hold. Er.

KATTENTION à la barre! Mind the helm !
Vaisseau mal ARRIMÉ. A ship badly stowed.


A stower.

ATTERRER, d. n. To make the land. Ex. ARRIVÉE, s.f. The movement of bearing away, Nous ATTERRẢmes sur le Cup Lezard. We made the also of falling off when lying-to. Ex.

land at Cape Lizard. . Ce vaisseau fait son ARRIVÉÉ. That ship is falling-off. ATTOLES, s. m. A cluster of small islands, or ARRIVER, v. n. To bear away, to bear up, or

chain of rocks. bear down; to arrive, &c. Ex.

ATTRAPER, d.d. To catch, &c. Ex. ARRIVER sur un vaisseau. To bear down upon à WATTRAPE à garant de candelette! Clap on the fish! ship.

ATTRAPER la brise. To catch the breeze, Arriver vent arrière. To bear away right before ATTRAPES, s. f. p. Relieving-tackles, used in the wind.

careening a ship. ARRIVER tout plat. To bear round up.

AVANCES, s. f. p. Advance-money. A sum paid Arriye tout! Hard a-weather! Hard up!

to the sailors before they sail, on account of their K N’Arrive pas! Don't fall off! Luff! Keep her to! wages.

Ex. 13 Sans ARRIVER ! Nothing off!

Trois mois D'AVANCE, Three months' advance. MT Laisse ARRIVER d'un quarı! Keep her away a point! money: Le vaisseau est ARRIVÉ aux Dunes. The ship is ar- AVANT, s. m. and adj. Head-a-head-a-fore, rived in the Downs..

forward, or the forepart of the ship. Ex. ARRONDIR, v. a. Arrondir un cap. To wea. Avant d'un vaisseau. The head, or bow of a ther, or sail round a cape.

ship. ARSENAL, S. m. A royal dock-yard, with its Avant maigre. A lean bow. gun-wharf.

Avant élancé. A flaring bow. ARTILLÉ, ailj. Mounted with cannon.

Avant joufflu, oU AVANT renfié. A bluff bov. Un vaisseau artillé de toutes ses pièces. A ship 13 AVANT! (Commandement aux rumeurs !) Pull

Vogue AVANT. The strokesman in a boat or galley. mounting all her guns. ARTILLERIE, s. f. Ordnance, artillery.

6 Avant tribord! Pull away starboard, or pull Parc D’ARTILLERIE. Artillery ground; or gun.

with the starboard oars ! wharf. ARTILLERIE d'un vaisseau. The ordnance of a ship B AVANT, qui peut! Pull with the oars that are of war.

shipped! ARTIMON, s. m. Mizen.

Vaisseau sur L'AVANT, A ship which is too much Mát D'ARTIA!). Mizen-mast.

by the head.

Le vaisseau est en avant de mon point. The ship ASPECT. Voyez VUES. ASSAILLIR, v. a.

is a-head of my reckoning. To assault, &c. Ex:

De L'Avant à nous.

Wc Nous avons été ASSAILLIS d'un coup de vent.

A-head of us.

AVANT babord, & scie tribord ! Pull the larhave been caught in a gale of wind.


and hold the water with the starboard ASSÉCHER, v. n.

To appear dry, as a rock or oars! shore, when the tide has left it.


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De L'ATANT à l'arrière. Fore and aft.

Avoir beaucoup de creux.

To have a roomy

hold, KAVANT par tout ! Give way fore and aft! Avoir vent arrière.. To have the wind aft. A VANTAGE, s. m. AVANTAGE du vent. To Avoir vent de bout. To have the wind right a-head. wind-ward ; the weather-gage.

Avoir besoin de secours.

To be in want of as. Avoir L'AVANTAGE du vent. To have the weather. sistance, gage.

Avoir communication avec la terre. To have free AVANT-CALE, s. f. The launch of a ship from intercourse with any port after performing qua. .

rantine. AVANT-GARDE, 5.f. The van of a fleet. Avoir connoissance de terre, To be in sight of the AVARIE. $.f. The damage or loss which a ship land.

sustains by accidents or bad weather, in her voyage, Avoir le beaupré à terre. To have the land close or in port.

aboard. Avarié, adj. Ex: Merchandises AVARIÉES. Da. Avoir le pied marin. To have sea feet or legs; or maged goods.

to tread the deck like a sailor.

Avoir l'avantage de la marche. To have the ad. AUBARÉTRIÈRES, s.f.p. A sort of balustrade erected on the sides of a row-galley, to support Aroir de l'eau à courir. To have good sea room.

vantage in sailing. the rails of the gang-way, &c.

Avoir de l'eau sous la quille. To be in deep water. AUBINET, ou Sainte AUBINET, s. m. No Man's

Avoir son branle-bas fait. To have the hammocks Land.

up and stowed, and the ship clear. AUBOUR, ou AUBIER, s. m. The sap in timber.

Avoir de l'entre-deur de máts. To hare a great AVEUGLER, v. a.. Voyez Boucher.

distance between the masts. AUGE À GOUDRON, s.f. A tar-bucket.

Avoir du largue dans les voiles. To be going free. AVIRON, ou RAME, s. m.

Au oar.

Avoir du mou dans ses cables. To be slack-moored.
Aviron de galére. An oar of a galley.
AVIRONS de vaisseaux. Ship oars; also sweeps.

Avoir la marée, ou le courant pour soi. To have

the tide or current in one's favour. Parties de l'AVIRON, The parts of an oar.

Avoir le fond. To be in soundings. Le manche, ou le giron. The handle.

Avoir le vent sur un bâtiment.

To have the wea. Le bras. The arm, or inner part.

ther-gage of a ship. Le plat, ou la pelle. The wash, or blade. La menille, ou main tenante. An implement nailed Avoir ses ancres en mouillage. To have the anchors

clear for running. to the oar, for a number of men to hold it by.

Avoir de l'empâture. To have a great spread for La galaverne. A small piece of wood nailed on

the rigging. each side the oar, to prevent its galling the thole, Avoir su måture sur l'arrière, ou sur l'avant. To and to strengthen it in that part.

have the masts raking aft or forward. Avirons à couple. Double-banked oars, or scullers.

Avoir ses couleurs. To show the colours. + Armez les AVIRONS! Get your oars to pass !

Avoir les máts de hune calés & les basses vergues Sabords des AVIRONS. Voyez SABORDS.

amenées. To have the yards and top-masts struck. AVIRONNIER, S. m. Oar-maker.

Avoir tous les ris pris. To be close reeled. AVIRONNIER maître. Master oar-maker.

Avoir toutes les voiles sur les cargues. To have all AVIRONNIERS, s.f. ou attelier des AVIRONNIERS.

the sails clewed up. The oar-makers shed. AVISO, s. m. Advice boat.

AUSSIÈRE, s.f. A hawser or small cable, and in



general any rope made of three or four strands, vaisseau. The provision of a ship, or sea-victual. and only once laid. ling.

AUTAN, s. m. A gust or squall of the south wind. AVITAILLER, v. a. To victual.

AXIOMÈTRE, s. m. The tell-tale of the tiller, AVITAILLER une flotte. To victual a fleet. AVITAILLEUR, s. m.

A commissioner of the AZIMUTH, s. m. Azimuth, vertical circle. victualling-office. AT AU-LOF! Luff! The order from the pilot to steer ncarer the wind. Voyez Lor.

B. AULOFÉE, s. f. The act of lufting, or springing

the luff. AUMONIER, s. m. The chaplain of a ship.

RABORD, s. m. & alv. Larboard; port. Ex.

BABORD, Cóté gauche d'un vaisseau. The lar. AU-PLUS-PRÈS, adj. ou AU-PLUS-PRÈs du vent. board side of any ship. Close to wind ward; close-hauled. Er.

BABORD (partie de l'équipage) ou les babordais. The Gouverner AU-PLUS-PRÈS. To keep her to.

larboard watch. AURIQUE, adj. Voiles AURIQUES.

Shoulder of 67 Avant BABORD! Pull to larboard! mutton sails.

Brasse BABORD! Brace to larboard! AVOIR, d.a. To bave, &c. Er.

Feu BABORD! (commandement aux canonniers). Avoir affaire à des forces supérieures. To have to Fire the guns on the larboard side ! contend with an enemy of superior force.

O BABORD, OU BABORD la barre ! (commandement! Avoir beaucoup de bau. To have a great breadth

au timonuier). Port the helm! of bcam.

BABORD un peu ! Port a little!



1 BABORD tout! Hard a-port!

BALESTON, s. m. Sprit of a shoulder-of-mutton. Passer à BABORD. To heel to port.

sail. BAC, s. m. A ferry-boat.

BALISE, s. f. The beacon, or buoy of a shoal. Bac à naviguer, A punt, or small boat used by BALISER, v. a. Baliser une passe, &c. To lay shipwrights to carry pitch, tar, &c.

down buoys in a channel. BACALAS, s. m. p. A sort of standing-knees, on BALLOT, s. m. .

A pack or bale of goods. the deck of a galley, or xebec, projecting on each BALON, s. m. A sort of galley or barge of Siam. sidc above the row-locks,

BANC, s. m. Banc de sable, A BACASSAS, s. m. A sort of lighter, somewhat re- Banc de brume. A fog bank. sembling an American periagua.

BANC de glace. An island, or field of ice. BACHOT, s. m. A yawl or wherry.

Banc de rameurs.

The thwart or seat of rowers. BACHOTEUR, s. m. The wherry-man. s

Banc de quart. A bench placed on the quarter-deck, BACLAGE, s. m. A tier of boats moored along- in French ships, for the officer who commands the side of each other in a port or harbour.

watch. BACLER UN PORT. Voyez CHAÎNE de port. Banc de poisson. A shoal of fish. BADERNE, s.f. Mat, or paunch. Ex.

BANCHÉ. Voyez BANC. BADERNE des måts majeurs. Dolphin of the masts. BANDE, s. f. The side of a ship; also of a coast. BAGNE, s. m.

A spacious building for the galley- Etre à la BANDE. To heel. slaves in a French dock-yard.

Donner la BANDE sur tribord. To heel to starBAGUES, s. f p. lanks, grommets. Er.

board. Bagues des voiles d'étai. Grommets of a stay-sail. BANDE du nord, ou du sud. The northern, or BAGUETTE DE FUSIL, s. f.

Ramrod of a mus- southern shore of an island, ket.

BANDES de ris. Reef-bands. BAIE, s. f. A bay, or road.

Bandes de fer. Iron plates, in general. BAILLE, s. f. Half-tub. Ex.

EN BANDE! arlo. Amain ! Baille de sonde. Half-tub, or bucket, to contain the 6* Ex Bande! Let go amain !

hand-lead and line on the deck, ready for sound. BANDER, v. a. BANDER une voile. To line a sail ing.

at the edges, in order to strengthen it. BAISSER. Voyez DESCENDRE.

BANDER les sartis. To set up the shrouds in a Baisser les voiles. Voyez AMENER.

galley, BALAI, s. m. A broom. BALAI du ciel. A name given by sailors to the BANDIERE, s. f. Front de BANDIÈRE. A line

formed a-breast. north-west winds of America, which always pro- BANDINS, s. m. p. Bandins de l'espale. Benches

duce fine weather. BALANCEMENT, s. m. In naval architecture,

and balustrades placed on the sides of a row. Couples de BALANCEMENT. Balance-tim bers

galley, afore the canopy. frames.

BANDINS de la poupe. The ballustrades which deck

the sides of the canopy of a galley. BALANCIERS, s. m. p. BALANCIERS de boussole.

BANDINETS, s. m. p.

The rails of the above. Gimbals of a sea-compass.

mentioned balustrades. BALANCIERS de lampe. Rings of a lamp. BILANCIERS de pirogue. Outriggers of a canoe.

BANNE, s.f. Awning, or tilt. BALANCINES, s.f.p. Lifts. Er.

BANNER, 0.a. To cover with a tilt, or awning. BALANCINES de grande vergue.

The main-lifts. BANNIÈRE, s.f. A broad pendant cleft in two, BALANCINES de misaine. The fore-lifts.

and hoisted at the peak of lateen yards in a rowBALANCINES du grand hunier. The main-top-lifts.

galley. BALANCINES du petit hunier. The fore-top-lifts.

BANQUETTES, s. f. The stretchers of a galley, BALANCINES du grand perroquet.

The main-top

or row-boat. gallant-lifts.

BANQUIER, s. m. A banker; a vessel employed BALANCINES du petit perroquet. The fore-top-gal. in the Newfoundland fishery.

lant lists. BILANCINES de la vergue sèche. The cross-jack. BAPTÊME, s. m. Ducking, as practised in cross


ing the line or tropics. BALANCINES du perroquet de fougue. The mizen- BAPTISER, 0.a. To duck, &c. top-lifts.

BAPTISER un raisseau. To give a ship her name at BALANCINES de la perruche. The mizen-top-gallant.

the time of launching.

BARACHOIS, s. m. Jifts.

A snug anchorage formed BALANCINES de la civadière. The sprit-sail-lifts. by the land on one side, and a ledge that breaks BALANCINES de la contre-civadière. The bowsprit

off the sea on the other.

BARATERIE DE PATRON, s. A term of law top-sail lifts. BALANCINE de gui. Topping-lift.

used in the sea-trade, expressing the cheats and Fausses BALANCINES. Preventer-lifts.

tricks which may be employed by the master of a BALANT, s.m. Bight, or slack of a rope. Er. . merchant ship, for embezzling or altering any part * Abrique le BALANT des boulines d'avant! Stcally BARATTESO: 1. Mats, or paunches to strengthen

of the cargo, or suffering it to be damaged by the forward the head bowlines !

, s. f BALAYER, v.a. To swcep.

the fore-sail in a storm.




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ship's crew; for which he is punished by the laws, BARRE de prisonniers. Irons, or fetters.
according to the nature of the case.

BARRE d'un port. The bar of a harbour.
BARBE, s. f. BARBE d'un bordage. Hooding ends Tribord la BARRE!


Starboard the helm ! of a plank.

6 Babord la BARRE! Port the helm ! Mouiller en BARBE.

To come to, with two anchors Change la BARRE! Shift the helm! a-head.

7 Dresse la BARRE! Right the heim ! BARBE (Sainte). Voyez SAINTE-Barbe.

6 Droit la BARRE! Put the helm a-milships ! Barbes d'un vaisseau. The entrance, or fore-foot 17 BARRE au vent! Up with the helm ! of a ship.

6 BARRE dessous! Down with the helm !

A Mollis la BARRE! Ease the helm !
BARCO-LONGO, s. m. A Spanish coasting vessel. BARRER, v.a. Barrer un bâtiment. To give a
BARDIS, s. m.

Water-boards, or weather-boards, ship too much helm, so as to yaw her about.
sometimes used when a ship is to be hove down. BARRER un port. To fix a boom across the mouth
BARGE, s. f. A river barge with a flat bottom. of a harbour to secure its entrance.
BARIL, s. m. A small cask, also a rundlet. Ex. BARROT. Voyez LATTE.
Baril à poudre. Powder-barrel.

BARROTÉ, adj. Full to the beams;-a vessel
Baril de galère. Breaker

which is over laden. BARIL à bourse. A budge-barrel. BARILLARD, s. m. The steward, or officer having BARROTER, v. a. To fill a vessel quite up to the

beams-to overload a ship. charge of the wine and water in a row-galley.

BARROTINS, 's. m. p.

Ledges put across the
BÂRIQUES À Feu ou FoudrOYANTES, S. f. p. deck beams, in French men of war, in order to

Thundering-barrels, or casks containing the fire. strengthen the deck.
pots, in a fire-ship.

BARROTINS d'écoutilles. The

spurs of the beams, BARQUE, s.f. A bark, or lighter; also, a kind which fortify the deck abreast of the hatchways. of polacre, used in the Mediterranean.

BARROTINS de caillebotis. Ledges of the gratings. 1 BARQUE droite ! Trim the boat!

BARROTS, s. m. p.

Flat beams of the quarter BARQUE d'avis. An advice-boat.

deck, poop, and fore-castle; also the small beams BARQUE à eau. A watering-boat.

placed between the larger ones. BARQUE de descente. A flat.bottomed boat.

BAS, adj. Vuisseau de BAS-BORD. A low-built vessel. BARQUE de vivundier. A provision. boat; a bum.

IF Bas le pavillon! The order to haul down the boat.

BARQUE en fagot. A boat in frame.

Bas-Bond. Voyez BABORD.
BARQUE lungue, ou double chaloupe. A sort of pin- BAS-FOND, s. m. Shallow water; shoal.
nace, or large long-boat.

BASSE, s.f. A shoal, or flat.
BARQUÉE, s. f. A boat full of any goods, stores, BASSES.Voiles, s. f. p.

Basse-Eau, ou Basse-Mer, adj. Low water. &c. Ex.

The courses, or prin.
BARQUÉE de lest. A
A boat loaded with ballast, &c. BASSIN, s. m. Basin, or dock.

cipal lower sails.
reckoned to be of ten tons.
BARQUEROLE, ou BARQUETTE, s. f. A sort of Bassin de radoub. A dry dock.

Bassin de port.

A wet dock. passage-boat.

BASTET, s. m. ou Quenouillette des Haubans. Foot. BARRE, s. f. Transom, the tiller, &c. Ex.

hook staff.
BARRES d'arcasse. Transoms.

BASTINGAGE, s. m. Barricado. Quarter, waist,
BARRE d'écusson. The counter-transom.
Barre de pont. The deck-transom.

and forc-castle nettings, and painted cloths.

BARRE de la soute du maitre canonnier. The first


To barricade a or lower transom.

Barre du gouvernail. The tiller of the helm.
BARRE franche. A hand-tiller without a wheel.

BATAILLE, s. f. BATAILLE navale. A sea fight;
Barre de rechange. A spare tiller.

an engagement. BARRES de cabestan. Bars of the capstan.

BÂTARD, s. m. Bâtard de

s. m. Bâtard de racuge. Parral-rope. Barres de hune. The frame of the cross-trees and

BÂTARDE, s. f. The largest sail of a galley ; a tressel-trees. BARRES Maîtresses de hune. Trestle-trees

large lateen sail, used in fair weather. Barres traversières de hune. Cross-trees.


Square-sterned row. BARRES de perroquet, ou Croisettes. Cross-trces of

gallies. the top-masts.

BATAYOLES, s.f. p.

Wooden stanchions of BARRES de panneaux d'écoutille. The carlings, or

the netting. Ex. ledges placed athwart under the covers of the hatch. Montuns des BATAYOLES. The stanchions of the ways.

netting. BARRES d'écoutilles. Hatch-bars.

Lisses des BATAYOLES.

The rails of the netting. BARRES de cuisine. Cook-room bars.

BATAYOLES des hunes. Stanchions of the nettting BARRES de sabords. The gun-port bars.

of the tops. Barres de trélingage. A stafi set across the main BATEAU, s. m. Boat--a general name for many and fore shrouds, for the lower cat-harpings,

kinds of small vessels.

BATEAU d'office. A small boat, or yawl employed BÂTIMENT de commerce. A trading vessel,
by ships of war for bringing off fresh provisions BÂTIMENT de transport. A transport.
from the shore.

BÂTIMENT ennemi. An enemy.
Bateau Bermudien. A sloop in the West Indies. BÂTIMENT flibustier. A free-booter.
Bateau de loc.
The log.

BÂTIMENT pirate, ou forban. A pirate.
Bateau lesteur. A ballast lighter.

BÂTIMENT neutre. A neutral vessel. Bateau pêcheur. A fishing boat.

BÂTIMENT parlementaire. A cartel. BATELAGE, s. m. A waterman's fare.

BÂTIMENT pécheur. A fishing vessel.

BÂTIMENT marchand.
BATELÉE, s. f. A boat's load ; the number of BÂTIMENT de la compagnie des Indes.

A merchant-man.

An East. passengers to be carried in a boat.

India-man. J'ai ma BATELÉE. I have got my fare.

BÂTIMENT taillé pour la marche. A vessel built for BATELIER, s. m. A waterman, boatman, sculler,

sailing fast. ferry-man, wherry-man, &c.

BÂTIMENT servant de prison. A prison-ship. BÂTIMENT, s. m. A vessel, or ship of any Bâtiment servant d'hópital. An hospital-ship. kind. Ex.

BÂTON, s. m. Staff, boom, &c. Ex. BÂTImens à rames. Row-boats,

Bâton de foc. Jib-boom. BÂTIMENT à trois mats. A three-masted ship.

Bâton de flamme. The stick of a pendant. BÂTIMENT latin. A latecn vessel.

BÂTon de guffe. The stick or staff of a boat-hook. Mauvais BÂTIMENT. A bad vessel.

BÂTON de girouette.

A spindle of a vane at the BÂTIMENT condamné. A condemned vessel.

mast-head. BÂTIMENT trompeur. A deceitful looking vessel.

Bâton de commundement. Ensign staff at the mast. BÂTIMENT très maniable.. A handy vessel.

head. BÂTIMENT ramassé. A snug vessel.

Bâton astronomique, ou de Jacob. Voyez ArBÂTIMENT lège. A light ship.

BALÉTE. BÂTIMENT négrièr. A slave ship, or Guinea-man.

Bâton de guipon. The handle of a long tar-brush, BATIMENT armé en flute. Store-ship.

or pitch-mop. BÂTIMENT de transport pour les troupes. A troopship.

BÂTONNÉE D'EAU, s. f. The quantity of water BÂTIMENT qui a le côté droit. A wall-sided ship. thrown out of a ship's pump at each stroke of the BÂTIMENT qui a le côté foible. A crank ship.

brake or handle. BÂTIMENT qui a le côté fort. A stiff ship.

BATTANT, s. m. Battant d'un pavillon. The BÂTIMENT qui a les fonds fins. A sharp-bottomed fly of an ensign, &c. ship.

Vaisseau bien BATTANT. A ship fit for battle. Bâtiment de peu d'apparence. A ship that appears BATTERIE, s.l. The whole range of the cannon of much less force than she really is.

placed on both sides of any one deck of a ship of BÂTIMENT qui capéye bien. A ship that lies too

war; also a battery. Ex. well in a gale of wind.

Ce vaisseau a 5 pieds 8 pouces de BATTERIE. This BÂTIMENT qui coule bas d'eau. A ship that makes ship’s lowest gun-deck ports are 5 feet 8 inches more water than the pumps can discharge.

above the surface of the water. BÂTIMENT qui fatigue à la mer. A ship that strains BATTERIE & demie. A deck and a half of cannon, and labours much in a heavy sea.

said of a frigate which carries cannon on her upperBATIMENT qui munque de liaisons. A weak-built deck and quarter-deck only. ship.

Vaisseau qui a une belle BATTERIE. A ship that BÂTIMENT qui se comporte bien à la mer.

carries her ports a proper height out of the that behaves well at sea.

water. BÂTIMENT À varangues plattes. A flat-floored ship. Vaisseau qui a sa BATTERIE noyée. A ship that BÂTIMENT armé en course. A privateer, or letter of carries her ports too near the surface of the marque.

water. BÂTiment armé en flute. A store-ship.

Batterie qui s'adapte à la culasse d'un canon. The BÂTIMENT armé en guerre. A vessel equipped for war. lock applied to the breech of a cannon. BÂTIMENT armé en guerre & en murchandise. An • BATTERIE flottante. A floating battery. armed merchant-man.

* Mettez la Batterie de hors! Run the guns out! BÂTIMENT barbaresque. A vessel of the coast of 6 Mettez la Batterie de dans! Run the guns in! Barbary.

BATTRE, 0.a. To beat. Ex. BÂTIMENT bien soutenu de l'avant. A ship with a Battre la diane & la retraite. To beat the reveille full bow.

and the retreat, as is customary on board men of BÂTIMENT bien taillé de l'avant. A vessel very sharp war, when in port. forward.

BATTRE dur champs. To sound a chase at sea. BÂTIMENT bien évide de l'arrière. A ship with a Battre la marche. To give the signal for sailing. clean run aft.

BATTU PAR LE VENT, adj. Weather-beaten. BÂTIMENT charbonnier. A collier.

BATTURE, s. f. Aflat, shallow, or reef. BÂTIMENT contrebandier. A smuggler.

BAU, s. m.


Exc. BÂTIMENT croiseur. A cruiser.

Demi-BAU. Half-beam. BÂTIMENT de charge. A vessel of burden.

Maître-BAU. Midship-bcam.

A ship

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