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on,” said she, and so say I, and to Lewes I must go in this little paper vehicle; but whether I shall hit thy case, or find thee out, must be left to him, who "confirms the word of his servant, and performs the counsel of his messenger; who makes a man know what are his thoughts, and reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets."

My dear God, mine holy one, my reverend, greatly revered and benign parent; my everlasting father, and eternal all in all, is a jealous God: jealous of his own praise, honour and glory; and jealous of the hearts and affections of the darling of his soul; he cannot, will not brook, put up with, nor be put off with, a divided heart. He made us, he chose us, he undertook for us, he redeemed us, he called us, he has espoused and betrothed us, he is married to us, and will have us; and from all our filthiness, and from all our idols, he will cleanse us; and we must have, we shall have, no other gods but him. But does the husband mind the farm while the wife goes to Carmel? Does he stand behind the curtain and tell Mary to write? The direction is master's, the whole contents came from dame. The Lord grant that you may be true yoke-fellows in the furrow of gospel obedience unto life, and then the yoke shall be easy and the burden light. As for me, I labour under the scourge of many tongues; I shall be every

thing that is bad while alive, and every thing that is good when dead; "but none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I can but finish my course with joy, and the ministry that I have received, to testify the gospel of the grace of God." I know in whom I have believed, whom I love, and whom I serve with a pure conscience; my reward is before me, and my work is with my God; he alone called and commissioned me, he sent me and blessed me; and he will keep, save, own, and acknowledge me, and receive me to himself, when the building of mercy is completed, and the topstone brought forth with the double shout of "Grace, grace, unto it.”

I will send a line previous to my coming, My kindest love, best wishes, hearty respects, humble acknowledgments, and many thanks to you both; while I remain, dear friends, your willing and affectionate servant in the bonds of the pure, unadulterated, and everlasting gospel sof the King of kings, and Lord of all lords,

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THE butter that sister Mary complained of is very good, and I hope when I see Lewes to pay her what I stand indebted for it. But O the comfort of having the debt-book of the law cancelled the hand writing that was against us, and contrary to us, taken out of the way, and nailed to the cross! to see the bunch of hyssop, the scarlet wool, the blood and water that flowed from the sacrifice, sprinkling the leper, purging the conscience, and blotting out our transgressions as a cloud! This is the better sight, this is the great work of the Surety of the better testament.


At present I am confined to my room with a cold and hoarseness, which are appointed for but a good hope makes them sit tolerably easy, and love is the best cushion that can be laid under a daily cross, and the best lining that can be put in the inside of the yoke, as it makes the yoke easy and the burden light. But the fire must try us all-all our works; the fiery law; the fire of corruption, that tries every man that is in the faith of Christ; besides the fire of his word, the spirit of judgment, and the spirit of burning, the fiery darts of the ad

versary, and jealousy, which hath a most vehement flame: and I have been in them all; but to have the heart burn within, with the love of Christ, is the sweetest fire of all; this is stronger than death, no water can quench it; and I could like to be burnt to death in it. However, whe

ther this be enjoyed or not, I believe that he loves his people with a love that is everlasting. In this confidence, and fully persuaded of this truth, I rest and remain,

Your willing servant in Christ Jesus,


W. H. S. S.

My dear friends in Christ Jesus,

July 4, 1797.

MAY the sweet and soul-cheering presence of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. The present of the best fruits of thy land arrived safe, consisting of some white and savory meat, and the chemical preparation, which we will call the essence of the meadows; for all which I humbly thank you, but am ashamed at your kindness, as I have no means of making any returns, unless the poor imperfect petitions of the worst of sinners can be thought to do it; if so, God

knows that my daily prayers for the few sheep at Lewes, and on the downs, are as sure to ascend as the day returns.

The great opposition, that was made to me some time ago by the son of Belial, is almost lost in oblivion, and the poor impostor, I hear, is almost starved for want of necessaries. He has laboured to destroy the souls of men, till God refuses him the common bread of life; his flock consists of about twenty. How good God is to the poor wretches whose souls he hath known in adversity! Not according to our deserts, but according to his own eternal love and good pleasure; "No weapon formed shall prosper; he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye." O what tender regard, pity and compassion are here! I protest, by your rejoicing, that his daily goodness, which passes before me, and appears in my behalf, is daily death to me; it cuts me more with pious grief, and wounds me deeper with the noble stripes of killing kindness, than all the curses and terrors that ever entered my heart. If there is a sweet soul morsel under the sun to be enjoyed, sure I am that the sounding of a dear Redeemer's compassionate bowels affords it:-this, this is the quintescence of all vital godliness, and the sweetest entertainment that ever sufficed a wretched and miserable soul.

When the dying love of Christ comes into

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