Fifteenth-century Books: A Guide to Their Identification. With a List of the Latin Names of Towns and an Extensive Bibliography of the Subject

Grafton, 1913 - 89 pages
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Page 33 - THE WOODCUTTERS OF THE NETHERLANDS during the last quarter of the Fifteenth Century. In three parts. I. History of the Woodcutters. II. Catalogue of their Woodcuts. III. List of the Books containing Woodcuts. By WILLIAM MARTIN CONWAY.
Page 76 - Dei primi libri a stampa in Italia e specialmente di un codice sublacense impresso avanti il Lattanzio e finora creduto posteriore, discorso ... Lugano, Tip.
Page 60 - A list of books printed in the fifteenth century, in the John Carter Brown Library, and the General Library of Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.
Page 27 - Century, exemplified and considered in connexion with the origin of Printing. To which is added an attempt to elucidate the character of the paper marks of the period.
Page 87 - De la Introduccion y establecimiento de la Imprenta en las Coronas de Aragon y Castilla y de los Impresores de los Incunables Catalanes.
Page 62 - Incunabula Typographica. A descriptive catalogue of the books printed in the Fifteenth Century (1460-1500) in the library of Henry Walters. Baltimore, 1906.
Page 71 - Act of 1835. 4to, cloth. 2is. net. OTIA MERSEIANA. The Publication of the Arts Faculty of the University of Liverpool, Vols.
Page 54 - Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge ; 8vo., Cambridge, 1876.
Page 60 - POLLARD, AW Catalogue of books mostly from the presses of the first printers...
Page 36 - Fol. thesaurus symbolorum ac emblematum. ie insignia bibliopolarum et typographorum ab incunabulis typographiae ad nostra usque tempora cum indice duplici uno bibliopolarum et typographorum altero urbium et locorum.

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