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Scriptures among all nations, seem to which is contained n tle oracles of Dia have made a deep impression on the vine Truth." minds of many among the Jews. From la returning, Mr Pokerton visited what I have seen of this people, in dif- many of the counrie between the · ferent aations, I am convinced, that Euxine and the Adriatc. The Scrip-, many among them are prepared to pe- tures were very sarc: in Moldavia, ruse, with avidity, the Scriptures of the Wallachia, and Bulgaris; and arrangeNew Testament, in their own lan- ments were accordingly nade for printguage.”

ing five thousand Bibles ad Testaments In another of the Tartar villages Mr. in the languages of the irst two counPinkerton discovered a Tartar transla- tries, and hopes were entrtained of dotion of the canonical books of the Olding the same for Bulgarić also, especi. Testament; and was so happy as to pro- ally as á manuscript traislation is said cure a complete and beautiful copy, in to be in existence. A society was also four volumes, quarto, written on fine to be established, entitled the Moldavellum paper, in the Hebrew character, vian Bible Society, and uwards of two elegantly bound in red goats' leather, thousand rubles had beer already subornamented with gold. He adds : “I

scribed for that purpose. shall endeavour to get it sent off in Arriving at the town of Kamentz Posafety to St. Petersburg, where, with dolsk, where a Bible Society had been the assistance of one or two learned already formed, Mr. P. bund its memTartars, under my own direction, should bers on the point of celebrating their it please God to spare me to return, it annual meeting. The large hall of the may be fairly written out in the charac- Dominican Monastery wis cheerfully alter, and carefully revised, and put to lotted for the purpose ; and the assembly the press, with the translation of the was found to consist chiefly of Catholics, New Testament made by the Missiona- with eight of their clergy, the Bishop ries in Karass. This will furnish us with himself delivering an impressive and a Tartar Bible, which will be well un- appropriate speech on tie occasion. derstood among the numerous hordes of The support given to the Society had Nogay, Kazan, Trukmen, and Bucharian been increasing, but the supplies of BiTartars. The peculiar principles of the bles and Testaments were quite inadeCaraites, in rejecting the Talmud, and quate to the demand. all the traditionary fables of the Jews, Mr. P. could not overlook Cracow as and their strict adherence to the sacred a proper place for a similar institution, text of Scripture alone, give me great especially as a free toleration of all reason to hope, that we shall find this, Christian Confessions, with the liberty their Tartar translation from the He- of the press, constitute two conspicuous brew, to be correct. I leave you, my articles in the constitution of the new dear friends, and the members of the republic. Preparations were accordCommittee of the British and Foreign ingly made for effecting the establishBible Society, to make your own re- ment of a Bible Society in that city. marks on this new opening in Providence At Vienna, Mr. P. drew up, by desire to extend the knowledge of the holy of the prime minister, Prince MetterScriptures to the followers of the false nich, a memorial, on the subject of a

Bible Society for the whole of the AusThe last place visited on the eastern trian dominions. The prince professed borders of Europe was Odessa, where himself quite satisfied with the plan, but also Mr. P. assisted at the establishment candidly stated, that, in a Roman Cathoof a Society which will possess great lo- lic country, considerable difficulties cal facilities of communication with the might be expected to occur in carrying Mediterranean, the Archipelago, and it into execution. Mr. P. might, how. the coasts of the Black Sea. There ever, rest assured that he would do all were at that time three hundred vessels in his power to bring it to a favourable in the barbour, mostly loading with corn, conclusion, considering, as he did, that upon which Mr. P. remarks; “ How such a project would be highly benefipleasing the anticipation, that, in a very cial to various tribes and nations belongshort time, bundreds of these Turkish ing to Austria, and not of the Catholic and Greek vessels, which annually visit communion. this port, will not only carry home with It was resolved, at Breslau, to print, them food for the body, but also that in addition to numerous copies already spiritual food for the immortal soul published, ten thousand German Bibles


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and Testamenti

, vithout loss of time; After describing the details of the
and at Dresdentei thousand copies of meeting, Mr. P. proceeds : “ Upwards
Luther's translation were to be under- of ten thousand rubles are already col-
taken upon stadng types, besides the lected for the White Russian Bible So-
same number ter printing upon move- ciety, whose sphere of operation in the
able ones.' Aned tion was also planned government of Moghiley, is among a
of three thousand copies of the Protes- population of 892,000 souls, besides an
tant Wendish Bible. The inhabitants army of more than 400,000 men. Since
of Halle wereorganizing an association my arrival, I have had several most in-
auxiliary to tie parent society at Ber- teresting conversations with the field-
lin. The lattir was found by Mr. P. in marshal, who is very desirous of pro-
a healthy and imaproving state. The moting the cause of the Society among
deficiency of the Scriptures, and the the officers and soldiers of the army.
consequent demand, were very great; In one of these interviews, the hero
and the Committee therefore resolved, expressed himself thus : « To promote
besides other editions, to furnish ten religion and morality in the army, I
thousand Bibles, in small octavo, for will give them the Bible; and, for in-
schools, and is many in large octavo, struction in their official duties, I have
for families, all of which were to be ordered the Manual on active service,
completed immediately. At Warsaw to be reprinted for distribution among
considerable difficulties and inter- them.""
ferences occurred, all of which were at Mr. Pinkerton's last letter during his
length surmounted. His imperial ma. journey is dated from Witepsk, the re-
jesty graciously put himself at the head sidence of the duke and duchess of
of the Society, and the first personages -Wurtemburg. "I met,” remarks Mr.P.,
among the nobility and clergy followed "with a most kind and gracious reception
his example. Ten thousand Polish from the duke, and also from the du-
Testaments for the Catholics, were im- chess, who is a very amiable lady, speaks
mediately resolved upop. At Wilna, the English language with great fuency,
under the auspices of a venerable old and is now nearly connected with the
man, the Governor-general of Lithua- British throne, through the marriage of
nia, assisted by numerous other persons her heroic brother, Prince Leopold, with
of consideration in the town and pro- the Princess Charlotte of Great Britain.
vince of Wilna, a society was establish- Both these royal personages, so nearly
ed, and their first Meeting, Mr. P. re- allied to the thrones of Britain and Rus-
marks, “ broke up amidst expressions of sia, together with a number of nobles
mutual astonishment at what they had present, heard, with astonishment and
heard, and at what had taken place; for joy, the particulars which I had the ho-
such a union was never before seen in nour of relating, respecting the origin

and progress of Bible Societies, and be-
A still more interesting scene stowed many encomiums on their prin-
witpessed by Mr. P. at Mogliley, on ciples, and on their pious and philan-
the Dnieper, of which he thus reports : thropic labours." All parties eagerly
* Yesterday, about noon, the field mar- concurred in the propriety of establish-
shal, prince Barclay de Tolly, accom- ing a Bible Society, of which the duke
panied by a numerous suite of brave and other distinguished persons, became
generals and officers, together with the vice-presidents, and their operations
most distinguished men in the city, both will extend to more than half a million
ecclesiastical and civil, of all confes- of souls.
sions, upwards of 200 in number, assem- To the extracts from Mr. P.'s letter,
bled in a large hall of the archbishop's is appended a valuable letter from
palace, in order to lay the fouudation of Prince Galitzin to the President of the
the White Russian Auxiliary Bible So- British and Foreign Bible Society; in
ciety. The sight of these heroes, the which he states the increased and in-
deliverers of Russia and of Europe, as- creasing desires which have been evi-
sembled to give glory to the God of bat, denced for the Scriptures, the means
tles, by promoting the dissemination of adopted for a supply, and the impracti-
his word among their numerous compa- cability of meeting the demand. From
nions in arms, (a host of upwards of this letter we have already inserted a
400,000 men,) produced, in all present, long extract, in our Number for Febru-
a new and most pleasant train of ary, p. 119. We are tempted to add
thoughts and combination of feelings." one passage more : " Thanks be to Him

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This man,


for fulfilling, in such a glorious manner, district of Rungpoora, where, as I in our days, what He has thus foretold! was eating, a marrame, and asked me What a happiness to be instruments, whither I was garg. I told him that however weak, in accomplishing such I was going to be Brumba-pootra great events, connected with the happi- festival, to dechr the glad tidings ness of the human race! The members of Christ's death, and distribute books of the Russian Bible Society, treading containing the same news. in the steps of the British and Foreign after hearing the word, went into the Bible Society, reckon it their greatest village, collected the people together, honour and happiness to labour for the and told them that a nan from Calcutta spiritual good of their neighbours; and, had brought many slastras : in consefar from being disheartened by all the quence, in the midst of a circle of difficulties arising from increased en- twenty-five persons, till late at night, gagements, and accumulated expenses, I explained the Gospel-mystery, and feel more and more encouraged, inas- showed them how justice and mercy much as the increase of labour and ex- had embraced each other in the death penses prove the reality of their suc- of Christ. They appeared to receive

the word with joy. I left them a New " The communications from the British Testament and some tracts. Next day, and Foreign Bible Society are peculiarly at a shop in Rung-poora, I read part of encouraging to us. lodeed, such mu- the New Testament, endeavouring to tual communications, concerning our un- apply it to the crowd who were present: dertakings and success, proving that many took books, and some said, God the same spirit enlivens both Societies, has remembered us, for he has sent his that similar impulses are leading us to

mercy to us.") the same useful end, must animate us, By Mr. Thomas's Journal, it appears on both sides, to farther labour; that so that he itinerated through different vilthe name of our Saviour, who gave us lages in the country of Jessore, during his word, and appointed us to distribute Dec. 1814. Eighteen members partook it among our brethren of all different of the Lord's Supper. He had begun to languages and dialects,may be glorified.” read the word of God, by permission of

the bavildar, to 200 convicts employed BAPTIST MISSIONS IN INDIA. in making a canal.

The Thirtieth Number of the Period. Mr. Smith writes from Serampore ; ical Accounts of the Baptist Missions 66 Brother Rutna and I met a number of bas been published, containing the viragees, three of whom had each a hand proceedings of the Missionaries, from up towards heaven, withered. I asked January to June, 1815. The undertak- them what they expected from this ing appears in general to have advanced practice. ' It will please God,' said they, with an equable step, and presents upon How can you expect to please God the whole an encouraging and cheerful with your withered hands ? God reprospect of future usefulness. We pro- quires the hearts of men, not withered ceed to give a few miscellaneous ex- hands. I read and expounded a Hindee tracts.

tract, to which they very attentively

listened." " Dinage-pore, Jan. 5.-Twenty-five Neeloo remarks in his Journal; “ At persons partook of the Lord's Supper : a cloth-merchant's shop in Chanuk, to a there had been four members more, who great crowd, I read the word : they acare now excluded. There are nine adults knowledged that the world was dead in under instruction, some of whom are sin ; and said, If we are not compelled expected soon to join the church. The to eat with Europeans we can come into school prospers. There are now fifty-six this way.' I reminded two Renats, who scholars, making pretty good progress acknowledged that all the gods were in reading, writing, &c. Religious tracts sidders, that all had sinned; but that are distributed among the eldest of the true God, incarnate, had been cruthem."

cified for our sins.- .- March 6th, (Lord's Krishna gives the following ac- day,) Read the word to the prisoners in count:

the Serampore jail : several wept. At "On February 7, I left English Bazar, the house of a non-commissioned officer on horseback, and after staying one at Barrack-poora had a congregation of night at Dinage-pore, I proceeded to thirty-two persons. Ten or twelve pera ghaut near Dhapa, a village in the sons wept; saying, When will Jesus


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bave mercy on us, and permit us to be- in great honour opposite the native come his slaves, and forjive us our sins?"" barracks, on the bank of the river, has

Sebuk-rama, a native convert, gives been with us about two months : he has an interesting account of the circum- cast off all his old master's uniform, and stances attending bis reception of the looks now like a human being. He has Gospel, concluding, iis etter as follows: requested baptism. This man, if sin

-6 Thus obtaining the mercy of God, cere, will be the first fruits of Vrindaand being full of oy, I would be ever vuna's labours." ready with my spirit in the work of " As I passed the jail at Patpa,” reGod, in ascribing blessing to the Holy marks Mr. Thompson, " a man on duty Spirit, and in prodaiming, for the salva- solicited tracts, and aster saying a little tion of sinners, tie glad tidings of our on the death of Christ, I gave him a Lord Jesus Chris's death. Wherefore, couple. Calling again this way on the I entreat, that having thus found the Sa. 13th of January, I rejoiced to see this viour, you will kindly pray for this sin- man and two others sitting on a mat ful, wicked, ungolly, unbelieving man, with the tracts by them, which they had that Satan may never enter into him, just read through, and said that the nor into those brethren and sisters who blessed truths they contain bad afforded live in the same place, por into any who them great delight. Another man came may embrace the Gospel.

up and told me, that the first man read "This is now my desire ; and day the books day and night : the former and night, full of fear, this is my prayer added, 'I love them; they are precious to God, that I may be constantly ready words, my soul's ht." i to proclaim bis Gospel."

“ On the 27th, not being able to go A member at Benares, in detailing the far, I sat at the ghaut near Alum-gunj, conduct of the native converts who are and read portions of Scripture to a employed as preachers, remarks :-" It Brahmun: this brought one, and anogives us great pleasure to observe, that ther, and another, till a pleasing numthese itinerants appear, in their conver- her heard the word, and some tracts sations, to enter more and more into the were given away. Twenty Mussulmans fundamental principles of the Gospel. and Hindoos have visited me this month, In fact, the grand controversy here, is to koow the way of life through Jesus similar to that at the Reformation-the Christ our Lord, and to obtain the inefficacy of works, and the absolute Scriptures. Five single Gospels, six necessity of the merits of Christ. What Scripture selections, eighty-six tracts in was said at the Reformation, that at- Hindee, five in Bengalee, two Scripture tacking images and pilgrimages did no- selections in Persia, seven single Gosthing to destroy Popery, and that the pels, and one copy of the Acts in Ooronly weapons that were effectual were doo, have been distributed.” those used by Luther in preaching salva- " A poor viragee, who had held up tion by faith only, will be found, we his arın as an act of merit, for years, think, equally true respecting Hindoo wanted to hear me, but could not come

near on account of the crowd. Observ. Mr. Smith again remarks: “Preach- ing this, I desired the people to make ed at Barrackpore, and afterwards spoke way for him; and when he came close, with a few Hindoos; among whom a I asked whether it were the word of man appeared much affected, and pro- God he desired to hear, when he nodmised to call at Serampore.-- June 19th. ded assent. I spoke to him of our inHe called to-day, and heard very atten- carnate God, and the benefits of his tively. I gave him a copy of Jobn's Gos- death, of unbelief, and of self-righteouspel, with two Hindee tracts.-21st. This

He could read, and, therefore, morning I went out with brother Cham- wanted a book." berlain, who soun collected a large con- Mr. Thompson gives a pleasing pargregation under the shade of a tree, and rative of a native of Bootan, who came preached for some time, and distributed to bim desirous of Christian instruction. many Bengalee tracts; from thence we This person, whose name is Kiaba, was went below the temple of Jugunnat’ha, in a most discouraging state of ignowhere he preached to about three hun- rance ; Mr. Thompson, however, sucdred people; many appeared affected, ceeded in teaching him to read and and received many tracts."

write the Hindoo; and in the course of HINDOOST'HAN.

less than three months, had the satisfac“An old phukeer, who was formerly tion to report as follows :-"Kiaba has




read through Matthew's Gospel three death ! and blessed be the person who times ; Mark's Gospel once; the Epistles taught you these things.'-May 14th, a of John three times; and is once more Jugunnat'ha Brahmun said, “The world going through Mark : besides having read is in darkness : your words are true: I portions of Joho's Gospel, and of Luke's; lead others wrong for a living : I know and of the Epistle of James. His hope is Jugunnatha is a piece of wood." now in the death of Christ alone, and he MAHRATT A COUNTRY.The Goape declares he will live and die in the faith dee New Testament was completed as of the Gospel. February 14th, Kiaba far as the 6th chapter of St. Luke. A told a viragee to-day, that while he nephew of Dr. Carey's,stationed at Nagloved the world, and its pleasures, he pore, speaks very highly of the steadi. could not read God's word; for if he ness of Ram-mohub, whom he states to would be saved, he must with a single be an ornament to the church of Christ. heart seek God's Holy Spirit to teach His prayers and discourses, he remarks, him all things.--21st. Kiaba says, if indicate great piety and love; his chilhe had not known the love of Christ, dren are growing up in a promising he should still have delighted to commit manner, and his wife seems to be of a those sins which the death of Christ most happy and mild disposition. Rammakes him abhor."

mohun had complained that the people, Kiaba resisted every attempt to se- being greatly afraid of the Mahratta duce him from the faith ; and, having rajah, durst scarcely receive the Scripbeen duly proved and baptized, has be- tures : he, however, writes shortly after come a valuable assistant to Mr. Thomp- in a more encouraging strain : - Our son, and a blessing to his native brethren. adorable Saviour's good news is con

Mr. Thompson writes ; —- Brother stantly made known in this country. I Kiaba and myself spent the time at regularly go into the city, and talk about Hajee-poora, in making known the glad the word, and have given the Scriptures tidings of salvation. A Mussulman, just to numbers. Many are reading them returned from Nepaul, was very solicit- with apparent affection, confessing that ous to have the Scriptures, which he call- the worship of the gods is vain. The ed the · Bibel kitab,' in Hindee: he had idol worshippers are angry with them, read it through before, and was much but without effect. If it be the Lord's delighted with it; but in one of the late will, in this barren country the word of skirmishes with the Nepaulese, his Bible the Lord will quickly bear fruit. To a was burnt. Among other things of a pleas- magistrate under the king, named ing nature, it was delightful to behold Ajmut-khan, with a number of Afghans about twenty or more Hindoos, inter- in bis company, I have given the sacred spersed among the multitudes, reading book, and they read it with eagerness the Scriptures and tracts, and even sing- and pleasure. I am going to-day to ing portions of them in little circles." supply them with more books, at their

Mr. Kerr, who was stationed at Alla- request. With much affection, they inhabad, had undertaken to teach the vite us to their lodgings, and send their English language to his highness Jahan horses and servants back with us. They Geer, son of the Emperor of Delhi, and are very anxious for an Arabic Bible, had some expectation of going to Delhi Our limits oblige us to pass over the with him, which he trusted might give remaining details, from which we might him an opportunity of carrying the Gos- have selected various facts and extracts pel to some of the principal persons of ofa nature equally interesting with those the royal family. Mr. Kerr mentions, already given. The following quotation with approbation, the labours of the from the Journal of C. C. Aratoon, on native convert, Athma-ram, from whose the SURAT station, is more or less appliJournal the following is a short extract: cable to many of the missions under -“A viragee said, 'I approve of your

consideration. words,' and threw away his images, add- " I see that the difficulties at Surat ing, 'I will henceforth worship God, are almost gone: I hope we shall rewho is a Spirit. On another occasion, joice hereafter, in seeing the good seed, his hearers said, “We are all in the sown in this dry and thirsty land, spring dark.' On the 8th of May, a Brahmun up. Many copies of the New Testasaid, “In vain do I look for salvation, ment, and various tracts, have been disa except Christ. Two others, when tributed ; and though I do not see prethey heard the words of Christ's death, sent fruit, yea, should I die without seesaid, Blessed incarnation! blessed ing the fruit, yet surely the brother who CARIST. OBSERV. No. 184.

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