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The Elgin Marbles, with an abridged The History of Norway, from the earhistorical and topographical Account of liest Times to the present; by Messrs. Athens, vol. I. ; by the Rev. E. I. Bur: Baden, Holberg, and Andersen. 8vo. row, A. M. F. L. S. &c. 8vo. with for. 7s. ty plates. 11.

The Trial at Bar of James Watson, Topography, illustrative of the Battle Surgeon, for High Treason, on the 9th of Platæa ; from drawings by T. Alla- of June, and seven following days; taken son : accompanied by Memoirs, read to in short-hand by Mr. Frazer. 8vo. 7s. the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Observations on the Diseased ManiLettres of France ; by John Spencer festations of the Mind, or Insanity ; by Stanhope. Avo. with plates, separate in J. G. Spurzheim, M. D. With four folio, 288.The plates separately 11. 15. plates ; royal 8vo. 14s.

The General Biographical Dictionary, The Works of the Rev. Francis edited by Alexander Chalmers, F. S. X. Wrangham, M. A. F. R. S. of Trinity &c. ; 32 vols. 8vo. 191, 4s.

College, Cambridge. 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 25. Memoirs of J. C. Lettsom, M. D., and Churchyard's Chips concerning ScotJames Neild, Esq. with brief Notices of land ; being a Collection of his Pieces many other Philanthropists. 5s.

relative to that Country ; by George Correspondence between a Mother Chalmers, F. R. S. S. A. 3vo. 12s. and her Daughter at School ; by Mrs. All Classes productive of National Taylor and Jane Taylor. 8vo. 5s. Wealth ; or, the Theories of M. Quespai,

A View of the Agricultural, Commer- Dr. Adam Smith, and Mr. Gray, concial, and Financial Interests of Ceylon; cerning the various Classes of Men, as to with an Appendix, containing some of the Production of Wealth to the Comthe principal Laws and Usages of the munity, analyzed and examined ; by Candians; by Antony Bertolacci, Esq. George Purves, LL. D. 8vo. 9s. with a map of the island. 8vo. 18s. Additions to an Essay on the Prin

The History of Java ; containing a ciple of Population; or, a View of its general Description of the Country and Past and Present Effects on Human its Inhabitants, &c.; by Thomas Stam- Happiness; with an laquiry into our ford Raffles, Esq. F. R. S. and S. A. late Prospects respecting the future ReLieut. governor of that Island. With a moval or Mitigation of the Evils which map and numerous plates. 2 vols. 4to. it occasions ; by T. R. Maltbus. 8vo. 61. 6s.royal paper, 81. 8s.

8s. 6d. The History of Ireland, from the Ear- Annals of the Coinage of Britain and liest Ages to the Union ; by the Rev. its Dependencies, from the earliest PeSamuel Burdy. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

riod to the 50th Year of George III. ; by An Historical Account of the Rise the Rev. Rogers Ruding, B. D. and and Progress of Stenographic Writing. F.S. A. 3 vols. 4to. 141. 21s.

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BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE informing this Society—that would be an

attempt to enlighten the source of that In proceeding with our account of the light which has itself enlightened the last Anniversary Meeting of this Insti- world on all points, connected with the tution, we regret that we cannot give circulation of the Scriptures ; nor with the whole of the very original and forci- a view of exciting the zeal of the Socieble Speech of the Rev. Dr. Mason, Se- tythat would be rebuked by its apcretary to the American Bible Society. pearance to-day; but, as an humble The following are the principal pas- organ of the American Bible Society, I

sages :

would beg leave to express opinions “ My Lord and Gentlemen, and feelings, which, though perfectly "I felicitate myself this day upon the

familiar to the minds of this company, accomplishment of one of the dearest are of some value on the principle of wishes of my heart-a wish, to the at- ' sympathy, as they are the views and tạioment of which I have adjusted my feelings of millions of your fellow men little plans and motions for the last five and fellow Christians, who have the months--the happiness of being present blood of a common ancestry running in at the Annual Meeting of the British and their veips, and whose hearts beat in Foreign Bible Society. I have to sub- unison with your own, iņ regard to the mit a motion, which I shall claim your objects of this great institution. lordship's indulgence to preface with a The wise and the good, my lord, few remarks ; not with the intention of have long lamented the divisions and

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alienations which served those who held In forming the character of the indi. the same precious faith,' and expect vidual and the nation, it cannot fail to od to meet in that place where there mould also, in a greater or less degree, shall be no dissentions. But whether the conduct of political governments there was any remedy for this unhap- toward each other. It is not in the piness, whether agreement in substantial Bible, nor in the spirit which it infuses, principle could be made to supersede that the pride which sacrifices heca. differences in subordinate matters, was tombs and nations or men to its lawless a problem too mighty for them to solve; aggrandizement, either finds or seeks and left them only the feeble consolation for its aliment: and had Europe been of sighing after a blessing which they under the sway of the Book of God, despaired of enjoying. But the problem this age had not seen a more than fabled which had thus excited the desires, ap. monster of ambition endeavouring to palled the resolution, and extinguished plant one foot on the heights of Montthe hope of age after age, is solved at martre, and the other on the bills of last-it is solved in this institution. Dover; and while he scowled on the

6. The Bible Society acts with an aus- prostrate Continent, stretching out his picious energy on all, even the lowest right hand to rifle the treasures of the classes of civil society. The man who East, and his left to crush the young reads and reverences his Bible, is not the glories of the West." man of violence and blood: he will not After pointing out the future pros. rise up from the study of those lessons pects of the Society, and the promised which the Holy Ghost teaches, to com- consummation of the Gospel throughout mit a burglary: he will not travel with the world, Dr. Mason continued ;his Bible under his arm, and, meditating + Permit me to add, that no heart is upon its contents, as forming the rule too magnanimous, no arm too powerful, of his conduct, to celebrate the rites of no station too exalted, to lend its aid in licentiousness or inebriety. Assuredly promoting so magnificent a work. In it was not the Bible which, in 1780, that day, when all human things shall kindled the flame of Newgate ; nor is appear in their own littleness, and shall it from the stores of inspired eloquence, undergo a judgment according to truth, that the apostles of mischief draw those it will not be a source of shame or regret, doctrines and speeches which delude that princes have come down from their the understanding, and exasperate the thrones, and that the members of kingly passions of an ignorant and ill-judging families, and the possessors of ecclesimultitude. If there are any two maximas astical pre-eminence, have mingled with which go together, under the sanction private Christians in common efforts for of scriptural authority, they are these : the best interests of individual and social be who fears God,' will honour the man. The recollection of such deeds of king;' and he who does both, will not goodness will never sully the purity of be the first to meddle with them that the eritre, or dim the star of royalty. are given to change.' On the contrary, 4 The high and holy interests and rethe influence of the Bible, and, there- sponsibilities which are lodged in the fore, of Bible Societies, upon the habits hands of this institution, do not allow it of the community, is calculated to throw to go back, or to hesitate. Its cause ap around every paterpal government, and interest are not the cause and ina rampart better than walls, and guns, terest of a few visionaries, inebriated and bayonets, a rampart of human by romantic projects. It is the cause hearts. While, at the same time, that of more than giant undertakings in influence over those who are in authority, regular and progressive execution. The descends, in its tum, upon the state at decisive battle has been fought ; oppolarge ; and, in the exercise of a wise sition comes now too late. He who and well-tempered rule, ramifies its would arrest the march of Bible Sociegedial virtue through all the branches of ties, is attempting to stop the moral society. So that if any thing can make machinery of the world, and can look a glorious sovereign, and happy sub- for nothing but to be crushed io pieces. jects, it is the attachment and submis- The march must proceed. Those dission of both to the oracles of God. ciplined and formidable columns, wbich,

" For the very same reasons, the under the banner of Divine Truth, are Bible, in proportion as it is known and bearing down upon the territories of believed, must produce a generally good death, have one word of command from effect on the condition of the world, on high, and that word is--ONWARD!!

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The command does not fall useless on mation approaches like a soft and the ears of this Society. May it go beauteous sunrise, shedding rays

onward,' continuing to be, and with equally welcome on the cottages of increasing splendour, the 'astonishment Siberia and the palaces of the northern of the world, as it is the most illustrious Cæsar. What is doing in Russia, in monument of British glory.

comparison of the wants and population “A word more, my lord, and I shall of that empire, is chiefly in preparation; have done. It relates to a topic on which yet such notes of preparation fall deI know not whether my emotions will lightfully on our ears: they are, like allow me to express myself distinctly; the first faint notes of the birds, wakenit is the late unhappy difference be- ed even by twilight into songs which tween my own country and this-be- are preludes to the full harmony of tween the land of fathers and the land nature and the perfect light of day. of their children. I cannot repress my I follow, with pleasure, the respectable congratulations to both, that the conflict divine who has just addressed you. He was so short, and the reconciliation so is an American, with a truly British prompt; and, I trust, not easily to be heart; and he has furnished me with an broken. Never again, my lord, (it is a American allusion, with reference to vow in which I have the concurrence the principles of this Society, which of all noble spirits and all feeling hearts,) embraces Christianity of all names and never again may we see that humiliating all countries. We have buried the spectacle of two nations to whom God hatchet of strife, and may the moisture has vouchsafed the enjoyment of rational which nourishes the root of that tree liberty ; two pations who are extensively under which we have laid it, daily eat engaged, according to their means, in more deeply into its edge, and more enlarging the kingdom, in spreading completely destroy its temper. I know the religion of the Lord Jesus-the of but one malediction in the breast of kingdom of peace-the religion of love Charity, and that is reserved for the --those two nations occupied in the man who shall dig the hatchet from the unholy work of shedding each other's earth, and again give sharpness to its blood !

-Never again may such a spec- edge.” tacle be exhibited to the eyes of afflict- Thanks to the Treasurer were moved ed Christianity! May their present by the Rev. Dr. Thorpe, Secreconcord, written not merely with pen tary to the Hibernian Bible Society; and ink, but on the living tablets of the and seconded by Major-General Maheart: enforced by the sentiment of caulay.--Dr. Thorpe said, he should a common origin, by common language, proceed to discharge that duty which principles, habits, and hopes ; and gua- would be expected from him, by giving rantied by an all-gracious Providence, some information with respect to the be uninterrupted! May they, and their state of Ireland. He then reported that Bible Societies, striving together with the Hibernian Society continued to one heart and one soul, to bring glory prosper; that the number of copies of to God in the highest, and on earth to the Scriptures distributed during the manifest good-will toward men, go on, year had been 35,000, being 12,000 more increasing in their zeal, their efforts, than the preceding year. The pumber and their

success; and making stronger of persons desirous of possessing Bibles and stronger, by the sweet charities of had greatly increased ; and these happy the Gospel, the bands of their concord!" results he attributed, in a considerable

The Rev. Richard Watson dwelt upon measure, to the attention recently paid the great efforts likely to result from to education in Ireland. Dr. Thorpe the active co-operation of Russia, and thus concluded his eloquent remarks : the probability of a great revival of “My lord, having stated something religion in the Greek Church. " This, of what has been done for my counmy lord, (said he,) is a cheering con- try, I cannot but beg your attention sideration. Our Reformation dawned to the magnitude of the work which upon us with lurid glare; all is still before us. There have not Protestant Churches had their birth yet been circulated in Ireland quite amidst the convulsions of political ele- 300,000 copies of the Scriptures; and ments, and their cradle was rocked by let me ask, What are 300,000 copies for storms; but in Russia we have the a population not far short of six millions? prospect of change without convulsion, There are millions of Irishmen at this of the good without the evil:-its refor moment, who have never seen a copy of


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the scriptures. Yes, my lord, from been an increase from other sources,
my own knowledge I say it, there are and other causes, which nearly compen-
millions in Ireland who have never seen sates the loss which may have been
a copy of the scriptures; and there are occasioned by the distresses of the times.
many, very many, who have not heard The aggregate amount of subscriptions
of the Bible. In confirmation of this, and donations within the last year has
I appeal to a fact in the last Report of not been less than 62,2861.; the differ.
the Sligo Branch of our Society. A ence between the receipts this year,
poor man, nearly pinety-seven years of (exclusive of the sales of Bibles and
age, arrived lately at Sligo in quest of Testaments,) and the last, is only
a Testament in large print. "I have,'. 6461.
said the inquiring pauper, lived ninety- - Much has been stated in the Report
six years without seeing, or even hearing to which I might call your attention ;
of such a book; and, now that I am but I will advert to only one or two
on the brink of the grave, I wish to points. When it is mentioned that the
learn how I may be happy beyond it.' Canstein Institution, which, a few years
notorious highwayman, Grant, who not now capable of supplying Bibles
was lately executed, never saw the enough for Germany s when the Moscow
Bible till he was placed in the cell from Bible Society informs you that it can
which he was taken to execution; and, distribute 100,000 Bibles ; when I tura
after perusing it for some time, he said, to the reverend gentleman lately arrived
• Had I possessed a copy of this book ten from that empire, who states, that he
years ago, I should not have been here has heard of MS. Bibles copied by pea-
to-day. He spent his last moments in sants, and that when money was offered
exhorting the thousands around him to for them, they said, “No, they would
procure a Bible without delay, and to accept nothing but a printed copy in
study its sacred contents.

exchange:'-Gentlemen, when I consi-
66 Now, while Ireland is in such a der these statements and I need not
state, what are we doing? We are go further, because your own minds will
disputing whether we shall give the Bible supply all I can say as to the misery of
or not-whether it is not a bad thing those who are destitute of the Scrip.
What is the enemy doing? I will tell tures | feel convinced that none of us
you one thing ; and let that be a sample will relax our efforts, merely because
of what other things he has done, and we have supplied the wants of our own
what he may do hereafter. The enemy, districts."
aware that the people, being taught to Mr. Thornton concluded with ex..
read, must have something to read, pressing the great disappointment felt
provided something for them; and, in by the Chancellor of the Exchequer at
Dublin, within the last six months, a not being able to be present at the an-
large edition of Paine's · Age of Rea- nual meeting.
son’ was struck off for gratuitous dis- The Bishop of Norwich, Vice-Pre-
tribution, This is a positive fact; it sident, moved thanks to the Secretaries.
was struck off, and it is at this mo- His lordship spoke nearly as follows--
ment, I believe, in the course of distri- "! In addressing you, probably for the
bution among the lower classes.

last time, considering the advanced age “ My lord, this speaks volumes: it of life at which I have arrived, permit tells us what we should do; for when me, before I proceed to make the mowe see the enemies of God and of truth tion in my hand, to express the heart-felt so active and successful, we, in a bet- satisfaction which I experience in meetter cause, should be equally active, ing so many excellent men, of all religi. that we may be equally successful.” ous persuasions, who, laying aside every

John Thornton, Esq. Treasurer, ex. minor consideration, have the wisdom pressed his grateful thanks at being to perceive, and the piety to feel, that again elected to fill that important union of heart is far more important than office, and the pleasure which he felt uniformity of sentiment towards proin attending to its duties, “It is moting the pious object of this glorious highly gratifying to me,” he added, institution. To the dissenters from the 6 to be able to state to this Society, Established Church, I am happy to that my labours, as treasurer, are have this opportunity of declaring the happily not likely to be diminished. In great obligations we are all under, for a year of most unparalleled difficulties, their unabated exertions in this labour when we must conclude there has been of love ; and permit me to say, that we a considerable defalcation of funds in are no less indebted to the members of some quarters of the country, there has the Established Church, for their assists CHRIST. OBSERV. No. 187,


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the as thot of the mor ble ar? thre TOT

сор ima Dot TISE DESC gres thez me off of and circ ties pir dig OD Soc val stat cuti arm


undeterred by the silly or ma- count, the highest honour that can be levolent aspersions of indifference to the bestowed upon mortal man." establishment.

Thanks to the Presbyteries in Scot“ The best refutation of such false land, Glasgow, &c. were moved by the and groundless charges, is to contem- Bishop of Cloyne, Vice-President, in plate the meliorated state of those the following manner :towns and villages at home where Bi- " I shall detain you but a very few ble Societies have been formed ; and the moments ; but I rise to submit a resoluReport which you have this day heard tion which has been put into my hands. by our incomparable President, will You have been told, that, however we prove, that your exertions have not been

may differ in other respects, we agree thrown away in other countries. In every on the important point of spreading the part of the world, we find that many Scriptures of God and his Christ over who were merely nominal Christians the world. I rise, therefore, as a Bishop have now become true believers; and of the Established Church, with grati. many have been turned, by your means, tude to make this motion. The severe from idols to the living God. If such cold under which I labour will prevent a statement does not animate you to per- my attempting to do justice to it by any severance, nothing I can say will. I remarks which I might feel disposed to shall therefore proceed to make the offer: nor would it be easy to do justice motion I have in my hand ;-a motion to it ; for, not to mention what is due to which will meet the concurrence of eve- the other parties concerned in it, if I ry man who hears me; of every man were to name a body of persons who who knows how to estimate the great have assisted us most, it would be the services of our excellent Secretaries, and Reverend Presbytery of Glasgow. particularly of hiin whose absence we The Rey. John Paterson, from St. this day deplore; an individual of whose Petersburgh :-"My lord, the lateness transcendent merits no eloquence, short of the hour forbids me to enter on a of his own, can convey an idea." detailed account of the proceedings of

The Rev. Edward Burn, in seconding the Society in the North of Europe ; I the motion of the venerable prelate, would only beg leave to observe, that detailed the benefits that had been con- the progress we have made has tended ferred upon the Society by its valued to convince us, more than ever, of the Secretaries,and expatiated upon the suc- great want of the Scriptures which excess of the institution, its simplicity of ists in Denmark, in Sweden, in Finland, character, the permanent nature of its and in Russia ; and the very means fundamental principle, and other cir- which we have used to supply that want cumstances connected with its progress. have led to new discoveries of it, and $6 The Society," said he, “ has realized convinced us that the real extent of the what no scheme of comprehension, no evil is even yet but imperfectly known. legislative enactment, bitherto brought On a moderate calculation, not fewer forward in this country, has been able than fifteen millions of copies of the to accomplish. It has actually establish- Scriptures will be required, before ed, within the British empire, an act of every family in the North of Europe is uniformity; and it is delightful to see furnished with one copy of the Divine the Episcopalian, the Presbyterian, the volume ; and, after this statement, can Independent, and the respectable re- it any longer be doubted whether Bible presentatives of other denominations, Societies were necessary, or whether on the bare statement of your plan, any other plan could have been devised without pain or penalty, as well as to meet the exigency of the case ! without hesitation, flocking to your “ It is gratifying to be able to assert, standard, and offering themselves will- that the desire to possess the Scriptures ingly in aid of your glorious design !" in the North of Europe grows exceed

The Rev. Dr. Skeinkopff, Foreign ingly. Previously to the institution of Secretary, expressed the pain and Bible Societies, this desire was, in a solicitude he felt at the absence of his manner, dormant; 2,000 copies were excellent colleague. Adverting to him- sufficient to supply the annual demand self, he added : " I esteem it my great for the Scriptures; now 200,000 copies est privilege to labour in this cause ; would not suffice. and though sometimes these hands have " We began our career at St. Peterstrembled, and this heart has failed, and burgh by giving notice, in the public many an apprehensive thought has papers, when we had Bibles to sell; but erossed my mind, that soon this body the effect of those advertisements was, might perhaps sink under the accumula- bringing together such a crowd that it tion of burdens, yet to spend and be was almost impossible to proceed with spent in such a service is, in my ac- the business of the depository : we have,

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