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stand fast in the liberty wherewith páplup, however, seems to be liable Christ hath made you free: and to no such ambiguity, but signifies then that gracious God whom you uniformly, not one who sees or looks serve will vouchsafe to


pre- on upon any thing, but one who sence, will guide you by his coun- bears testimony to it. Yet, because sel, and receive you to his glory. he is best qualified to bear tes“ Blessed is the people whose hope timony wbo has seen the thing is in God: they shall walk, O Lord, which he attests, it can seldom in the light of thy countenance : in happen that the words, uáplup or thy name shall they rejoice all the haplopów, should occur, where the day, and in thy righteousness sball idea of seeing, or being, as we say, they be exalted.”

an eye-witness, may not be connect. ed with it. In all the passages cited

by your correspondent Verax, it To the Editor of the Christian Observer. would seem to me, and I am sup: The ambiguity of language is ported in this interpretation by all a common cause of controversy ; lexicographers,) that men are called and a due attention to that am- pápłupes, simply because they are biguity may


prove a cure for or may be required to bear testiit. Thus the English word, “wit- mony, although they are qualified ness," signifies properly one who to be called so by having seen the bears testimony in a court of jus- things which they testify; and tice. But, since the English law al- in Heb. xii. 1. the controverted lows no one to attest what he has not word can only refer, in this view seen, the verb, “ to witness,” soon of its meaning, to those persons came to acquire the sense of seeing; whose history and experience have and it has at length even monopo- qualified them to attest the truth lized that meaning; while we ex- of those unseen and to us distant press the idea of attesting by the realities which are made present to phrase not of witnessing, but of our minds by faith. bearing witness. The Greek word



To the Editor of the Christian Observer. among the Non-conformists ; and The following extract is taken like himself, in early youth she had from an Account of the Life of the chosen her own path : she had exFounder of the English Methodists, amined the controversy, between contained in the First Number of the Dissenters and the Church of the Correspondent, a work an- England, with the utmost diligence, nounced in your Literary Intelli- and satisfied herself that the schisa gence of last month,

The facts matics were in the wrong. The recorded in it may be as new to many dispute, it must be remembered, of your readers as they were to me; related wholly to discipline : but but even those to whom they were her inquiries had not stopt here ; previously kuown will not object and she had reasoned herself into to seeing them in your pages.

Socinianism, from which she was I am, &c.

S., reclaimed by her husband. She was

an admirable woman, of a highly “No man was ever more suitably improved mind, and of a strong mated than the elder Wesley. The and masculine understanding; an wife whom he chose was, like obedient wife, an exemplary mohimself, the child of a man eminent ther, a fervent Christian. Her husband soon attracted notice, by eldest girls go shift for themselves, his learning and ability. Talents be burst open the nursery-door, found their way, in that age, less where the maid lay with five chilreadily into public, than at present; dren; she snatched up the youngest, and therefore, when they appeared, and bade tbe rest follow ber; the they obtained attention the sooner. three elder did; but John, who He was thought capable of for- was at this time six years old, was warding the plans of James II. not awakened by all tbis; and in with regard to religion; and pre- the alarm, he was forgotten. By ferment was promised him, if be the time they reached the hall, the would preach in behalf of the flames were all round them, and king's measures. But instead of Mr. Wesley then found that the reading the king's Declaration, as keys of the door were above stairs. he was required, and though sur- He ran, and recovered them, 'a founded with courtiers, soldiers, minute before the staircase took and informers, he preached boldly fire. When the door was opened, against the designs of the Court;

a strong north east wind drove in taking, for his text, the pointed the flames with such violence, that language of the prophet Daniel, none could stand against them." • If it be so, our God, whom we Some of the children, however, serve, is able to deliver us from the

got through the windows, others burning fiery furnace; and he will through a little door, into the gardeliver us out of thy hand, O den. Unable to do either, owing king! But if not, be it known to the state in which she then was, unto thee, o king, that we will Mrs. Wesley, after three times at. not serve thy gods, nor worship the tempting it in vain, rushed through golden image which thou hast set the fames, into the street, naked up.' When the Revolution was as she was, and escaped with some effected, Mr. Wesley was the first slight scorching of the head and who wrote in its defence. This face. At this time, the child was work he dedicated to Queen Mary, beard to cry in the nursery : until and was rewarded for it with the that moment he had not been reliving of Epworth, in Lincolnshire. membered. The father ran to the It was a large parish, containing stairs; but they were then so nearly about 2,000 souls: but be found consumed, that they could not them in a profligate state ; and the bear his weight; and being utterly zeal with which he discharged bis in despair, he fell on his knees, in duty, in admonishing them of their the ball, and in agony recommended sins, excited a spirit of diabolical the soul of the child to God. John hatred in those whom it failed to mean time, who had been awakened reclaim

Here, on the 17th of by the light, ran to the door, and June, 1703, bis second son, John, finding it impossible to escape the subject of my present letter, there, climbed up upon a chest was born.

that stood near the window. He “ The wretches who hated their was seen from the yard : there was pastor had twice attempted, with- no time to fetch a ladder ; but it out success, to set his house on

was happily a low house : one man fire : they succeeded in a third at- was hoisted up upon the shoulders tempt. At midoight, some burning of another, and was then able to pieces of wood fell upon one of his take him out at the window; a daughters, and awoke her. At the inoment later, and it would have same time Mr. Wesley, hearing a been too late : the whole roof fell cry of Fire !' from the street,started. in; but it fell inward, or they must His wife was very ill at the time, have all been crushed together. and therefore slept in another When the child was carried into room. Bidding her and the two the house where his parents were,

Sir, yours,

the father cried out, . Come, neigh- ligious instruction and are genebours, let us kneel down, let us give rally obliged, from the nature of thanks to God! He has given me their employment, to neglect puball my eight children; let the house lic worsbip. How important, therego; I am rich enough!' This fore, is it that they should be furprovidential escape was ever re- nished with an opportunity of readmembered by John Wesley, through ing the boly Scriptures ! But I life, with the deepest gratitude. leave the matter to wiser heads, Under one of his portraits, there and am, is the representation of a house in flames, with this motto: . Is not

J. A. C. this a brand plucked out of the burning?!"

To the Editor of the Christian Observer:

It will be found, on the fullest inTo the Editor of the Christian Observer, quiry which can be given to the I am an old man, and have lived subject, that the Roman CATHOto see great things; things wbich LICS at large, and the JESUITS have been the joy and rejoicing of in particular, are merely parts of my heart. All the religious insti- the same great aggregate.

The tutions which have fallen under my head of the Catholic Church is, as notice, tend to promote the glory. it were, the centre of a system, of God, and the salvation of men ; round which those Catholics who and to most of them have I been are not Jesuits' revolve in more a contributor. It is not my inten- regular orbits; while those who tion, sir, to institute any comparison are Jesuits (like the comets of the of their relative excellency: but solar system) describe more eccertainly the British and Foreign centric courses. The Jesuits, howBible Society is one of the most ever, still derive all their heat and important; and perhaps no society influence from the same has met with such general accept out of which the other members of ance, both at home and abroad. the Catholic hierarchy are supplied Nor is this matter of surprise, when in common with themselves. If we consider the simplicity of its the Jesuits, like the fiery stars of plan, the magnitude of its object, our system, occasionally cross the and the blessings it has imparted path of the Catholics, and threaten to the poor as well as to the rich; them with injury or destruction, it to the captive as well as to him is not the less certain that both the who is at liberty ; to persons in Jesuits and the Catholics at large workbouses, hospitals, and other are constituent parts of one commansions of sorrow and pain. prehensive circle, whose centre is There is, however, one department at. Rome, and whose circumference in which I suspect the want of is every where. It is therefore to Bibles is great: I mean, in inns, be expected that, until the Papal hotels, &c. &c. This first struck Church can cordially tolerate a me when I was at a large inn in Protestant state, the JESUITS will the West of England, between four still continue to be, what they have and five years ago'; and again, been from their origin, the most with still more force, when lately active and farmidable of her agents, at an hotel and inn London. I to whom she will look with confimost devoutly wish that some plan dence for the destruction or huwere adopted for supplying these miliation of those who either conplaces with Bibles, for the use of demn,her religious errors or op.. the servants. Every one knows pose her political pretensions. No they are exposed to great tempta- iwo descriptions of men could be Lions--bare very few means of re- more opposite to each other, in







principles and conduct, than the ciety,“ in order that the said Pharisees and Sadducees of old; states may freely receive all who yet they were alike enemies to real desire to be, or shall be, admitted Christianity and its Divine Founder. into the order; and power is grantIn like manner, the Catholics pro- ed to the members to apply ibemper, and the Jesuits, although in selves to the education of youth, many things of very opposite sen- to direct colleges and seminaries, timents and feelings, are yet pledged to hear confessions, to preach, and to one common hostility with Pro- administer the sucraments.The testants of every name ; because they several colleges, houses, and memare equally agreed in asserting and bers of the order, and all who shall maintaining such fundamental er- join it, are then taken under the rors, both in religion and policy, as protection of the holy see, which Protestants can never fail to protest reserves the power of prescribing against, so long as they retain any and directing all that may be pemore than their name.

cessary to consolidate the Society It will, perhaps, therefore, ap

and more; to render it pear that, until POPERY shall lose

stronger, and to purge it of abuses, her intolerant character, in which

CREEP IN. case she must cease to be Popery,) The Society and all its members JESUITISM will have lost none of are then recommended strongly her PECULIAR DANGER.

" to temporal princes and lords, The restoration of the order of to archbishops and bishops, and to Jesuits took place on the 7th of all persons in authority, who are August, 1814, by a bull of the exhorted and conjured, not only present Pope, Pius VII., which is to suffer them to remain unmolestwell worth consulting : it sets forth ed, but to see that they are treated the duty of the Pope "to employ with all kindness and charity. " all bis power to relieve the spiritual The apostolic constitutions of the wants of the Catholic world,”- founder of the order, Pope Paul recites the revival of the order in III., and others, are revived ja Russia, in 1801, on the prayer of favour of the Jesuits; and, in short, the EMPEROR PAUL, and in Si- they are placed in the same condicily, in 1804, on that of KING tion of privilege and power as they FERDINAND; it then states, that anciently enjoyed. The bull is the Pope would “deem bimself directed to be inviolably “observed guilty of a great crime towards in all future time, and that it shall God, if, amidst the dangers of the never be submitted to the judgment Christian Republic, he should neg. or revision of any judge, with lect to employ the aids which the whatever power he may be clothed; special Providence of God had put declaring null and void any enin his power; and if, placed in the croachment on those regulations bark of St. Peter, and tossed by either knowingly or from ignocontinual storms, he should refuse rance.” The bull of Pope Clement to employ the vigorous and expe- XIV. who abolished the order, is rienced powers who volunteered their then expressly abrogated ! (one inservices." It then declares, that fallible head of the church abrothe Pope,“ in virtue of the ple- gating the decree of another innitude of apostolic power, and with fallible head of the church :)-and perpetual validity, had decreed it is lastly stated, that " if any one that the concessions made to the shall attempt, by an audacious teJesuits in Russia and Sicily should merity, to infringe or oppose any extend to all his ecclesiastical part of this ordinance, be will states, and to all other states.” All thereby incur the indignation of necessary powers are then granted Almighty God, and of the holy to the present General of the So Apostles!!!"

The publication of this bull was readers as are unacquainted with followed by an act ordaining the them, may find them detailed, in restitution of the funds which were fearful array, in a short “ Report the patrimony of the Jesuits, and of the Society for superseding making compensation for their climbing Boys; ** where they will confiscated property.

also find the names and addresses The order of the Jesuits was of many chimney-sweepers in and founded by Pope Paul III., who by about London who use the mahis bull, dated March, 1545, per- chine. mits them to alter, annul, or re- Very active exertions are now vive, at pleasure, as times, places, making by some great and good and circumstances may require, men, to promote the object of this their constitutions made, or to be Society; and there can be no doubt made: and, in another bull, dated of their being crowned with sucNovember, 1549, be sanctions the cess; but as publicity is of great despotism of the General, by giving importance, the introduction of bim complete jurisdiction over the the subject in your magazine may members, and power over the funds tend in no small degree to basten of the Society, together with the the period when this reproach shall privilege of sending any individual be wiped away; for such an appeal of the order wherever he may as this can hardly be so well di. please.

rected as to the readers of the The above statement is taken Christian Observer; to each of from the introduction to the “ His- whom I would humbly and affectory of the Jesuits,” lately publish- tionately recallour blessed Saviour's ed in 2 vols. 8vo. by Baldwin and declaration, “ Forasmuch as ye Co.

did it to one of these little ones, ye C.J. did it unto me."

I am, &c. To the Editor of the Christian Observer. Though your pages are devoted chiefly to religious subjects, I For the Christian Observer. trust you will not think a sinall

LINES WRITTEN IN SICKNESS, part of them ill occupied by an at

ON PS. XXX. 4, 5. tempt to call the attention of your “ Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of his ; readers to the practice of cleansing and give thanks at the remembrance of chimneys,by means of climbingboys. his holiness. For his anger endureth This practice seems to involve so

but a moment : in his favour is life. much sin on one side, and so much

Weeping may endure for a night, but

joy cometh in the morning." misery on the other, that it seems

Weat thanks I owe thee, Heavenly impossible that any persons of com

LORD, mon humanity, above all, that any For all the wonders of thy word! “ who call themselves Christians," In ev'ry pang, in ev'ry fear, should not rejoice in the oppor- I find the treasured comfort here. tunity of diminishing, and finally Thy chastning anger soon is past; doing away the evil, by using and Thy healing mercies ever last,

And with reviving influence shed by recommending the new plan of Eternal blessings on my head! sweeping chimneys by means of a machine. Were I not fearful of Uplifts my streaming eyes to God;

When penitence, in trembling mood, taking up too much space in your And sins of ev'ry name and age publication, I would mention some By turns my mournful thoughts engage; of the evils we inflict on friendless

* Sold by Baldwin, Paternoster-row; infants, and some of the crimes we

Hatchard, Piccadilly ; Colburn, Conencourage, by a continuance of the

duit-street; and Wilson, Royal Expresent system ; but such of your change. Price 63. CHRIST. OBSERV. No. 182.


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