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dangerous concession-a concession of the very points which chiefly render' Protestanism worth contending for? Shall we be blamed if we aim our cry of “No Popery,” not at avowed Papists, but professed Protestants ; and if we are less anxious to exclude the former from a participation of our civil franchises, than we are to guard our own hearts, and those of our readers, from the destructive influence of their religious errors ?

But, in the second place, there are not a few Protestants, who, in avoiding the errors just mentioned, have run into an opposite extreme, no less blameable and dangerous. The Antinomian heresy appears to us to be as much at variance with true Protestanism as the spirit of Popery itself. Its leading doctrines are, the eternal justification and imputed sanctification of redeemed sinners. The only evidence required to entitle a man to regard himself as a member of this privileged' body, is the persuasion that he belongs to it; and this persuasion is made the substitute for that “ faith which worketh by lov

love” and holy obedience. Conformably to these views, the believer is set free from the obligations of the Moral Law as a rule of life : even repentance is no longer a duty ; sanctification is no longer a progressive but a finished work; and the Holy Spirit ceases to be the Author of conversion, or even to be a Party to the Covenant of Grace.

Such is the Antinomianism of the present day. Its perversions of scriptural truth are so monstrous that it would be a flagrant dereliction of our duty not to watch their development, and not to endeavour, to the best of our feeble powers, to expose their tendency, and to arrest their progress.

But while we feel it to be incumbent on us strenuously to contend against the opposite errors to which we have briefly adverted, we are anxious to be enabled to conduct every controversy in which we may be engaged, in a spirit of kindness and moderation, of truth and love. The wrath of man, we are well assured, worketh not the righteousness of God.

And we would impress it upon our own minds, as well as on those of our readers, that “ there will come a time when three words uttered with charity and meekness shall receive a far more blessed reward than three thousand volumes written with disdainful sharpness of wit."*

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LIT. INTEL.-Great Britain : New

RELIG. Com.Some Account of

Works; Oxford ; Cambridge ;
the late Rey. David Brown 1

London Christenings and Bu-
On Acts viii, 14-16

rials ; Plundering

A second Paper on the same Text

NewClock; Printing Machine ;

On Worldly Conformity


Revenue, &c.


Family Sermon, on 1 Tim. i. 15 11 India : Hindoo College; College
Bishop Burnet on Baptism 16 of Fort William.


MISCEL.--Means of Improving the Africa; Congo Expedition


Condition of Labouring Classes 17 List of New Publications


Reply to Letter of "A Scotchwo- REL. INTEL.Brit. and For.Bible

man" in Number for Nov. last 20 Society-Russia ; Prince Gal.
Further Remarks produced by the

Letter of " A Scotchwoman" 23 Leander Von Ess ---India-

Query respecting the Orthodoxy

Chipa-Java-Louisiana. 119

of Newton and Locke

25 Watson's Defence of Methodist

Address of Island of Iceland to

Missions in West Indies 121

the Brit. and For. Bible Society ih. PUB. AFF.--Foreign lotelligence-
Address of our Saviour to Penitents 26 Meeting of Parliament; Prince
Verses on Thankfulness

27 Regent's Speech; Attack on
REV. OF--The Bishop of Carlisle's

Regent; Report of SecretCom-
Charge to his Clergy

ib. mittees on Treasonable Prac-
Rev.op Rev.-Letter of Mr. Wey-

tices; Remedial Measures ; Ar-
land, on Review ; with a Reply 50 rests; Parliamentary Reform ;
LIT. INTEL.-Great Britain : New

Retrenchment; PublicThanks-

Works announced ; The Cor-

giving for Regent's Escape 126

respondent; Trade to India, &c. 53


Russia : China : Ceylon; Aboli- RELIG.Com.-Danger to Ministers

tion of Slavery

54 of the Gospel from Fear of Man 133

List of New Publications

55 T. Scott on Acts viii. 15-17 138

RELIG. INTEL.---Sunday-School Society for promoting Christian

Society for Ireland. .

57 Knowledge on Ephes, ü. 8 139

Progress of Schools in Antigua 59 On Genesis xxii. 14


PUB.A*F,-France : FinanciałDir- Effects of lingering Indisposition,

ficulties ; Elections - United

and its Claims to Sympathy 141

States : President's Speech ;

On the Indecorous Mode of say.

African Seminary--South Ame-

ing Grace at Meals


rica-West Indies--Parliament 63 Dr. Owen on an ancient but re-


vived Heresy


RELIG.COM.--Account of the late Family Sermon, on John i. 14

Rev. David Brown (concluded) 65 (for Good Friday)


Rev.J.Jebb's Def.of bis Appendix 71 Miscel.-Philander meditating on

Family Sermon, on Psa. Ixxiii. 28 79 the Sabbath


On Meaning of the Word Map tup 83 Strictures on O’Callaghan's At-

MISCEL.-Account of Parents of J.

tack on the Bible Society 151

Wesley,andAnecdote of himself ib. Inquiry respecting the Author of

A Hint to the Bible Society . 87 the Whole Duty of Man 157

Facts respecting the Jesuits ib. Rev.0F- The Gospels and Acts of
Remonst, against Use of climbing

Apostles in Hebrew, by London

Boys, in sweeping Chimneys 89 Society for Conversion of Jews 161

Lines written in Sickness, on Psa. Brown's Prize-Essay on Being and

XXX. 4, 5 .

ib. Attributes of God (concluded) 175

Posthumous Poems: A Canzo.

Sumner's Prize-Essay on Creation

nette; Translation of an Italian

and Attributes of God (concl.) ib.

Sonnet; Paraphrase of Psalıns LIT. INTEL.--New Works; Patri-

xxiv, xlii, and cxxii.

90 otic Tracts; Survey of Great

REV. Or-Custance's Popular Sur-

Britain ; Chimney Sweeping ;


East India College, &c.

vey of the Reformation, &c. . 92

Brown's Prize-Essay on the Be-

List of New Publications


ing and Attributes of God. . 101 Relig. INTEL.-- Missions of United

Sumpers Pr.-Essay on Records of

Brethren ; Address to Public 195


Society for Gaelic Schools

Creation, and Attributes of God ib.

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Church Missionary Society · . 200 On Ephes. ii. 8. .


(London) Missionary Society . 201 On the ecessity of mutual For-


Christianity in India


bearance in Domestic Life

Pub. AFF, United States; Mr. Family Sermon, on Rom. xv. 13 293

Monroe President -- France; Mis.-Expediency of Novel Read. 298

Talleyrand--China-- Treat- On the Doctrine and Discipline

ment of Bonaparte--Execu-

of the Syrian Christians . . 301

tion of Ca map-Disturban- REV. OP-Wilson on Regeneration 304

cese in Somersetshire and at

Beachcroft's Sermons


Manchester----Suspension of

White's Sermons


Habeas Corpus Act,&c. ; Lot-

Darnell's Sermons


tery, &c.

202 LIT. INTEL.-Great Britain : New

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS 204 Works ; Board of Agriculture;


Aurora Borealis; Spring Guos;

RELIG. Com. On the Resurrec-

Melted Grain ; Steam Boats ;

tion of the Body, I Cor. xv. 205 Pegging; Distilled Water . . 33 1

On Gen. ij. 4-6, and Eph. ii. 2 212 Russia : Tolerating Rescript


Remarks on State of the Church

China, Statistical Account of .


of Christ in this Country 213 Java : Hiodu Sculpture


Nature of "the World" which

List of New Publications


Christians are to renounce . 217 Relig. IXTEL.–Books printed at

Family Sermon,on Matt. xxiv.44 219 Oxford and Cambridge 337

Queries respecting appropriate Prayer-book and Homily Socie-
Duties of present Crisis


ty : Anniversary; Report . . ib.

MISCEL. -- Account of two Officers, Church of England Tract Socie-

who died lately in Barbadoes 224 ty; Annual Meeting ; Report 338

On reading Works of Imagination 227 British and Foreigo Bible Socie-
Inquiry respecting Rev. G.Keath 229 ty; Anniversary

Remarks on Papers of A. A. and Church of England in Canada

Candidus, on Novel-reading 230 Appeal; Want of Churches,
On Travels of Lewis and Clarke 231 &c.


Alterations in late Edition of Nel- Pub. AFF.-Unsettled State of

son'sCompan. to Festivals,&c. 232 France; Population of Paris . 341

Petition of Oneida Indians to the

Distresses in Italy, Switzerland,
Governor of New York 233 &c.; Spain and Portugal, Jew-
Rev. 0F-Gregoire's Hist.of relig.

işh Christians in Russia ; Em-

Sects of last & presentCentury 234

bassy to China.


Lord Byron's third Canto of Seditious Meetings; Thistlewood;

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage 246 Habeas Corpus Suspension

LIT. INTEL.-Great Britain: New

Act; Catholic Question; Lot-

Works ; Exports from Great

teries; Relief of Poor; Reform ;

Britain ; Bees ; Poor Rates 259 Clerical Residence.


List of New Publications


RELIG. INTEL.-Brit,and For. Bi-


ble Society : Annual Meeting

announced ; Pinkerton's Tour 262 Relig. Com.-Institution and Ob-

Baptist Missions in India; Ben-

ligation of the Christian Sab-

gal; Hindoosthan; Mahratta



Country ; Surat, &c.

267 On Gen. ii. 4–6. and Ephes. ii. 2 355

Lock Asylum

270 On Gen. xxii. 14.


Society for Sunday Schools


On Christian Charity .


Forest of Dean .

271 Family Sermon, on Pea. civ. 34 359

Church Missionary Society : Epis- MISCEL.-Necessity of discriminat-

copal Church of United States;

ing Characters in Sermons, &c. 364

Mr. Bickersteth's Journal 272 Remarks on a Passage in British

PUB. AFF.-France; Sweden ;

Critic on Missions


Prussia ; United States ; Po.

On the Influence of the Litera-

land ; Distress on the Continent 275 ture of Fiction


Great Britain : Parliament; Man- REV. 0F-Sermons, by G. S. Faber 375

chester Plot; Carlisle; Cobbett 276 LIT. INTEL.--Great Britain : New


Works; Cambridge; Waterloo

Subscription; Safety Lamp-

RELIG.COM.-Letter from aFather Ruins of Pompeii; Bavarian

to his Son, on Worldly Conform. 277 Ordinance; Trial by Jury in

Reply to “A Layman's" Re-

Ceylon; Himalaya Mountains 397

marks on Ephes, ij. 8 .

288 List of New Publications ..... 398

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RELIG, INTEL.-British and Fo.


reign Bible Society : Apviver- Relig.Com.-Lise or Rev.N.Ferrar 481

sary Report

399 Incorrect Ideas of Justification

Church Missionary Society: Se-

the Source of other Errors


venteenth Anniversary, &c. 404 Family Sermon, on 2Cor. vi, 17,18 497
National Education Society An- MISCEL --On Female Education in
nual Meeting ; Report 405 Ireland (concluded)


British and Foreign School So-

Allegory .

. 505

ciety; Anniversary; Report 406 Hints to temporary Residents in

PUB. AFF:- Important Changes in

the Country


South America; Revolution-

Poetry--OA Faith


ary Movements in Portugal;

-On Waterloo Bridge ib.

United States

407 REV.OF-Pearson's Life and Writ.

Great Britain: Newspeaker; Es-

ings of Dr.Claudius Buchanan 509

timated Income and Expendi-

The Chorchian dissuaded from

ture; State Trials ; State of the

becoming a Member of the

Country ; Places of Worship ib. Bible Society



The Churchman upheld in his

RELIG.COM.--Brief Memoir of the

Support of the Bible Society ib.
late Lady Edward O'Brien 409 LIT.INTEL-Great Britaio: New

On the spiritual Observance of

Works; Tweddell’s Remains 538

the Sabbath

411 Magnetizing Power; Comet :: 540

Remarks on Antinomianism 413 Chinney Sweeping: House of
Characteristic Differences be.

Cominons' Report

tween two Classes of Clergy 416 List of New Publications

Family Sermon, on 2 Cor. vi. 1. ib. RELIG.İNTEL-Church Missionary
Farther Remarks on Discrimina-

Society: Bickersteth's Journey 543
tion of Character in Sermons 420 Society for Relief of poor pious

IncorrectQuotations from Lowth,

Clergy : Report; Cases 1. 547

in Mant's Family Bible 423 Russ. Bible Society-Fourth An-
Unfair Interpola tio i of Writings

niversary; Progress of Institut. 519

of ancient Authors.

424 Pub. AFF:-Capture of the Indian

Miscel.-Oninfluence of the Liter-

Fortress of Hattrass, &c. 550
ature of Fiction (concluded) 425 · Restoration in France of Half-pay

Corrections in last Edition of Dr.



Mant's Tracts

429 Spanish and Portuguese America ib.

Distressed State of the Parish of

Owen's Plan for the Extinction


430 of Pauperism


Hints relative to Education of ECCLESIASTICAL PRÉFERMENTS ib.

Female Children in Charity


Schools in Ireland

ib. RELIG. COM.-Memoir of the late

Rev. OF-Mackenzie's Life and

Mrs. J-

• 553

Writings of Calvin

434 On Gen. iii. 22, 23


Calvio's Institutes of Christian

Inquiry into the Scriptural Mo-

Religion, translated by Allen ib. tives to Christian Duty 561

" Narrative of a ten-years? Resi- Family Sermon, on Gal. ii. 20 565

dence at Tripoli”


MISCEL: --On Party-Spirit 569

LIT. INTEL.-Great Britain : New-

Habits of Business pot inconsis-

Works; Oxford; Cambridge ;

tent with Mental Culture 573

North Pole

467 On Novel-reading, in Reply to

Philosophical Expedition to the



Orkneys; Dr. Gregory on Republication of Crisp's Sermons 577
Weights and Measures ; Ave. REV.OF-Pearson'sLife&Writings
rage Commitments forCrimes;

of Dr.C.Buchanan (continued) 579
Temperature of the Sea 468 Chalmers's Astronomical Dis-

Brit. Museum ; Waterloo Bridge 469 courses on Christian Revelation 588

List of New Publications


LIT. INTEL. -Great Britain: New

RELIG.Intel.-British andForeign



Bible Society; Anniversary 470 GoldSovereigns; Convicts trans-

Translations of Polish Scriptures 476 ported; Vaccination; Artificial

Penitentiary at Millbank . 477 Congelation ; Chinese Potting 610

PUB. AFP.-Prospect of abundant Climate of NewS. Wales; Blind re-

Harvest; Regent's Speech ;

stored; Improvements in Peters-

Finance, Public Credit; Ha-

burgh; Incombustible Varnish 611

beas Corpus Suspension Act;'

List of New Publications . ib.

Poor Laws; Slave Trade ib. RELIG.INTEL -LondonSociety for


480 Conversion of Jews ; Report 613

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