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dicated dissolution to be near: the Tam magnum flumen procreat

Ut Cambriæ sufficiat, discordancy of which last assertion with that of Mr. Stubbs has dis

Ægri qui dant rogamina,

Reportant medicamina. composed the vicar apostolical, Rubro guttatos lapides who assures us, in a note, that the In scatebris reperies ;. physician once said, " that he sup- In signum sacri sanguinis posed there was no occasion of in- Quem WEN EFREDA virginis quiring after poor Winifred White."

Guttur truncatum fuderat, &c. However, Dr. Milner may tranquillize himself: the contrariety be

Winifred White, therefore, of tween the surgeon and physician is Wolverhampton, had the very panot, perhaps, very material; but one tural desire, given over as she was thing it is material to observe, (for by her medical attendants, to seek had the fact been otherwise, Dr. Mil- for supernatural relief at St. Wininer himself would, doubtless, have fred's well. stated it triumpbantly,) that both Before, bowever, she undertook the physician and surgeon were

this course, it was thought need. Papists : so that those who judged ful that she should consult her of ihe complaint were of the same spiritual guidesso careful is religion with him who pronounced the Church of Rome to direct her upon the miracle.

children aright, and to preserve Under these circumstances, la- them from error! The priest is to bouring under this nervous com- say, where miraculous help should plaint, having this enlargement of be sought; and the bishop is to the vertebræ, attended by paraly., declare both the law and fact, which sis of the left side, Winifred White in this case are one and the same, received no benefit either from and to decide whether a miraculous the prescriptions of Dr. Underhill cure has been performed. After or the operations of Mr. Stubbs; having been fortified thus in her and they, exhausting their efforts resolution by two priests, who apupon her in vain, deemed her proved of ber molives, but discomplaint incurable,-a state of couraged at the same time by Mrs. things by no means uncommon, Withenberry, who had not so much and leading to an inference by no faith as her servant and the priests, means unnatural.

Winifred commenced her pilgrimHappily, however, for this af- age to. Holywell; and early on flicted patient, she had been chris- the morning of the 28th of June, tened 'Winifred White—a fact baving performed her special acts which argues something of an al. of devotion, consisting, it may be most prophetical spirit in her pa- supposed, of a novena to St. Winirents." But whether that be so or fred, and, above all, not forgetting not, those who gave her this name the virgin Mary--who, as " regida in baptism, taught her no doubt to cæli,"queen of heaven, must be queen chant with lisping accents those of the earth and of all things under inimitably beautiful verses, pre- the earth-she left her lodging, served by Ranulphus Higden, and, together with three other la. Monk of St. Werburgs, in the dies who were all seeking for cures, fourteenth century, who finishes as piously, no doubt, as Winifred, his account de Mirabilibus Terræ crawled down to the well-a well Walliæ with the following descrip- of which the stones (we are told) tion of St. Winifred's Well : are streaked with blood, and the

moss is odoriferous ; and which Ad Basingwick fons oritur,

(as it is somewhat more to the pur: Qui satis vulgo dicitur,

pose to notice) is remarkable Et tantis bullis scaturit

for the astonishing force and quan, Quod mox injecta rejicit. tity of water which it constantly


and invariably shoots forth, some and three other witnesses at Holy, writers say at the rate of twenty, well; of J. Weld, Jun. Esq., and six, some of more than a hundred two priests; and in addition to all, tons every minute.In this well, we have the declaration froin Mr. sending forth with astonishing force Stubbs himself, that this cure is to so many tons of water in a minute, be accounted for on no principle of by the assistance of one of her com- medicine with which he is acquaintpanions, Winifred White was im- ed. But be it well observed, there mersed;

66 the effect of which was is no such declaration from Dr. Unso surprising and overpowering, that derhill. A physician living in Man. she was unable to recollect herself chester would hardly take upon bin. or attend to the state of her bealth, self even to insinuate, that in order till she began to change her bath- to account for this cure, we must ing,dress in the adjoining cabin, have recourse to the supposition of a when sbe found she could stand miracle; he would not venture upon upon her left leg as firmly as this in a popular town where he was upon her right, and that the excru- just beginning to practise, and if he ciating pains in her back, as well had done so, none but Papists would as her other maladies, had quite have believed him: and even they left her: in a word, that in every would have been bound in duty to respect she was perfectly well." have suspended their assent, until She remained, indeed, a fortnight Bishop Milner bad pronounced longer at Holywell, and bathed two that the

was miraculous. or three times more; but this was But where Dr. Uuderbill hesiin compliance with custom, and to, tated, Dr. Milner did not : for satisfy the importunity of her be has not hesitated to declare friends.

this is the finger of God;' or, in Here, then, in Dr. Milner's plain words, an evident miracle words, “is an unquestionable mira. hath been wrought amongst us." cle ;" an "evident miracle:" here Nor is this wonderful; for Dr. Milis a cure, concerning which the ner's “craftis as evidently be. vicar apostolical will not hesitate nefited by such a declaration as a to declare, in the language of the physician's would have been injured Scripture, this is the finger of by it. In Dr. Milner, truly, there God;' (Exod. viii. 19.:) and even is nothing like hesitatioo; so confia in this age of domineering vice dent is be that his assertions never and incredulity, God hath not can be disproved that he courts a left himself without testimony ; most rigorous investigation. He (Acts xiv. 16.) or, to speak in plain is willing to put this miracle into, terms, that an evident miracle bas the crucibles of Campbell, Douglas, been wrought amongst us." (p. 24.) or Paley, persuaded that it will If witnesses are demanded, we have not lose one particle of its weight, abundance of them, with their tes-, but will come out of the furnace. timonies at full length; and" purer than answer of these were Protestants, some to this bold challenge, it may be Catholics ; some were English, readily admitted, that this cure was others Welch; some resided at related at the time when, and conWolverhampton, others at Liver.firmed in the place where, it bappool, others at Holywell.” (p. 23.) pened ; that it is detailed with We have the testimony of Winifred sufficient particularity; that it reherself; of ber mistress and her quires (as we learn in the adverdaughter; of the ladies at the well: tisement) no otiose assent; that it of the keeper of the well; of the cannot be a false perception; that mistress of the inn; of the woman it was sudden, or nearly so, in itself; of the house where Winifred lodged: that it is permanent (as I suppose we have also that of Mr. Clubb, at least) in its effect; that it rests not




on the evidence of a solitary wit- he ever reject those who came to ness; and that there is probity (for Him for relief? Could that diffithat I have no intention to deny) culty, which Dr. Milner supposes in those who have given their tes- may now disquiet the minds of the timony.

pious, have perplexed them in the But shall we allow that the cir- primitive times? Such a question cumstances attending this cure do in those days manifestly could not not admit of exaggeration ? Are have arisen ; and never was it adwe certain that it is not adduced duced until pretences to miracles merely in affirmation of old opi- gave occasion to it, when bappily pions ? Shall we admit that it is not (or unhappily) there were ricars precisely of that kind which Dr. apostolical as well to compose the Paley terms tentative ; that is, minds of humble inquirers as “to

where, out of a great number of confute the objections of the intrials, some succeed;" an obser- credulous." vation which bears, he says, with But to proceed a step furthermuch force upon the ancient ora- Were it even to be admitted that cles and auguries, and upon the Dr. Milner's sanction was just, and

wrought by relics, and at tbat Winifred White, of Wolverthe tombs of saints, and which, it bampton, was miraculously cured may be added, bears also with so at St. Winifred's Well; could we, much force upon the cure now un. even then, be certain that tbe mi. der consideration, that Dr. Milner racle was any otherwise from God, has attempted, in a note, (p. 40,) to than that it was effected by His perprevent its making an impression mission ? Will the vicar apostolical upon the minds of the pious. ioform us, (for we know that Satan

They ask” (and well they may) can change himself into an angel “wby all the patients who frequent of light,) what is the true test for this fountain, with apparently good trying the spirits whether they be dispositions, are not equally reliev- of God ? Has he any better than ed from their infirmities ?" Why, for this, that whatever tends to support instance, the ladies from Liverpool, the cause of the Romish Church especially she who was so charitable must be right ? I am convinced as to bathe Winifred, did not re- that he has no better criterion : (bis ceive benefit as surely supernatu- being like that of all Papists, the ral as Winifred herself? To these true fides carbonaria :) but it is a pious queries the vicar apostolical rule with us Protestants to try the answers, that Christ did not per- spirits by the Scriptures, knowing form the same miracles at Naza. that if even an angel from heaven reth which be did at Capernaum. opposed these records, we must But is this a satisfactory answer? hold him accursed. --Were we Did our Lord, who declared, “bim then here to admit of the exertion that cometh to'me I will in no wise of supernatural power, it would cast out," refuse, even when at Na- yet be a question whether it were a zateth, the application of one single lying wonder of Satan's,or a miracle supplicant, who came to him with from God; and to decide the point, faith, and a desire for what he alone we must appeal to the law and the could bestow? Is there any in- testimony. But surely, in order to stance upon record to this effect? account for the removal of a nerAre we not expressly told why vous disorder and contraction of Christ did not many miracles there, relaxed ligaments, by immersion even because of their unbelief? into a well shooting forth one hunWhere is the relevancy, then, of dred tons of water in a minute, we Dr. Milner’s reference ? Had our need not have recourse to the supe Lord's miracles the slightest ap- position of miraculous interference. pearance of being tentatite ? Did This is very obvious; and, accordi

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ingly we discover, from Dr. Milner's Dr. Edward Baynard, a man of the pamphlet, that some incredulous highest credit and celebrity. At beretics, like myself, have anticipa- a place called Harrow-on-the-Hill, ted me in suggesting, that a tub of the ancient name of which was cold water at Wolverhampton would 'Herga,' or 'Castra super Colla'-a have produced the same effect as place well known in the county of the water at Holywell. It is not a Middlesex, and to myself particulittle amusing to notice the altered. larly, wbo there first paid my court tone which the doctor assumes, upon to the muses—there is a certain the introduction of this tub of cold countryman now living, who was water. In the words already quoted, afflicted for the space of almost he had just been saying, "I will six months, with dreadful pains of not besilate to declare, that an wandering gout, paralysis, and evident miracle hath been wrought spasm, so to be unable to amongst us.” But the tub of cold stand. Numberless medicines were water produces such a sudden ef- administered without affording fect on the feverish state of the any relief; when, astonishing to doctor's imagination, that for a mo- relate! upon being only once ment he seems to come to his senses, plunged into this cold bath, he and exclaims with as much reve- was entirely delivered from all rence as if the tub bad contained these alarming complaints, and was holy water, “ Far be it from me to restored to perfect health. He indeny the natural efficacy of cold deed was advised to repeat the use bathing, and of drinking cold water, of the bath two or three times; but either at Holywell, or any where it was only to confirm his health else;" and then in a subdued tone, which had been re-established...... 66 but I think I am warranted in .“ But I must not here omit menmaintaining, that these, as natural tioning those springs, which have remedies, never yet cured a patient been celebrated amongst the inha: in the lamentable situation of this bitants of North Wales for above young woman.” Instantly, howe. three centuries, on account of the ver, rising up to fever heat again, wonders said to be wrought there. he exclaims, “ Thus much I am I give them the name of Albicolperfectly sure of, that whatever livæ frigidæ,' because it answers considerable good effects have ever to the old Welch words. Gwenvre, been produced by these or other or Gwenbre, which in Latin is natural remedies, have taken place · Albus Collis :' and as wy in the gradually, and by a repetition of Welch tongue means water,' it is them.” Let not the vicar apostoli. evident that it was the old Welch cal be too positive upon this point: word Gwepvrewy, or Gwenbrewy, I beg to present bim, bis Right which afforded a handle to John Rev. brethren, and also Mr. Stubbs, Pennant, abbot of Shrewsbury, for with the following translation of a patching up, according to the cuscomment upon those verses (b. i. tom of those barbarous times, a epist. 15.) of Horace.

vulgar traditionary tale ; and for

daring to pretend, that a certain Nam mihi Baias Musa supervacuas Antonius, et tamen

divine person or nymph, had exillis

isted, to whom he gave the Saxon Me facit invisum, gelida cum perluor appellation of Winifred."* unda

Now, Mr. Editor, I do not intend Per medium frigus.

to institute any formal comparison “But bebold what happened in between the cure of Winifred London, at a spring called . Par. White and that of the country, son's Well," (Fons Clericorum.) The It is not mine to adjust the account I received from an eminent

* Vol. ii. Q. Horat. Flacc. Op. Notis Fellow of the College of Physicians, var. Lond. Browne et Warren. 1793.


conflicting claims of these rival the strongest impressions of terror. wonders. Let Dr. Milner, if he After this incident he lived many pleases, maintain, that a nervous years, free from any symptoms of complaint, and disease of the spine, the gout.”. (Faulkner on the Pasaffecting balf the body for abové sions, p. 92.)-What will he say, three years, although during that when we inform bim from the best time the patient could walk with a authority, that the troubles in Scotstick, and even without one, is · land, in the years 1745 and 1746, worse than dreadful pains for near almost exterminated hysteric affec. half a year of wandering gout, pa- tions ? (Vide Faulkner, p. 129.) ralysis, and spasms, so that the But we have yet more surprising patient could not stand on his feet. wonders than these, though they Let the doctor have every benefit have not been regularly sanctioned as that can result from the compari- miracles by ecclesiastical authority. son.

I still must contend, and I " When the scurvy, amongst other call upon

the doctor, bis Right Rev. misfortunes, made its appearance brethren, and Mr. Stubbs, to dis- during the siege of Breda, in the prove it, if they can, that the cases year 1625, and carried off such are in kind precisely similar; that great numbers that the garrison if the cure of Winifred White was were inclined towards a surrender miraculous, that of this man was of the place, the Prince of Orange, miraculous also ; that if the cure anxious to prevent its loss, conof this man was, natural, though trived to introduce letters promisextraordinary, the same nust be ing the most speedy assistance. true of what has been recorded re- These were accompanied with mespectiog Winifred White.

dicines against the scurvy, said to But Dr. Milner has not done with be of great price, and still greater miracles. We are presented, by efficacy. Three small vials of meway of an episode to tbat of Wini- dicine were presented to each phyfred White, with tåree others ;- sician. It was publicly given out, one of a woman cured at this cele- that four drops were sufficient to brated well of St. Winifred of a impart a healing virtue to a gallon cancer ; another, the case of a of liquor. We now displayed our Presbyterian, cured at the same wonder-working balsams. Not even place, and converted to the Romish the commanders were let into the faith; and a third, of a woman who cheat upon the soldiers, who flocked had a dislocated joint reduced by in crowds about us, every one soan apparition.

liciting that part might be reserved But what will Dr. Milner say, if for bis use. The effect of this dewe Protestants can assure bim, that Jusion was truly astonishing. Such we also have treasured up in our as had not moved their limbs for archives the account of a very se- a month before, were seen walking vere complaint cured by an appa- in the streets, with their limbs sound, rition, “Van Sweeten relates from straight, and whole." " This curi. Hildanus, that a man, disguised to ous relation;” observes Dr. Lind, represent a ghost or spectre, took" is given by an eye-witness, an auanother, labouring under a gouty thor of great candour and veracity; paroxysm, out of his bed and car. who, as be informs us, wrote down ried him upon his back down the every day the state of bispastairs, dragging his feet and legs, tients.' ” (Faulkner, p. 150.) which were the seat of the pain, What have Dr, Milner, with his down the steps, and placed him at Right Reverend brethren, and Mr. last upon the ground. The man, Stubbs, to say to all these Protestant thus treated, immediately recovered wonders? Here is the gout suddenthe use of his limbs, and ran up ly cured by a ghost; a complaint the stairs with great swiftness, under frightened out of a country by a

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