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civil war ; and many persons una- ritual mercy to which we humbly ble to move from disease are im- can appeal. As the Apostle says, mediately seen walking about the Now the dead body does not streets, merely froin having tasted open its eyes by a miracle of some of the Prince of Orange's the Lord; but the blind heart is diluted essence. What would *Dr.' enabled to see by the word of Milner have said, if these wonders the Lord. Now the deaf ears of had been wrought in Ghent, instead the body are not unstopped; but of Breda? What would we have how many have the ears of the said, if that city had heen besieged; heart closed, which nevertheless if the people had been dying of the are opened when pierced by the scurvy, and if the toucb or the word of God ?" These are the misight of some holy envoy from racles wbich we covet earnestly, the pope

had caused those who had which we witness thankfully; and, not moved their limbs a month beholding them, we do not doubt, before, almost instantly to walk in notwithstanding every denunciation the public streets, sound, straight, from the Vatican, that “God is and whole ?

with us of a truth." But, sir, in conclusion, to speak But to revert once more to Dr. more gravely respecting the charge Milner's pamphlet-Who can fail so often reiterated by Papists, that of observing the identity of the RoProtestants are unable to work ini. man Catholic religion in every age racles, and that the Romish Church and in every place? Let those has tbis privilege exclusively, that who think that the superstitions of sentiment of St. Chrysostome ap. Popery are not the same as they pears to me to be a very weighty ever were, peruse these Authentic one. :-"Once it was known by ini. Documents of the Vicar Apostoliracles who were true Christians, cal. What a difference do we find and who were false; but now the between the apologists for the Ropower of working miracles is wholly mish faith, and the apologists, in taken away; the pretence of it is the primitive times, for the faith to be found ainongst those who pre- once delivered to the saints! They tend to be Christians." Nor are were remarkable for their rare aptbe words of St. Augustine of less peals to any undoubted miracles, weight; “ Against those miracle- excepting those of Christ and his mongers my God hath put me Apostles : they chose rather to upon my guard, by admonishing adduce the evidence of Scripture," me that in the last days there particularly the sure word of proshall arise false prophets, who phecy. Whereas these seldom reier shall work such signs and wonders to the Bible ; but are for ever exas to deceive, if possible, the very hibiting their false miracles. Even elect.” When, therefore, the Papists the cover of Dr. Milner's pamphlet demand miracles of us, we say with contains intimations that various a divine worthy of being classed works inay be obtained treating of with Chrysostome and Augustine, miracles; and the public are at the (Calvin,) "

" To demand miracles of same time invited to purchase the us is highly wrong; for we have Roman Missal, together with the not been the inventors of a new evening office of the Church, or Gospel, but we retain that very vespers, &c. &c. Gospel which has for its confirma. What a consolation is it, whilst tion all the miracles which Christ we witness these unwearied efforts and his Apostles bave wrought.” We making by the Romish Church, to do not boast, indeed, of miracles reflect, that the Scriptures are daily such as the Papists pretend to; but becoming more and more widely we thank our God and Saviour that diffuseu ! Those who read them we have miracles of grace and spi. with prayer and humility, will


5 L

gradually see through the delu.. instance, which were wrought on sions of antichrist ; they will know Peter's wife's mother, on the sick, the Shepherd's voice, and will not of the palsy, and on the man wbo follow strangers. They will dis- was laid at the gate of the temple tinguish the words of Jesus, and with the tinsel and the dross of the works of the Apostles, from such wretched compositions as the papal decrees, and the declarations reduction of a dislocated joint by of vicars apostolical; they will dis- the help of an apparition in the cern truth from error, and will night, or the cure of Winifred be in no danger of confounding White, of Wolverbampton, at the the gold tried seven times in the well of St. Winifred. fire those Divine miracles, for

D. H. Qui


Sermons, chiefly designed for the or to the brief, condensed, paren

Use of Families. By John thetical style of the inspired penFAWCETT, A. M. Rector of man. Not only are such labours Scaleby, and perpetual Curate no unprofitable employment of of St. Cuthbert's, Carlisle. talent and erudition, but they are 2 vols. 8vo. Carlisle : Scott. of essential service to mankind. London : Richardson.

It is the part only of enthusiasın

or ignorance, to decry those schoIt is not unusual for criticism to Jastic Jabours by which the Oracarry an ungracious aspect to- cles of Truth are opened to the wards sermons which make no unlearned. attempt to explain what is obscure, But while we acknowledge the or to amend what bas been de deserts of studious men, whose praved, in the Sacred Writings. diligence is employed in resolving We are far from disallowing the biblical difficulties with the help application of critical sagacity of human learning, we must not and theological learning to the undervalue those labourers in the elucidation of the Word of God. cause of godliness whose chief Much, very much, is due to those aim it is to impress upon the heart eminent scholars wbo bave cir- the doctrines and precepts which cumscribed the wanton flight of lie within the compass of comconjectural ingenuity, and ascer mon understandings; and this is tained the genuine text of Scrip- the object which the author beture, by the sure though wearisoine fore us bas successfully accomprocess of successive collation ; plişhed. His sermons are modestly who have thrown light upon many entitled."

entitled “Family Sermons; and of the darker passages, by refers to adopt that appellation is to ence to the peculiarities of ages disclaim the praise of elaborate and nations, of religious sects and research and rhetorical ornament. political parties; who bave settled That he has not attained that the force and import of ambiguous praise is only, perbaps, because it words, by tracing them through lay below the scope of bis wiser the perplexities of a long and de- ambition. Many passages in bis vious etymology, to their original volumes attest the sound divide stock; or who bave displayed, and accomplished scholar : and more clearly than their predeces- the attentive reader will remark sors, those portions of holy writ some incidental criticisms, that which owe their obscurity to the seem to have escaped from our nature of the subject discussed, author almost unawares, which warrant a belief, that he has not of a renewed heart may be beautibeen prevented by the penury of fully portrayed ; and, yet, "the his resources from dispensing them Author and Finisher” of all faith more largely But the main de- and holiness may not occupy that sign of this writer is to penetrate prominent station in which the the heart and conscience with those believer delights to behold him. sacred truths " that accompany. The writer will, perhaps, proceed salvation.” To the sickly taste of in a strain of pious and fervid ex• the present age for curious con- bortation, without


distinct ceits and fantastic interpretations, reference to the 6 High Priest of the pages before us afford no gra- our profession," until, at the close tification. No obsequious con- of his discourse, be seems to start cessions are made to conciliate into a consciousness of his defect, the worldling ; no impure mix. and immediately tacks on a meagre tures are prepared to delight the summary of evangelical truths, as Antinomian palate. But the lover if to vindicate his orthodoxy or of sound and practical doctrine, and to pacify his conscience. The saJuminous exposition—the humble lutary “ unction” of a discourse disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, from the pulpit depends very much who is more studious of improve- on a reference to the person, the ment in holiness than of comfort offices, the love, the example, the under the empire of sinful infirmity doctrines of the Redeemer being

will set a just value on this addi- perceptible through all its parts: tion to bis religious library. He and when this quality is wanting will especially delight to see the in the body of the discourse, we scriptural character impressed on ought not to be satisfied by an atthese discourses. The foundations tempt to supply the deficiency in an here laid are such as become a ill-timed peroration. It is indeed Christian architect, and are com- true, that, when the preacher's aim petent to sustain a building that is a minute delineation of some aspires to eternity: and the struc- feature in the Christian character, ture corresponds with the founda- or an extensive application of some tion ; for nothing less is demanded Christian precept, bis composition of the Christian, as suited to his must suffer in regularity and dishigh and boly calling, than the uni. tinctness, by interlacing it with form influence of a faith and love points of doctrine. We are not which detach the soul from worldly advising that the mysteries of objects, and maintain it in an unin- faith should be thrust into every terrupted commerce with the invi- chink and crevice of a disquisition sible glories of heaven.

with which they have no immediate Among the excellencies of these

We bave certainly no compositions, we feel pleasure in great sympathy with those who noticing the due combination of approve of throwing together the evangelical doctrines and precepts. most discordant materialswithout Occasionally, it has been our pain- taste or order in the selection and ful duty to remark in writers not arrangement: and we are not betchargeable with doctrinal unsound. ter entertained with that species of ness, and who sometimes array theological legerdemain which can religious truth in warm and im. elicit any given dogma from any posing colours, a deficiency in the given text of Scripture. Yet are tenly apostolic art' of conducting we persuaded that, where the mind moral disquisitions upon Christian is deeply imbued with the tranprinciples. In the body of the scendental doctrines of Christianisermon there may be much to re- ty, an evangelical tinge and colour commend the pure morality of the will be communicated to whatever Gospel, and the spiritual elevation is poured forth upon sacred sub




. We are

jects. The atoning blood and effi. which may enable the reader to cacious Spirit of our Lord Jesus form a just estimate of Mr. FawChrist are the cement which bolds cett's theological sentiments, and together the whole fabric of Chris. his pulpit style, beginning with a tain doctrine and morals. When

sermon the words, (Psal. He is removed from our thoughts cxliii.) “ Enter not into judgment and affections, the lively, ministra- with thy servant, for in thy sight tion of the Gospel sinks into the shall no man living be justified.” dead and condemnatory letter of He observes : the Law. All true believers must necessarily maintain this practical

" The use which is made of this last reference of all they do to the Re- declaration, very much distinguishes deemer; for Christianity dwindles false-hearted religionists from the truly

humble followers of Jesus Christ. For as this principle becomes less distinctly present, and less virtually it seems a sort of comfort and relief to

will confess they are singers ; but operative. Remove it altogether, them to remember, that all men are so and nothing but the name and too, as well as they. • Enter not into shadow of the Gospel remain. judgment with thy servant, for in thy Now, if this be true, it certainly is sight shall no man living, be justified not exacting too much to require would by them be urged as a sort of the commissioned minister of Jesus

extenuation, as making the charge of

guilt somewhat lighter, and the plea for Christ to make it apparent, in every forgiveness more powerful. discourse, that Christ is the life sippers, true = we cannot stand thy and spirit of his teaching and ad- judgment, we confess it-but who can? ministration. A deep and permanent

We have sipned in common with the

rest of our fellow men, and partake of persuasion in his own mind, that

the general frailty of our race. Thus the excellent riches of Christ"

such men speak, as if they were kept ia should be impartially displayed countenance by numbers. The weight in all their variety and abundance, of guilt seems lightened by being shared will infallibly conduct him to that amongst many. They say, We are all pious and heavenly strain which sinners,' meaning that they are no worse

than others, better possibly than many: alone can gratify a truly Christian and, therefore, the aniversal wickedness He will not bring forward of all

, and much greater wickedness of the Redeemer, like an eastern po- a vast proportion of mankind, afford tentate, only on extraordinary oc

them a ground of hope. For they argue, casions, and with a cumbrous mag. punishment, what must become of thou

if God should condemn them to eternal nificence, to be the object of a

sands upon thousands of mankind ? momentary gaze ; he will not pre- “ Now this mode of thinking and serve the salutary doctrines of re- reasoning betrays an unsound and unvealed truth for a festival enter- humbled heart. No one who has entered tainment; but will produce them

into the real meaning of David's words, to the people, for their daily nou

or been in any measure impressed with

David's sense of sin, ever reasoned so : rishment, as the only food sufficient for the words, in thy sight shall no for the strengthening and refresh- man living be justified,' are so far from ing of their souls. Every discourse, being an excuse or extenuation of sin, though not pointed directly at the that they are an acknowledgment of mysteries of the Gospel, will be it, as deeply rooted in the heart and

nature. No pleading, . We have done come, in the hands of such a

wrong in this or that, but it was through preacher, the easy vehicle of infor- surprise, or temptation, or error: our mation and comfort ; and thus the hearts are good, and we mean well." glory of the Cross, no longer en- Nothing like this: the truly convinced shrined within the veil, will be sioner feels and owns that it belongs not diffused through every part of the evil which he manifests in his conduct

to man to stand in self-justification. The Christian temple.

in common with others, he traces to the We shall now offer a few extracts, depravity of heart which he partakes


of together with others. He bas done “fort of this, and treasuring up for themwith extenuating his sins ; with explain. selves an inheritance of wrath in the ing them into mistake, or rashness, or next. Yet it will be hard to find, even violence of temptation; or the extreme among the most worthless and inconsiof generosity and gratitude, whereby derate of mankind, one who is not outsome men, not knowing or feeling the done in folly by the wisest of God's chiluniversal depravity of mankind, would dren; if we take into consideration the persuade themselves and others, that proportion which ought always to be their vices are virtues, and their crimes, kept between the worth of the object, for which they deserve even the and the diligence of the pursuit. А punishment of the law, noble and man is not to be accounted foolish beheroic actions. Pleas of this foolish cause he does not labour hard for a kind, the truly humbled man has done thing of no worth. It is when, for want with for ever: he traces the sinfulness of consideration, diligence, and manageof bis life to its proper source--the sin- ment, men let great things slip out of fulness of his heart: he knows that as their hands, that they are justly acsure as be is a man, he is a sinful man : counted fools. And if this be the that his heart is deceitful above all case, and we think what eternity is things, and desperately wicked, and that worth, what heaven and our souls are every imagination of the thoughts there- worth ; and, on the other hand, how of is only evil continually. It is in this little satisfaction there is in any worldly humbling way that adopts the words, thing, and how short a time it lasts : ia . in thy sight shall no man living be jus- this light, even a little diligence in a tified." Vol. I. pp. 91---93.

worldly man may justly shame a great The two following citations—one

deal in a spiritual man. The spiritual

man may be the more diligent of the from a sermon on Luke xvi. 8, the

two, and yet not so diligent in proporother from a serinon on 1 Cor. vii. tion, nor so wise in his generation." 35-will be acceptable to the spi. Vol. II. pp. 1–3. ritually-minded reader.

“ Contemplate much the nearness and " In every comparison of these two vast importance of eternity, and see, in great divisions of mankind the advan. this light, the vanity of all those thiogs tage is generally on the side of the chil- about which you are apt to be troubled, dren of light. But at present we are or by which you are distracted. How going to compare them in a point of soon will they all be as if they had never view, in which the preference must be been! Those busy moments are makgiven to the children of this world: the ing provision, as they fly, for moments wisdom of each in their respective ge- which must pass away in their turn. nerations. If we contemplate them in Those important concerns which look any other light, there is no comparison. so big, and demand so close attention, The righteous excel the wicked, 'as how soon will they disappear for ever! much as light excelleth darkness. Their While eternity, that great thought, with principles are incomparably more ex- what demonstration does it show all cellent, the objects which they pursue things here to be lighter than vanity! more poble, their joys more pure, their Our comforts, our possessions, our relives more useful, their deaths more lations, our idols; whatever we think peaceful, their eternity more glorious. them now, what will they be in a few There is one and only one point of view, years? Or what will they appear to be, in which the preference can be given to when the soul enters on her eternal porthe children of this world. They are tion? My brethren, the time is short : wiser in their generation than the chil- it remaineth, therefore, that both they dren of light. In forming an estimate, that have wives, be as though they had however, of the wisdom of each class, none; and they that weep, as though they we must proceed with caution ; that we wept not; and they that rejoice, as though may neither give to the worldling a they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as praise which he does not deserve, nor though they possessed not; and they that condemn without reason the generation use this world as not abusing it : for the faof God's children.

shion of this world passeth away. If, then, 6. The children of this world are not you would wait upon God to good purall of them wise in their generation. pose, be serious as men that have here no There are many who are fools for both continuing city, but who seek one to worlds, madly throwing away the com- come. Have your loins girded about, and

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