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velvet softness and glossy lustre, while had I not many other proofs of the asornamented with devices which were tonishing ingenuity of these people." equally tasteful with those I have de- Vol. I. p. 134. scribed. These mats were all made " The fated crew of the Boyd were from the flax, and some died with red still present to my mind; and the idea, ochre, so that the appearance they that I was at that very moment surpresented was gay and characteristic. rounded by the capnibals who had Each individual wore two of them, and butchered them, and had seen the some even more, the inside one being very weapons that bad effected their always tied round the waist with a belt slaughter, caused a chilling horror to similar to that I have already described pervade my frame." Vol. 1. pp. 134, in another part of this work. In this 135. belt was stuck their pattoo pattoo, which

Such was their camp, and peris their principal war instrument, and carried by them at all times, no less for baps our readers would like, by the purposes of defence and attack, way of contrast, to be introduced than as a necessary ornamental appen- to their dormitory. dage. Vol. I. pp. 128–131.

“ Many of them had decorations u The ground was our bed, and we which never failed to remind one of had no other covering than the clothes their martial ferocity. These were the we wore; while stretched at full length teeth of the enemies they had slain in under the broad canopy of beaven, we battle, which hung down from the ears prepared for repose, and feared not to of several of them, and were worn as close our eyes in the very centre of recording trophies of their bloody con- these cannibals. They proved themquest. But ornaments less obnoxious selves worthy of such confidence, and than these, to the civilized beholder, in no instance did there appear the least were frequently seen among them, and disposition to take advantage of it. I I observed some of green jade that slept tolerably well for some part of the were extremely curious. However, I night, and awakening at the dawn of could not suppress my emotions on see- day, a scene, the strangest that can be ing the dollars that were taken from imagined, presented itself to my view, the plunder of the unfortunate Boyd, An immense number of human beings, suspended from the breasts of some of men, women, and children, some half them, and all the horror of that cruel naked, and others loaded with fantastic transaction was revived in my mind.” finery, were all stretched about me in Vol. pp. 131, 132.

every direction ; while the warriors, " Their instruments of war were as with their spears stuck in the ground, diversified as their dresses and deco- and their other weapons lying beside rations, and the weapons of no two them, were either peeping out from upof them were exactly the same in der their kakahows, or shaking from off shape and dimensions. The greater their dripping heads the heavy dew part of them carried spears, but these that bad fallen during the night. Bewere all of different lengths, and other- fore sunrise they were all up, and bewise made in such a manner as to ing invigorated and refreshed by that preclude the idea of uniformity," Vol. profound sleep which health is always I. p. 132.

sure to invite, they rose with lively spi• The ingenuity they evince in mak. rits to their desultory pursuits." Vola ing these weapons, is really surprising ; 1. pp. 154, 155, and I am fully convinced that none of our best mechanics, with all the aid of No other particular events ocsuitable tools, could finish a more com- curred till the arrival of our voy. plete piece of workmanship in this line, agers at Rangehoo in the Bay of than one of these savages, whose whole technical apparatus consists of a shell Islands, the scene of their destinaor a sharp stone. Tippouie, who, I must tion. Here, as almost every where now obferve, was the brother of George, else, they were followed by crowds had a weapon of this description, which of natives, who expressed no little he bad beat out of some bar iron, and surprise at their dress, their actions, the polish it displayed was so very fine, and still more at the strange animals that I could not have thought it possible for it to have been effected by the cows and horses) which they had simple process of a New Zealander, brought with them,

This day's

adventures afforded a signal tri. remarkably luxuriant. The native umph to Duaterra. It seems that herbage is confined to a few speafter his former visit to Port Jack- cies: the esculent roots. given to son be had given his countrymen the inhabitants by Europeans, are a description of the horse, and the the potato, the cabbage, the turmode of riding it; but the account nip, and a species of the yam; to appeared so preposterous that he which wheat and other useful proonly excited their incredulity and ductions bave now been added. The ridicule by his narrative. Having animal kingdom includes but few no name for this animal, he de- species, and no noxious reptiles scribed it as a large corraddee, were seen or beard of by Mr. (dog,)and informed his countrymen, Nicholas. The coast abounds in that by means of these animals, men fish, to the abundance and delicate and women were drawn from place qualities of which travellers, espeto place in land canoes (meaning cially Captain Cook, have borne carriages.) Some listened indig. ample witness. nantly, others stopped their ears It is, however, to the character at the monstrous relation ; while and customs of the natives that we the more curious determined to intend to confine the remainder of try the feasibility of the experi- this article. Their vices and their ment, by mounting upon the backs virtues are equally those of untuof their pigs, which they were sure tored savages, and will perbaps were fitter for the



appear more correctly displayed in the corraddees ; but finding them. the preceding extracts, and those selves quickly tumbled in the dirt,

which we are about to give, than they were soon glad to join their from a more precise and connected countrymen in execrations upon abstract. Their love of war, aņd poor Duaterra, the author of all

their cannibalism must have althe mischief. To see therefore ready sufficiently disgusted the Mr. Marsden bona fide mounted on reader. As a contrast, we cannot bis corraddee, and riding up and but notice their ardent attachment down the shore, was no slight tri- to their friends and countrymen, umph to the chief, while it seemed of which many affecting instances to convey an impression to the as. appear in Mr. Nicholas's narrative. tonished natives, that the English An interview between the rough were certainly more than mortal and surly Korra-korra and his beings.

aunt, is thus described :Without following Mr. Nicholas " The chief, falling upon her neck through the subordinate voyages and applying his nose to her's, continued and excursions connected with his in this posture for some minutes, each narrative, we shall simply state a

talking in a low and mournful voice; few of the leading discoveries and

then disengaging from each other, they results. The country appeared in care vent to their feelings by weeping general fertile, and well wooded ing sensations which in such minds are and watered ; iron and manganese always produced by excess of joy. It were found in it; the former in was impossible to remain an unconcernconsiderable quantities in the neigh- ed spectator; and though I mean not bourhood of" Mercury Bay, and bility, I must say, at the same time, that

to proclaim to the world my own sensidoubtless it might be discover- I could not withhold the tear of feeling ed in other places. The situa- at this interview. Mr. Marsden also, I tion, as compared with New South believe, yielded to the softness of huWales, appears to claim a very de

man nature; and, indeed, it were no cided superiority in soil and cli- praise to the heart, that could on this

occasion repel the gentle emotions of mate: tbe vegetables sown by Cap- tender sympathy. The brave and hardy. tain Cook in his visits, bad become chief remained for about a quarter of an hour leaning upon his musket, with ite, committed suicide on account the big drops rolling down his manly of his death-an act which it apcheeks, when one of the young women, a daughter of his aunt, approached him;

pears is not uncommon, and which and a similar scene immediately ensued

was always spoken of with applause, between them. Though I knew him to as a mark of fidelity and attachbe a map of extraordinary sensibility, ment. Indeed their more than ora I never thought it possible that his dinary respect for the dead apfeelings were so acute as I now beheld

pears from numerous incidents in them : be no longer appeared the same being; the vehemence of his soul was

the present volumes. For example : completely lost; and while he hung

“As we proceeded along the shore, with endearing tenderness on the neck

I observed a piece of wood stuck in the of his relation, his countenance displayed

ground at the foot of a large tree, rudely all the fine sympathies of unadulterated

carved and painted with red ochre. nature. As for the woman, she was so Wishing to ascertain for what purpose affected, that the mat she wore was

it was placed there, I was advancing literally soaked through with her tears.

towards it, when iny companion, stopTui, who prided himself on being able ping short and crying out 'taboo, taboo,' to imitate our manners, and was anxious

gave me to understand that a man was to copy our behaviour in every particu

buried there, and desired me not to lar, told me that he would not cry, he would behave like an Englishman, and

approach it.

With this injunction I

thought it right to comply, though on began to enter into conversation with

learning what the piece of wood was ine, evidently forcing bis spirits the

designed for, my curiosity was still more whole time. However, his fortitude

excited than at frst. The word taboo, was very soon subdued ; for being joined in the language of these people, means by a young chief about his own age,

sacred, and the coincidence between and one of his best friends, he flew to

rude and civilized nations, in venerat. his arms, and bursting into tears, in

ing the places where the dead repose, dulged exactly the same emotions as

cannot fail to be interesting to the man the others." Vol. I. pp. 116-118.

who takes a philosophical and compre* In a short excursion which we took

hepsive view of the human character. on this day, we fell in with a family,

From the alarm of the young man who living entirely by themselves, remote

accompanied me, the New Zealanders, from any village, and in a perfect state of seclusion. It consisted of a man with

it would seem, are particulaiły obser

vant in this respect, and consider any his head wife, two subordinate ones,

visit to the grave, after the body has and three or four very fine children,

been once. laid there, and the rites of The harmony and happiness in which'

sepulture performed, as a sacrilegious they appeared to live together, their content and cheerfulness, and the social

profanation." Vol. I. pp. 188, 189. cordiality that prevailed among them, were gratifying to behold; and our

*This superstitious propensity of imaginations were carried back to those the natives extends to numerous days of primeval simplicity, when every other affairs; persons, places, and man lired quietly under his own vine, things are tabooed on the most triand enjoyed as his best riches, the inno

fling occasions. So strong is this cence of his heart and the fruits of his industry. This peaceful family had disposition, that even when Duamuch of the character of those patri- terra, who had received better inarchal times; and strangers to all arti, struction, was dying, he would not ficial wants, they supplied by their suffer any thing which be had daily labour sufficient means for that touched, or which had been emsimple mode of life which constituted ployed for his use, to be carried their greatest happiness." Vol. I. P'p. 258, 259.

from the but, urging that it was

tabooed, and that the god would It is not very favourable to revenge it.

Mr. Nicbolas mainthis state of things, that both tains, in opposition to Captain Cook, slavery and polygamy are per that it is a revengeful superstitious * mitted. Duaterra bimself bad pite, and not mere appetite or three wives, one of whom, a favour. dearth of food, that urges them to. devour the mangled carcasses of each morsel, and scrupulously careful their enemies. Certain it is, that in avoiding all contact between his their superstition takes a very wide hands and the food he was eating.–

From this I knew at once that he was range; as, in addition to local and tabooed ; and upon asking the reason of domestic gods, with a god of an- his being so, as he appeared in good ger, a god of death, a.god of the health, and not afflicted with any comelements, a god of tears and sorrow, plaint that could set him without the and numerous others, many of the pale of ordinary intercourse, I found

that it was because he was then buildmost indifferent transactions of

ing a house, and that he could not be life are affected by their absurd released from the taboo till be had it mythological opinions. Thus Mr. finished. Being only a cooke, he had Nicholas observes :

ng person to wait upon him, but was .“. The first thing our friends did now, obliged to submit to the distressing was to dress some potatoes, which they operation of feeding himself in the presented to us, and wished that we manner prescribed by the superstitious should eat them in the open air; but this ordinance; and he was told by the towe thought proper to decline, not choos- hunga, or priest, that if he presumed to ing to expose ourselves to the heavy put one finger to his mouth before he rain that was falling, and which lasted had completed the work he was about, during the whole of the ensuing night.

the Etua would certainly punish his I have already informed my readers, impious contempt, by getting into his that these people make it a rule never

stomach before his time, and eating to take their meals in the huts appro

him out of the world." Vol. Il. pp. 173, priated for their residence, and this 174. they not only religiously observe them- " Before breakfast this morning, a selves, but enjoin strangers to do the ceremony of a curious description took same whenever they partake of their place, of which I was the principal subhospitality. Unwilling as we were to ject, in consequence of a bargain that proroke their resentment, by any vio- was to be ratified between myself and Jation of their customs, bowever absurd Wiveeah. Desirous to purchase of this and ridiculous, we should either have chief the comb worn by him in his late gone without the potatoes, which were conference with Henou, I told him on now very acceptable to us, or eaten returning from the Wycaddie, to bring them at the expense of a good wetting, it with him to the vessel, and that I (there being no shed for that purpose,) would give him the full value for it, if, very fortunately, a projection from which he accordiogly did ; and giving the roof of the house, of about three him on the preceding day a bill-hook ia feet, had not afforded us a shelter, exchange for it, he was perfectly satiswhere we were enabled to take our fied, but waited till this morning before repast. However, this indulgence was he would deliver up the comb in return. not suffered without many anxious The cause of this delay was both serious scruples on the part of our friends, as and solemn. The chief, it would apthey considered our proximity on such pear, attached to the comb no ordinary an occasion to the tabooed place, was degree of sacred importance; and fearbighly impious. They watched us the ful of incurring the guilt of profanation whole time with the greatest care, lest by parting with it in the same precipiwe should be guilty of any egregious tate manner, as with any other article of profanation; and whenever we wanted less awful attributes, he deemed it expeto drink out of a calabash they had dient to wait a certain time, and then brought us, we were obliged to thrust transmit it to my hands with proper out our heads from under the covering, 'solemnities. This indispensable cerethough the rain fell in torrents." Vol. I. mony being now to be celebrated, Wipp. 271, 272.

veeah, attended by three chiefs, who ci On going into the town, in the officiated as his assistants, requested I course of the day, I beheld several of would come into the cabin to receive the natives sitting round some baskets the comb according to agreement. It of dressed potatoes; and being invited will be necessary for me here to observe, to join them in their meal, I mingled that Wiveeah was recognised by his with the group, when I observed one countrymen in the twofold character of man stoop down with his mouth for a priest and a chief, as was the case


with old Tarra and some others; and They believe the first man to have as he was now to act in the former capa- been created by three gods, Mowheecity, he assumed a more grave deport- rangaranga, or Toopoonah, or grandment than usual, preparing bimself with father, Mowheermooha, and Mowheea serious air for the mystical functions. botakee; but give the greatest share in He began the ceremony by desiriny me the business to the first mentioned of to hold open the palms of my hands be- these deities. They likewise believe, fore him : he then put them together, which is more curious than all, that the and holding one of my fingers with one first woman was made of one of the hand, he dipped the other into a basin man's ribs ; and to add still more to this of water, and crossed my right hand strange coincidence, their general term with it, repeating all the wbile, in a for bone is Hevee, which, for aught we quick tone of voice, and with a sudden know, may be a corruption of the name volubility, some worls which I sup- of our first parent, communicated to posed to be a form of prayer; and he them, perhaps, originally, by appeared, as he proceeded, to have all

means or other, and preserved without his faculties completely inflamed with being much disfigured, among the rea glowing enthusiasm, nor could the cords of ignorance. I shall not, howgenius of superstition bave ever found ever, positively defend this opinion ; in any individual a more ardent votary. though I think it extremely probable, After this he applied his spittle to his that these islands may have been first fingers, and crossed the palms of my colonized from some parts of the East, hands with it, still talking in the same and that the original settlers may have rapid accents, and seemingly absorbed brought with them some knowledge of in the rites he was celebrating. Having the true account of the creation; but gone so far in these momentous formal. which knowledge, their posterity, degeities, his next step was to take a piece Derating into barbarism and darkness, of dried fish, which having slightly were not able to preserve.” Vol. I. touched my hands with, he applied it pp. 59, 60. immediately after to the mouths of the three officiating chiefs, each of whom To this we might add the fol. bit a small piece off'; and this part of lowing :the ceremony was repeated three times successively. Now came the conclud- 66 The New Zealanders make it an ing form which was to put me in pos- invariable practice, when a child is born session of this venerated treasure : and among them, to take it to the Tohunga, one of the chiefs approaching Wiveeah or priest, who sprinkles it on the face in a solemn pace, took the comb from with water, from a certain leaf which his head, and delivered it over to me he holds in his band for that purpose ; without uttering a word. Thus ended and they believe that this ceremony is this singular ceremony, without which not only beneficial to the infant, but it would have been impossible for me to that the neglect of it would be attended obtain the comb, as the chief would with the most baneful consequences. never have disposed of it under the or- In the latter case, they consider the dinary forins. I was now going to depo child as either doomed to immediate sit the revered curiosity in my seachest, death, or that, if allowed to live, it will but Wiveeah told me I must not put it grow up with a

most perverse and there by any means; and when I at- wicked disposition. Now, that this is tempted it, would not permit me, but a kind of baptismal ceremony, no one I desiring me to wrap it up very care. think will dispute ; but how it came to fully in some paper, pointed to a locker be introduced among them, I am wholly that was over my bed-place, and charged at a loss to determine; nor shall I, in me to lay it there, and no where else.” this place, venture to hazard any Vol. II. pp. 119-121.

opinion of my own upon it.” Vol. I.

pp. 61, 62.

Two of their traditions Mr. Of the missionary labours of Nicholas mentions as remarkable; the settlers, we have said little or the one for its similarity to the nothing, partly because the sources absurd English legend of the Man of information respecting them are in the Moon; the other appearing readily accessible, and partly beto be derived from the sacred re

we shall shortly have occacords of antiquity.

sion to notice the last Report of the


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