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before the expiration of the second; the correspondence of the Rev. and so vigorously have these sub- Leander Van Ess, of Marburg, afordinate societies flourished, that ford very gratifying intelligence : one of them, that at Coslin, is said "You will rejoice, that, chiefly to number not fewer than seven through your assistance, I bave branches in connexion with it. been enabled to disperse, (up to

Among the operations now car- June, 1816,) 51,146 copies of my rying on by this Society, the follow- New Testainent, 2,500 of Luther's ing may be mentioned as deserving Bible, and 2,300 of bis New Testaattention :- The Central Society is ment, on the highway of the Lord, engaged in printing two large edi. among my Catholic as well as Protions of the German Bible, as well testant brethren. I can, from my as an edition of the Scriptures in own experience, and that of my the dialect of the Wends in Nether correspondents, joyfully testify, that Lusatia, wbich the secretary of the the main object in thus dissemisociety pronounces “one of the nating the Holy Scriptures, has most useful works ever undertak- been accomplished; that a spirit en;" and its auxiliary at Breslau is of vital religion has been diffused; printing an edition of Luther's Bi- and that many, illuminated by the ble, with an extra number of New light of Divine truth, and strengthTestaments.

ened with power from on high, The Society for the Grand Dutchy now lead a holy and useful life. of Berg, the Thuringian Society, My New Testament appeared in the Neuwied Society, and others are some districts, where thousands of mentioned as going on with zeal, Catholics knew the Bible only by and unanimity, and success.

I could easily dispose of The information from Koenigs- 30,000 copies of my New Testaberg, respecting the distribution of ment among Catholics, and several the Lithuanian Scriptures, publish- thousands of Luther's Bible among ed at the expense of the British and Protestants.” Foreign Bible Society, is very sa- Another Catholic clergyman, in tisfactory:--The Saxon Bible So- correspondence with the Society, ciety, which has been favoured by has, within a short space of time, his Majesty the King with freedom distributed nearly 20,000 New Tesof postage, is proceeding with great taments, and is preparing the means alacrity in printing 10,000 copies of a further and more extensive of Luther's German Bible.

distribution. This correspondent As the dialect of the Wends in has also had the happiness to witUpper Lusatia is a distinct branch ness the most beneficial effects of of the Slavonian from that before bis labours, of wbich many instances mentioned, another edition of the might be adduced. In one of his Wendish Scriptures has been un- letters the following passage ocdertaken by this excellent institu- " Old men, who had never tion.--A very satisfactory account learned to read, are now desirous of the distribution of Bibles and to learn, that they, in their adTestaments from Hernphut, be- vanced age, may find consolation tween June, 1814, and April, 1816, from the Holy Scriptures.” The has been received from the Rev. demands for the Ratisbon New L. Fabricius.- The Frankfort Bi. Testament also continue to increase ble Society bas applied its limited in a degree which renders it diffimeans, with very happy effects, to cult to meet them. the relief of the poor and prisoners. The following extract from StutMany of the latter class, who had gard will be satisfactory, as attestdevoted their time to gaming, now ing the activity of the Wurtemberg read the Bible in their cells. Bible Society --Thus, with the

The following quotations from help of God, we have distributed

curs :

tions ;

upwards of 10,000 Bibles, and of the German Bible. The Bible 2,000 extra Testaments, among the Society at Saint Gall bas had great people around us."

success in distributing copies of the In the midst of the great dis- Scriptures both among Protesttresses which have prevailed in al- ants and Catholics, and the demand most every part of the kingdom, for them is daily increasing. The the Wurtemberg Bible Society has Chur Bible Society is printing the received many most pleasing proofs Old Testament in the second Ro. of the liberality of its friends. manese dialect, Wben its directors presented co- The Committee of the Bible Sopies of their Bible to the late king, ciety at Lausanne, for the Canton to the respective branches of the de Vaud, have displayed a most royal family, to the ministers of laudable activity, both in dissemistate, as well as to other noblemen nating the Holy Scriptures and in and gentlemen, they received, in exciting an interest in favour of return, several handsome benefac- their institution. The Bible Society


many of the poor pea. formed by the Vaudois in Piedsants in the villages seem to vie mont is in activity ; and one hunwith each other in offering their dred copies of the New Testasmall contributions. A second edi- ment had been forwarded to it by tion of the Scriptures, on standing the committee at Lausanne, from types, is preparing by this active whose labours the inost beneficial institution.

effects may be expected. The Bern The Bible Society at Strasburg Bible Society has been patronized has bad great difficulties to contend by the ruling authorities of the with: but, in the words of its canton, wbo have presented to it president, “neither its hope nor its a donation of one hundred louisfaith has been disappointed." d'ors.

The Presburg Bible Institution A letter from a Capuchin monk, bas ordered 1200 copies of the to whom a donation of 501. was preBohemian Bible, from Berlin; 500 sented, to enable him to distribute of which have already been received the Scriptures, contains the followIl bas also completed the printing ing pleasing information :

66 That of 2,000 Wendish New Testaments. the Bible is now read by thou.

The Swiss Bible Societies at sands of Catholics with derout atBâsle, Schaffbausen, Zurich, Sainttention and cordial joy, and that Gall, Aarau, Bern, Chur, Geneva, the writer himself had induced Lausanne, and Neufchatel, mutually many parish ministers and schoolstimulate and assist each other in masters to introduce the New Testheir career of sacred benevolence. tament into their congregations and To prove the progressive state of schools." the operations of the Bâsle Society, In the North of Germany, the the following simple but interesting Hambro' Altona Bible Society is facts will suffice; that, in 1813, it prosecuting the object of its instidistributed 1299 Bibles--in 1814, tution with great zeal. This So2583 Bibles---in 1815, 5055 Bibles ciety has engaged to print a Gerand 3796 Testaments--and in 1816, man Bible of 10,000 copies, after 7920 Bibles and 9383 Testaments. the Canstein edition. The SocieThe same Society is now engaged ties of Bremen and Lubeck contiin printing several editions of the nue their useful exertionsand the German and French Scriptures ; in Dutchy of Brunswick Bible Society the carrying on of which works the has also commenced its benevolent Committee bave assisted it with labours. 5001.

Among the new societies formed The Zurich Society has com- in Gerwany, during the past year, pleted a folio and an octavo edition the following have also been as

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sisted from the funds of the British New Testament for the press, and and Foreign Bible Society; Meck- has resolved to print an edition of lenburgb Schwerin, Pomerania and the Creolese New Testament, for Rügen, Eutin, Lippe Detmold, the use of the Christian Negroes. Kreutznach, as indeed a large part A very flourishing auxiliary has of the foregoing, and many of those been formed at Odensee, the capithat follow : though we did not tal of the island of Fuehgen, under think it necessary to specify, in the auspices and presidency of the this abstract, the amount of each Crown Prince, Christian Fredeindividual grant.

rick, who takes great interest in this The Hesse Darmstadt Bible So. cause. ciety, for the Grand Dutchy of At the formation of the Odensee Hesse, under the sanction of the Auxiliary Society, it was recom Sovereign, comprehends members mended to such of the Directors as of the Lutheran, Reformed, and reside in the country, to form Catholic Churches; and, if a judg. Branch Societies and Bible Associament may be formed, from the tions. In consequence of which, demands for Bibles made on it, more than fifty Auxiliary Societies, promises extensive usefulness. The or Bible Associations, have been Societies of Worms and Oden- formed in that part of the Danish wald, already mentioned, will at.. dominions, between the Little Belt tach themselves as branches to and the town of Altona. The same this Society. The establishment Society bas also undertaken the of Bible Societies in the principali: establishment of a depôt for Bibles ty of Anhalt, and other parts of Ger- and a Biblical Library. many, is also in contemplation, These extraordinary exertions, and others have been already form. wbich are still carrying on, bave ed.

increased the demand for the Scrip: Of the augmented circulation of tures beyond the power of the Slesthe Scriptures in Germany, it is a' wig-Holstein Society, to satisfy sufficient proof, that the demand il. As a temporary assistance, the for Bibles, by the nužnerous So. Committee of the British and Fo. cieties established in that country, reign Bible Society bave ordered is now so great that the Canstein an immediate supply of Danish Institution at Halle, on which they Bibles and Testaments; and, with had been accustomed chiefly to a view to a more permanent prodepend for supplies, is no longer vision, bave proposed to the Danish able, notwithstanding the most stre, Bible Society at Copenhagen, to nuous exertions, to furnish the num print an edition of 10,000 copies ber required; and the Bible So. of the Danish Bible, with an offer cieties are under the necessity of of 5001. in aid of the expense printing them for their own distri. thereof; which offer has been acbution.

cepted. The Committee next report the In the Faroe Islands, the institu: transactions connected with the tion of the Danish Bible Society British and Foreign Bible Society has been bailed by the inhabitants in the three nortbern kingdoms of as a most propitious event, and a Europe.

liberal contribution has been raised Beginning with Denmark, they by them in aid of its funds, and announce that the Danish Bible the Icelandic Bible Society, of Society is in a progressive state; which the foundation was laid by and its Committee look forward, the Rev. Mr. Henderson, during his with hope, to the beneficial effects residence in that island, has been of the interest which, it is gaining established. in the public mind. It has nearly, The intelligence from Sweden, finished the revision of the Danish respecting the Bible Justitutions in

that country, is highly gratifying; is opened, my brethren, to proand the zeal which animates the mote the increase of Christ's kingSwedish Bible Society has been dom; and who ought to have this imparted, in a considerable degree, more at heart than ourselves, who to the public at large. The plan are called to spread the saving of the Bible Associations, recom- knowledge of God and Jesus mended by the Rev. Mr. Hen- Christ, wbom he has sent ?” The derson, has been adopted, and at- Archbishop has declared bis detertended with the happiest effects. mination to establish Bible Associ

The Committee of the Gothen- ations in every part of his jurisdicburg Auxiliary Society, of which tion. By the pious benevolence of the pious and venerable Bishop a young nobleman, Chamberlain Wingard is president, display the Henck, a Society has been formed same zeal, for which they have under his presidency, for the ever been distinguished. They have Province of Neviké, and meets supplied all the workhouses, pri. with great encouragement and supsons, houses of charity, and hos- port. Another Society has been pitals, within their district, with instituted for the diocess of Skara, copies of the Sacred Volume.- one of the most populous provinces Their funds, indeed, have been de- in Sweden. At Carlstadt, also, a voted to the benefit of the poor; Bible Society has been established and, on this account, although their for the government and diocess of subscriptions are considerable, they Vermeland, under the patronage are far from being adequate to the and direction of the Bishop, and demands upon them. The Com- the Lord Lieutenant of the country. mittee still, however, proceed in The population of this district is the gratuitous distribution of the estimated at 140,000. The want Scriptures to the necessitous ;- of the Scriptures in Vermeland is “ confident” (to use their own great, as well as the desire to poswords) " that Divine Providence sess them. will not permit the good work to The Bishop of Hernosand bas be interrupted, for want of means also instituted a Bible Society for to carry it on.

his extensive diocess; and there The circulation of the Scriptures, are only three diocesses in Sweden by the Arosian Auxiliary Society in which societies remain to be at Westeras, has been considera- instituted. Bible Associations are ble; but the poverty of the people forming in different parts of the is so great, that the annual income kingdom. of the Society is not equal to a A proposal has been made from third of the value of the copies gra- the Swedish Bible Society to that tuitously distributed. A parochial of St. Petersburg, for opening a inquiry has been instituted, to as- correspondence between them on certain the spiritual wants of the the object of their respective insti. inbabitants of this province. The tutions, with a view to their mutual Gotbland Auxiliary Society con- information and benefit, and bas tinues its exertions.

been accepted. The following are new institu- For the deep interest which has tions :

been excited in Sweden to circaThe Upsala Bible Society ; to late the Holy Scriptures, that the formation of which the clergy country is greatly indebted to the of the diocess were urgently invit- pious zeal and energy of the highly ed, by a truly pastoral address respectable president of the Swefroin its president, the Archbishop dish Bible Society, his excellency of Sweden, from which the fol- Count Rosenblad, who, in the lowing is a quotation : “ The door midst of bis laborious official duChrist. OBSERV. App.

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for the press:


ties, as one of the first ministers of The Report then proceeds to state, has found time to devote the notice various interesting particuclosest attention to the concerns of lars, relative to Russia, Poland, &c. the Bible Society.

most of which have appeared in The establishment of a Norwe. our account of Mr. Pinkerton's gian Bible Society, under the most Journey. (Vide Christian Observer, respectable patronage, has been 1817, p. 262,). or in other parts of announced by its Committee, who our volume for the present year. have commenced their operations, Passing over, therefore, these and by revising the New Testament various miscellaneous transactions

in Europe, we proceed to America, The field opened in Russia, for where the Committee announce the the circulation of the Holy Scrip- establishment of a general national tures, expands to an almost un- institution, under the denomination limited extent. Of the number of of "The American Bible Society.” copies required for supplying the In addition to a donation of 5001. subjects of that immense empire, the British and Foreign Bible Sowho are of Russian origin, and ciety have aided the operations of speak the Russian language, it is this national institution, by the of. scarcely possible to form an esti- fer of a duplicate set of stereotype mate, as the Committee of the Aux- plates for the French "Bible, at iliary Society at Moscow state, prime cost, dividing the expense of that they alone could distribute the composition between the two

hundred thousand Bibles.- societies. This offer has been “ Entire governments, whole dio. thankfully accepted by the Amer- . cesses, and circles of Bible Soci. ican Bible Society, as it will enable eties," raise their voices to the it immediately to supply the nuCommittee at St. Petersburg, en- merous French inhabitants of that treating them to supply the spi- continent with the whole Bible in ritual hunger of millions, which has their vernacular tongue. been excited by the distribution The accession of the American of the oracles of God. When. Bible Societies, as auxiliaries to ever an edition has been publish- the National Society, is considered, another has been almost imme- able and increasing; the number, diately required; and notwith within eight months after its founstanding the utmost exertions of dation, amounted to seventy. New the Russian Bible Society, whose societies have been formed for the monthly expenses now exceed the express purpose of uniting with it; whole expenditure of their first among which the New-York Female year, they are unable to satisfy the Bible Society claims the privilege demand for the Scripture, not of having been its first auxiliary. only in the Slavonian, but even in This is only one of many similar the German, Finoish, Esthonian, associations which have been esta. Lettonian, and various otber lan- blished in America, and from whose

active exertions the greatest adSuch is the description of the vantages have been derived. spiritual wants of Russia, as given It would be impossible, without -by the noble and pious president of a disproportionate enlargement of the Russian Bible Society. The this abstract, to enter into a desphere of its operations must also tailed account of the proceedings be considered as comprehending the of the local Bible Societies on the countries to the east of the Black Western Continent: one or two Sea ; Anatolia, to the south of it; particulars may, however, be men. Armenia, Georgia, Persia, Tartary tioned. and otbers.

The following statement, from


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